Sunday, May 25, 2008

Worse than Child Birth?

What's worse than childbirth? Apparently passing a kidney stone! No, not me (thank you Lord), MIKE! Poor guy!

Friday afternoon Aunt Patti picked up Lindsay for the weekend and we decided to take advantage of a free Friday night and go see a movie, like a current one, in a theatre and all. So we went to see Iron Man (which was good by the way). We ate a quick dinner at home, went to the movies and then to the grocery store. Hot night huh? Well, it got lots better.

At 12:30 or so Mike told me he wasn't feeling well, probably something he ate. I was toast and pretty much fell asleep on him after that. At 3 he woke me up and said "I really don't feel well" and was telling me he had groin pain and back pain and felt like he was going to throw up. Once he got sick he couldn't stand back up and that is when he told me that since 12:30 he hasn't been able to stand up, sit down or lay down. After some back and forth I convinced him to let me take him to the ER at Northside. I pretty much threatened him that if he didn't let me drive him I was going to call 911.

We arrived in the ER at bit after 4 a.m. and luckily we got right back to a room and saw a doctor within 20 minutes. After a CT scan it was revealed that the doc's suspicion was correct and Mike has one TINY 2-3mm kidney stone that is causing him all of this pain. (Picture the head of a ball point pen...that is how small this thing is).
At any rate the protocol is to go home with pain meds and wait for it to pass. Oh, and they give you this really neat barbie kitchen strainer to pee in so you can see if you can pan for gold...I mean, catch the stone when it passes. Seriously.

We got home from the ER Saturday morning around 9:30 and since then Mike has stayed pretty doped up and moving around from bed to couch to chair trying to get comfortable when he's awake. He's been very nauseous and initially when we got home he was throwing up a lot. That seems to be a little better now that I have figured out to space out the percocet with the nausea meds as his tummy can't handle just pain meds. He's supposed to be drinking TONS of fluids and he's barely had two full glasses of water since we've been home. This morning I got him to eat half of an eggo waffle and a few sips of apple juice at his request. The stone is still no where to be seen. The doc said it could pass right away or take two to three weeks. That's just a joke. We can't do two weeks like this and I have NO idea how I'm going to keep Lindsay off of him when she gets home. We'll see how we're doing by Tuesday morning and if he's still status quo then we're going to the doctor's office. He needs some relief.

The funny thing is the ER doc, the pharmacist and everyone we've talked to that has ever been through this says it's the worst thing next to (or probably worse) than child birth. The ER doc told him "what you're going to feel when you pass it is going to be worse than your wife's labor".
Darn tootin' I told her...I'm having a C-section!

The rotten part is Mike NEVER gets sick. If he gets a scratchy throat it's gone in a day. I get full blown sinusitis, the flu, the pukes everything. I have NO IDEA how to deal with him when he's sick. He's the type that doesn't want to be touched or fawned over when he's in pain and I'm the opposite. I'm figuring it out this weekend though. I think I've been doing ok. I'm trying to stay out of his face yet still watch him breathe when he sleeps and I've managed to deal with the "sick episodes" without getting sick myself....if you catch my drift. I only went running once.

Right now he's in a nice phenegran/percocet sleep so I'm catching up on the blogs for some stress relief. I DO NOT like when he's not feeling well. I don't mind being caregiver don't get me wrong. I just hate seeing him this way and it scares me because it's SO rare.

That's about it from here for now. I'll update when our "stone" is born. Please say a prayer that this thing passes by Tuesday and he can feel better again.

I hope everyone else is enjoying this weekend! More soon!


Me. said...

Ok. I am not going to complain about Stella's strep throat anymore!! LOL. Poor Mike!! If it's more painful than childbirth, he needs an epidural!!!

Anonymous said...

YIKES! What a way to spend the holiday weekend. Give him drugs and you guys get some rest!! ;).

The Partins said...

holy moly that stinks!!! I've heard they are PAINFUL!!! Poor guy. Well, at least now he can respect ya more, huh? Good timing with Miss L out for the night... nothing worse than figuring out what to do with the kiddo!!! Let us know when "Barney Rubble" makes his appearance!

Unknown said...

Chris...You missed the part about calling Pat at 4 o'clock in the morning. BTW, do women ever pass kidney stones?????

Chris said...

Lori- as usual you crack me up! I'm going to start having you edit my blog and give me snazzy titles!

Stephen...welcome to my comments! LOL! Anyone who knows me KNOWS I called Pat in the middle of the night....she's DOCTOR MOM! Kim will tell you a big fat yes to that question. She has passed two kidney stones. I can tell you having been with Mike this weekend if I ever get one I hope someone just shoots me. UGH!
Have a great trip to CA...Love ya!