Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Papa Passed a Rolling Stone!

Well, at least we're pretty sure. Mike is doing MUCH better. He stayed home all day today and rested but managed to ride the lawn tonight (I wasn't home or I would not have allowed that) and looks like he is coming around to his normal self!
He's scheduled for a follow up CT on Monday to make sure there is no stone and to take a closer look at his kidney's. We're hoping for a clean bill of health!


As for Miss Lindsay she is still on Toddler vacation at camp grandpa/grandma. She's been working in the garden, picking berries, picking up sticks from the last storm. I'm telling you she's been too busy to miss mom and dad. However, mom is getting more weepy by the day. We made an executive decision to let her stay until Friday. It seemed silly to get her back tomorrow and have to put her in daycare on Friday. A.) she would probably flip out since she hasn't seen us in a week and B). we save 100.00 by not taking her in. If she goes one day we have to pay full tuition. If she stays out we only have to pay half. So....mommy can suck it up for one more day. I'll be FLYING out of work on Friday to see her though. Again, I know she's in great hands but I'm going nuts.

OB appt went well today. My doc said she isn't worried about the diabetes thing. I wasn't even close to being borderline on the 3 hour test. She did say to try to do better with the weight gain and chill on the sugars and hem. She had a mom in labor so I got a wham bam thank you ma'am visit and that's about all there is to tell. LOL! According to my records I've only gained 28 pounds but she has me at 32. She told me I'm supposed to stay at or under 35. Well, unless you plan to deliver me in two weeks....don't think that's gonna happen. Besides, I gained 45 with Lindsay and though it's not ideal it's not the worst I've ever heard of. She obviously doesn't know that I'm on the fab to 40 plan after this baby and I seriously want to enjoy my last six weeks of guilt free eating! So there.

Lastly, the baby name controversy. I think we're getting close to finalizing a decision. We're really sort of stuck between two names. Mike is stuck on one, and I on the other. Obviously you know one is Katie Marie (Cuppa Joe has been politicking hard) the other is Sarah Beth. We've kicked around a plethora of other names too. But I think we're down to two and hoping to make a final decision once Mike is feeling 100% and we can start thinking about it again.

Ok, I'm off to bed. I had to preempt "Wordless Wed" this week as we've had too many updates.
If only I had a picture of the stone it would have been a great WW with my title!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

32 Week Scan...MY OH MY we're BIG!

Baby girl facing up profile pics
Face-looking right at the camera! Check out those cheeks! She's storing nuts for the winter!

Here we go, the update blog post on my baby first and then Mike's. Ha!ha!
Baby was moving and grooving today. Got some lovely shots of her face as you can see. Don't forget you can click on a pic to enlarge so you can really see. Baby looks very healthy and all is well. HOWEVER, the estimated weight according to the ultrasound is...are you ready for this????
5lbs 13oz (plus or minus 15oz)
So this means technically she could be just below five pounds or a nice chunk over 6! No wonder I'm having such back pain and shortness of breath now. GOOD GRIEF. Initially I didn't worry when they told me she was big. The docs told me Lindsay was going to be 8-9 pounds and she was 7# 8oz at 39 weeks 2 days.

Doctor Stone seems to think because her cheeks are so plump and her belly is so fat that maybe I do have a slight chance of having or developing gestational diabetes here at the end. He was nice about it but told me to back off the carbs a bit and do more protein. Um, cravings?? I hate to think of the next six weeks on pizza restriction.
Anyway, I see my OB tomorrow and get to deliver that bit of good news to her. I'm bringing the photos to show her! Who knows, maybe we'll get pushed up a week on the C-section. I mean if she's supposed to gain 1/2-1 lb a week and she's already 5+ pounds I could have a SERIOUSLY big baby in 6 more weeks! Now I have to convince my OB that I NEED her to fit Lindsay's albeit hand-me-down, spectacular wardrobe!!!!!!!!! 'Cause that is what's important right? LOL!
The doc also has decided that I get one more peek-a-boo with her in 3 weeks at my 35 week mark! That is awesome since Daddy was getting his own ultrasound today at the same time as me. However, I have him beat on measurements and "miracle status"! His pride and joy is only 2-3 millimeters and we're still not sure if he's passed it on to the tidy bowl man yet!

Thanks so much to all of you for your humorous comments and well wishes to Mike. I've been reading them to him as he labors on the couch.
He is doing a bit better today. His color looks much better and he's eating and drinking now nausea free. The urologist is scheduling him for an MRI to see if the stone has passed or not and to give a look at the overall area. Mike feels he may have actually passed it last night. He felt a lot better this morning but apparently something such as a kidney stone can mess up your whole digestive tract. His pain may be residual pain from all the puking and the stone etc.
Hopefully they'll have him scheduled in the next day or so. For now, he's taking it easy and Lindsay is spending one more night over at grandma & grandpa's house. We'll see how he is doing tomorrow before we bring her home. THAT has been the hard part on us. I haven't seen her since Thursday night and I'm starting to get REALLY weepy about it. BUT, I know it's best for all of us right now for her not to be home. She's in awesome hands and it won't be long now. I'm just so thankful we have such awesome family around to help out with her! She's TOTALLY on toddler vacation!
Well, I think that's about it for tonight. Thanks again and stay tuned!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Stone Update

Mike has been in "stone labor" for more than 72 hours now and we still have not seen a prize in the strainer.

Yesterday he seemed to be resting a little more comfortably, at least in his sleep. Whenever he is awake he has terrible hiccups which are NOT helping with the pain.
(anyone know any REAL hiccup cures?)

He is finally taking a little broth and I got him drinking some of Lindsay's grape pedialyte but he basically hasn't eaten anything since dinner on Friday night.
We think he is having a reaction to the percocet so we've taken him off of it and we're just doing the one pain med that he can only have every 8 hours. He's doing ok but he's in pain a lot more.
The ER won't change a narcotic over the phone. They say we have to come back in. He doesn't want to do that. We called the urgent care and they don't prescribe narcotics at all so that's not an option either. So, we suffer til tomorrow and try to get in with the urologist. We may go to the urgent care today and get him some IV fluids though. He just ate some cereal so that is a major jump. If he can keep it down and I can push the fluids today maybe we won't have to go.

Looks like tomorrow I'll be begging the doc office to see us right away. Lindsay has now migrated over to Grandma & Grandpa's house. I haven't seen her since bed time Thursday night. I miss her so much. This is what it's going to be like when we go to the hospital though so I guess it is a good trial run for both of us. She's had a great weekend though. Last night she talked to me on the phone and then started crying for me and Grandma had to hang up and go distract her. (which I'm sure took 3 minutes) but I cried my eyes out after that. Rotten hormones!!! I wish I had some new pics for the blog but no Lindsay pretty much equals no pictures these days. All I have is sick hubster in pj's or 8 month belly shots!

Mike says thanks to all for your well wishes! Stephanie- he liked the epidural idea!

Any of you that are at BBQ's and parties today...have a margarita for us!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Worse than Child Birth?

What's worse than childbirth? Apparently passing a kidney stone! No, not me (thank you Lord), MIKE! Poor guy!

Friday afternoon Aunt Patti picked up Lindsay for the weekend and we decided to take advantage of a free Friday night and go see a movie, like a current one, in a theatre and all. So we went to see Iron Man (which was good by the way). We ate a quick dinner at home, went to the movies and then to the grocery store. Hot night huh? Well, it got lots better.

At 12:30 or so Mike told me he wasn't feeling well, probably something he ate. I was toast and pretty much fell asleep on him after that. At 3 he woke me up and said "I really don't feel well" and was telling me he had groin pain and back pain and felt like he was going to throw up. Once he got sick he couldn't stand back up and that is when he told me that since 12:30 he hasn't been able to stand up, sit down or lay down. After some back and forth I convinced him to let me take him to the ER at Northside. I pretty much threatened him that if he didn't let me drive him I was going to call 911.

We arrived in the ER at bit after 4 a.m. and luckily we got right back to a room and saw a doctor within 20 minutes. After a CT scan it was revealed that the doc's suspicion was correct and Mike has one TINY 2-3mm kidney stone that is causing him all of this pain. (Picture the head of a ball point pen...that is how small this thing is).
At any rate the protocol is to go home with pain meds and wait for it to pass. Oh, and they give you this really neat barbie kitchen strainer to pee in so you can see if you can pan for gold...I mean, catch the stone when it passes. Seriously.

We got home from the ER Saturday morning around 9:30 and since then Mike has stayed pretty doped up and moving around from bed to couch to chair trying to get comfortable when he's awake. He's been very nauseous and initially when we got home he was throwing up a lot. That seems to be a little better now that I have figured out to space out the percocet with the nausea meds as his tummy can't handle just pain meds. He's supposed to be drinking TONS of fluids and he's barely had two full glasses of water since we've been home. This morning I got him to eat half of an eggo waffle and a few sips of apple juice at his request. The stone is still no where to be seen. The doc said it could pass right away or take two to three weeks. That's just a joke. We can't do two weeks like this and I have NO idea how I'm going to keep Lindsay off of him when she gets home. We'll see how we're doing by Tuesday morning and if he's still status quo then we're going to the doctor's office. He needs some relief.

The funny thing is the ER doc, the pharmacist and everyone we've talked to that has ever been through this says it's the worst thing next to (or probably worse) than child birth. The ER doc told him "what you're going to feel when you pass it is going to be worse than your wife's labor".
Darn tootin' I told her...I'm having a C-section!

The rotten part is Mike NEVER gets sick. If he gets a scratchy throat it's gone in a day. I get full blown sinusitis, the flu, the pukes everything. I have NO IDEA how to deal with him when he's sick. He's the type that doesn't want to be touched or fawned over when he's in pain and I'm the opposite. I'm figuring it out this weekend though. I think I've been doing ok. I'm trying to stay out of his face yet still watch him breathe when he sleeps and I've managed to deal with the "sick episodes" without getting sick myself....if you catch my drift. I only went running once.

Right now he's in a nice phenegran/percocet sleep so I'm catching up on the blogs for some stress relief. I DO NOT like when he's not feeling well. I don't mind being caregiver don't get me wrong. I just hate seeing him this way and it scares me because it's SO rare.

That's about it from here for now. I'll update when our "stone" is born. Please say a prayer that this thing passes by Tuesday and he can feel better again.

I hope everyone else is enjoying this weekend! More soon!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Memorial Weekend!

Happy Long Weekend to all!
Lindsay is spending part of the weekend with her Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve! (thanks ya'll)
Mike and I are busting out more "honey do's" around the house in preparation for BABY GIRL!
I'll update soon!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fun Time at another Birthday Party!

This Saturday we went to Hadley's 5th birthday party. I am ashamed to say that somehow I did not get a picture of the BIRTHDAY GIRL! I swear I don't know how this happens. I'm chalking it up to pregnancy brain! I also was sitting comfortably on the couch, far from my camera during present time so I really blew it. Sorry! However, it was a great party and Lindsay had a blast playing with Hadley's sis Zoe and of course lil miss Graison was there too! I tell you these girls already have such a little social circle, it's great! The next few pics are just funny to me. I'm calling the series "MY MOMMY".

Linds would ONLY go to Missy in the bounce house.
Graison was not pleased that mom's attention was elsewhere...thus the "MY MOMMY" face!
Lindsay tolerating the fact that Graison has taken back HER mommy...check out the expressions on these girls! awww...Graison's face says it all! Lindsay is happy bouncing with G's older sister Caylin!
Uncle Paul was a good sport and played bubbles with Lindsay for a long time!
Zoe gets in on the bubble fun!
Uncle Paul making sure his neices are sharing and having fun!

Here is the "bounce house" as Linds calls it. This was a major hit with all the kids even the boys didn't seem to mind the princess theme!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Swingin' Sunday (May 4, 2008)

Lindsay & Graison hanging out spending some girl time together on the swings!
The mommies hanging out as well....
Aunt Kimmie is pushing Lindsay and she's loving it!
Graison gives Lindsay a push!

Baby Shower Pics & More

Saturday May 3, 2008 (Kim & Chris) Thanks Kim for flying up for another shower! It was so good to see you!
Check out the spread. My wonderful friend Missy was kind of enough to open her house to all my friends and family and host a baby shower for our little bundle on the way!
Here are Tara and Evan hanging out in the crowd.
Lindsay and Evan playing together
Gotta love MATCHING dresses for the girls! WOOHOO!
Aunt Helen brought Lindsay her own special gift. Here is a moment they stole away from the party to go color together! Thanks Aunt Helen!

It's a cupcake cake!
My friend Alecia came to represent the girls from NSH FORSYTH!
Check it out! Lindsay's first time on the BIG POTTY! Her BFF Graison showed her how. No, we did not have any pee pee this time but with Missy and Graison showing her the way Lindsay was the most willing I have ever seen her! Graison of course had to ham it up for the camera too!
Graison trying to coax Lindsay to join her in the ball pit! I come!
These two had so much fun falling all over each other!

Graison bouncing Lindsay
See ya later!

Thanks so much to Missy & Kim for hosting such a great shower. Missy you were so wonderful to have us and to put Lindsay and I up for the weekend to visit with Kim! We had such a good time. I'm sure you or Kim got a picture of the two of us together. I don't have one on my camera! (BOO!) Email me some pics if you have one!

Friday, May 16, 2008

TGIF & Birthday Shout out!

Hope you have a great birthday sweetie!!!

So glad it's Friday people. I was SO happy to end this work week I actually got "veklempt" when I clocked out today! I swear, these days I just want to say BUH BYE to work and just walk away.
Sucks to have to be an adult and worry about things like medical insurance for my family and to have this baby! UGH!!! I seriously keep telling myself to start playing the lottery. I just can't bring myself to do it though.

Anyway, my OB appt yesterday was uneventful as I thought it would be. Got the quick heartbeat check and the belly measure. No "checking" this time which is always a good visit when that isn't involved! LOL! I go back in two weeks, then two weeks again and then it's once a week til the end people!!!! I'm SO counting the days!

We still have no name here. It's getting old calling her "baby" all the time. We thought we might have come up with a compromise and an interesting name but it doesn't seem to going over with the fam. I just wish something would "feel right". I never expected the name thing to be so hard. Some days I feel like I can't make a solid decision about anything anymore. Trying to decide what to eat for dinner these days is a life decision. Oh well, it's the weekend right? THANKFULLY! I'm taking a day off in the middle of the week next week to get caught up and work more on the new room. I need a break. The following week will be another four day week so that will feel good too. I may take advantage of my Mother's Day gift from Mike and Lindsay and go get my Pregnancy Massage on my day off too (after I get some stuff done since I'll be toast afterward)!

I'll be back later to post some new pics so check back and I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I meant to put this picture up in the Mother's Day post. Lindsay was "sharing" her beads with Adam and Mike thought it would be cute to get them both to wear one pair. As I was looking at this picture I couldn't help but think Lindsay and Adam could easily pass for brother and sister. I've looked back at pics of Adam around the same age and I see expressions that Lindsay makes too. It's so weird. It's funny to me how much my girl favors her daddy's side of the family. I always joked with him that he would never get anything close to blond and blue eyed with me and well...I was wrong. Although Lindsay's eyes were VERY blue when she was a baby they seem to be more greenish with a brown ring around the edge these days. I hope that they stay more hazel/green and don't turn brown in the end. They're so pretty now, I would love it if they stay. I suppose time will tell. It will be interesting to see who this next little girl favors. Lindsay was a mini-me when she was born. So there's no telling right off the bat.

I have an OB appt on Thursday so we'll see if there are any interesting updates from that. I have a feeling this next appt will be pretty uneventful. Our next and last big ultrasound is Tuesday after Memorial weekend. I'll be in my 32 week! I can't believe I'm in the 30's FINALLY! It's so good to know there will be NO 40 either. We're scheduled and we're hoping for no big surprises.

Baby shower pics are coming soon. I have an early meeting tomorrow so I just can't do it tonight. I hope to update tomorrow when I have a much lighter evening! However, Kim posted her pics over on her blog so click HERE to check them out. She got some awesome pictures at my baby shower!

One last thing: If anyone knows a good place to find a KID SIZED book shelf (under a hundred bucks preferably) let me know. I can't seem to find something that is her height around two-three shelves and sort of girly. I've looked around and everything is way too expensive or way to cheaply made. I checked out Land of Nod and there was nothing under 100 there. I haven't gone into any furniture stores yet. I may check out Rooms to Go Kids next. I also am about to peruse Craig's list. But I thought I'd check it out with the dear old blogger community.
I don't mind second hand if it's in good shape or needs paint. Thanks!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Memories 2008

On Mother's Day we went to brunch at Two Urban Licks. We had a great time even though the service there was a bit lacking. I think they were a bit out of their element with a party of 22. Thank you to my sister in law Agatha for setting up this multi-family Mother's Day brunch. Here are some pics of the gang and all the kiddies. My girl and I with her cousin Derek (check out those smiles!)
My sister in laws sister and her youngest (of four) girls. She's such a cutie pie!
Lindsay and Zoe were so excited to see each other again.
Love this shot of the girls with Mike!
Kiri and her daddy....look at those beautiful eyes and those cheeks! YUMMY!
Derek giving Lindsay a "bouncy ride" on his back...yeah, she's loving it!

Lindsay and Adam playing in the rock garden. Given the time I think they would have picked up every rock in the place! Oh yeah, and there is also Mike and I and THE BELLY in this shot! Ha!ha! Just for the record that's a 30 week belly. WOOHOO!!!
The original Bresnan Clan...(Adam had to be in the picture, how do you tell a 5 year old he can't be in a photo?) LtoR: Mike, his sis Helen, mom, dad and brother Paul. After brunch we decided to stop off for dessert at a place called Chocolate Pink Cafe(good call Paul). It was very yummy and I highly recommend a stop there if you're downtown on Juniper.
Here is Lindsay putting in her order...(she's her father's child)
Check out this stance of hers...."I want chocolate, why can't I get to the CHOCOLATE?" Oh my gosh, the hands on the hips, the foot placement, the look on her face!!!! It kills me! (yes, she's her mother's child too) LOL!
A happy Lindsay gets her chocolate AND hand fed by cousin Adam! Does it get any better?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day 2007

I don't have any pics from today yet so here is a flashback from last year! I can't believe my baby is almost TWO!!

Happy Mother's Day to all my sister's, friends and blogger mom's out there! We're doing something different this year and going out for brunch with combined families. We normally just go over to Mike's moms and let the boys wait on the mom's! 22 people for brunch on Mother's Day should be wild! I'll have pics and an update hopefully this evening!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Zoo Pictures- Finally!

Well, I finally got around to doing the zoo pictures. Sorry guys, the blog time has been limited lately. So my sis in law invited us to IBM night at the zoo on 4/13. We had a blast. We were there with her sis and hubby and three of the four of their beautiful daughters. The baby stayed home with the grandparents. It was fabulous weather and not very crowded. We actually saw a lot of the zoo in a very short amount of time!

Here are the guys with the kids. LtoR: Quigg hiding behind Lindsay's buddy for the day Zoe, Hadley, Mike & Linds, Paul and Riley!

Lindsay & her Aunt Agatha stylin' in their shades! As you will be able to see from the following pictures Lindsay was Agatha's girl that day! Agatha was a big help to me as I could not carry Lindsay all over the zoo. Agatha pretty much either had Lindsay or Zoe the whole day. Her and Mike switched off a lot depending on the girls' moods. Mike enjoyed holding Zoe as she is two months older than Lindsay and about FOUR pounds lighter. Which four pounds doesn't sound like a lot but I picked Zoe up thinking she'd be about the same as Lindsay and I could have tossed her over my shoulder! Too funny!
Family of SHADES!!! Aunt Agatha, Uncle Paul and Lindsay! (For those of you who don't know or can't tell by looking Paul is Mike's brother)
Finally got to see the panda's up close and personal! The last two times I've been to the zoo the lines have been too long!
Here are the Naked Mole Rats...very odd creatures.
Click here for a funny about these guys I found on another blog. (Adults Only)
Lindsay is afraid of all of the statues. We got her to pose on this one with daddy!
An attempt to get all the girls together. Nope, didn't happen. But it was fun trying!
Zoe in all her cuteness! I love this photo!
Here is a Giraffe for Lindsay. It's her newest animal word and she LOVES them!
Heading back to the car. Guess who and ONLY who could hold hands and walk out with Miss Lindsay!??!

We had a great time and then went to TGI Friday's for dinner afterward. It was a late night but great fun. Lindsay had a blast hanging out with Zoe and her big sisters!

I totally flaked and did not get a family pic of us that day. OOPS...must be a pregnancy thing!

Stay tuned...I have shower pics from last weekend to post next!