Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Lindsay & Grandpa on Easter Sunday 2007
"Isn't my Grandpa the greatest?"
Happy Birthday Grandpa!

This post brought to you by the letter...P

Here is Lindsay with her new bath tub letters.
As you can see they taste very good.
WOW! She's a genius!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm alive!

Hey guys-

Sorry, it's been a crazy week. We're having a little daycare drama and Mike and I were out this evening looking around at some new ones. We went to eat and ran a few errands with Miss L and got home after 9. I will post some new pics soon I promise. I'm a little stressed out til we get this settled. I tried to make the blog rounds tonight but I'm off to bed now.

Hope everyone has a great week. Be in touch soon.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Low Country Boil

Low Country Boil

Click on the above link and that is a very accurate description of what we had. It was DELICIOUS!
It was also very fun. They placed plastic over the dining room table and then newspaper on top of that and then just scooped everything out of the pot right into the middle of the table. I tell you I don't know why I've never been to one before. It seems like a great idea for a party!

The Boot Camp class is a class thru my gym. It's from 8-9 on Saturday's so it's not too hard to make it. I mean I dread setting the alarm for 7:30 on a Saturday morning but hey, that's still two hours longer than I get to sleep during the week.
The website to the place I work out is

Hope to post some more pics soon....

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Check out this Video on Kim's Blog

I have been wanting to post this here but I never seem to have time to sit down and figure out my problem with video posting. Not to mention I'm on dial up STILL so it's a PIA! (Not that I'm nagging my hubby who will read this).

Please click on this link to Kim's Blog and see my Lindsay in action. This video was taken back in May when we went to Busch Gardens and Rick Springfield happened to be in concert that day.

Today was a good day. I went to my Boot Camp class at the gym at 8. I suppose it was a good class since I can't WALK now today. I'm SOOOO SORE. Then my neighbor Megan went to Gymboree with Linds and I again. Thank goodness for her because I don't think I would have made it through the class after that boot camp! After lunch Lindsay took a THREE HOUR NAP, gotta love it! I caught up on some laundry and some Desperate Housewives (just watching the first season via NETFLIX). This evening we were invited to our neighbors for a LOW COUNTRY BOIL. Oh my gosh, it was soooo good. Lindsay had everything but the shrimp. She chowed down too! Daddy was able to join us between charters which was nice. He's working so hard this week...we've barely seen him. It's not looking good for tomorrow either.

I have no new pics for tonight. I wish I had taken some tonight as Lindsay was in a FAB mood and ever so cute!

I'm off to relax now that the house is quiet. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Catch ya on the flip side!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lindsay's Loot!

The Shirts: lots of long sleeve, turtle necks and basic L/S onsies in mutiple colors.
The Holiday Tee's
The Christmas stash! LOVIN' the one on the far left with the candy cane strip bottoms. The buttons down the front are santa hats! The black Christmas sweater is a 2T for next year. Couldn't resist the price!!
My passion for Purple!
A few of my faves...
This is not even all of it. I was inspired to take a few pics of the loot by Caron.
Between twice a year consignments and Lindsay's BFF Graison passing us clothes it's really incredible how many cute things she has to wear. I have NO clue what I'll do if we have a boy next! I guess I'll be selling all my Lindsay loot as she grows out of it to pay for boy stuff!

Ice Cream, Shopper's Delight & Halloween all in one post!

Lindsay has her first taste of ice cream sandwich! (OK so it's weight watcher's but it's still good)
At first she was picking off all the chocolate sandwich part and eating it by itself.
Notice we have no effing BIB...don't get me started.
I think she enjoyed it, what do you think?
After our bath we tried on the 8$ Halloween costume I got on consignment yesterday!
Can you tell what my biggest challenge is going to be on Halloween???? hmmmm????
So we aren't fond of the hat yet. That's ok, we'll work on it. I love this little black cat witch costume. It's last years costume from The Children's Place and I've been watching it on Ebay for a week or so. All the auctions are at least upwards of 15-20$ and higher. I got the costume including the wand and tights for 8$$$$$$ SUPER STOKED!

So shopping went great! Got there at 9:15 walked right in, no waiting in the heat. Shopped til 11:45 and then stood in line til 1:30ish. Not too bad and the line moved quickly. I hardly had time to weed and look through the books and toys. I also scored another toddler rocker for 6$ (for Aunt Patti's house) and a rocking horse for 15$ that is actually going to be from SANTA! Thank you Christi for shopping in the big stuff building for me so I could jump on the clothes section! After the consignment we hit the Children's Place outlet at Discover Mills and scored feet pajamas for 1.99 each! (don't bother ladies they're all GONE now) and of course hit the Carter's store for some more clearance stuff. However, you can't beat the consignment prices, except maybe the 1.99 pj's. That was pure shopper's high!

Lindsay is set for the winter now. Let's just hope I'm betting right and she grows into her 24 month outfits. Otherwise I'll have to put her on the rack and stretch her a bit. (just kiddin' people, don't call defacs)

My last item on the shopping agenda was to take back the offending bibs to BRU. That was much more painless than I thought it would be. They took all of them back and gave me a store credit. OF course the bibs that I wanted to get to replace the recall bibs were sold out. It appears great minds DO think alike and I missed out on that deal. In the mean time I'm saying screw it and going thru the spray-n-wash like water. I have bibsters for the really messy stuff. It's that or become Stepford Mom and wipe her mouth between every bite....NOT!

Happy Thursday Bloggers...the weekend is just around the bend! WOOHOO!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Potential Baby Bib Recall

FYI for those of you who have kids still in bibs. I have 10 of the affected bibs. I'm SUPER PEEVED about this and these are my absolute FAVE bibs! Not too mention my kids been wearing them daily since she was about 5 months.

This is not an official recall yet. However, Babies R US have taken them off the shelves and are refunding them. I am taking all of mine back tomorrow. Anyone have any good suggestions of bibs that ARE NOT made in CHINA? Maybe some LEAD FREE bibs???? Just COLOR ME LIVID over this!!! Click on the below link to read more.

Lead in Bibs

Saturday 8/18

Went to a baby shower on Saturday for a co worker at the Foster House in Cumming. It was super nice and here she is with her 2 year old daughter. Doesn't mom to be look FABULOUS? She's due end of next month and the top she's wearing is not even maternity!
It's A BOY! This was some YUMMY cake! I actually got a SUGAR HIGH in less than 5 minutes of eating the tiniest piece!
Here is the hostess with the mostess (on the left) with the niece of the mom to be. The hostess and her mom I should say put together the shower. These girls were like peanut butter and jelly! They wanted me to include that this photo was taken in the ladies room. Yes, there was a chaise in the ladies room. It was really quite popular!
Later in the day... Check me gave me the WHOLE Popsicle!
Mommy loves this photo of me because she thinks I'm looking just a wee bit cross eyed!
Another infamous TONGUE shot! P.S. Lindsay is 14 months today!

Lindsay and I had a busy weekend. So did Daddy just his was not as fun (he was working).
We were double booked Saturday. Lindsay went to visit grandma & grandpa while I went to the shower and then Lindsay and I attended a first birthday party for one of her little friends from daycare. What a packed day!
Sunday was a clean, do laundry and grocery shopping day and then we zipped up to Ellijay for dinner with Aunt Pat and Uncle Steve!

Lindsay seems to be doing much better as of late. Her teeth are still trying to come through but she's been in much better spirits, especially in the evenings. She still is not walking and seems to really not have an interest. She has been practicing standing up from a sit with nothing to hold on to. I have seen her do it several times now. Maybe something will click soon and she'll just take off. Heaven help us when she does!

Tomorrow I'm taking a day off go to the MOTHER OF ALL CONSIGNMENT SALES! I can't wait!!! Time to shop for winter clothes and maybe a few Christmas goodies. I'm stoked because my shopping bud (Missy) and I usually hit Discover Mills afterward (I LOVE THAT MALL) and have lunch and do a little more shopping! I'll try to take some pics this time of the craziness that is the Kidsignments sale. It's FUN to bargain hunt once you've been a few times it gets downright addicting!

So here's to TUESDAY being SHOP DAY and NO WORK FOR ME! Trust me, after my Monday I could use tomorrow off. Sometimes you just need a break from your co-workers...ya know??
Anyhoo....let's not open that can of worms on an open forum.

That's it for me tonight Bloggers. I'm off to go catch up with some of you!

Friday, August 17, 2007


Little Miss decided not to take a nap at school today and here is the result.
Mike and I were talking at dinner and looked over and realized Lindsay was falling asleep in her food. I have never seen her do this. As a matter of fact, I have only ever seen this on tv like on America's Funniest Videos or such.
Still chewing her food...
Is this what they mean by "food coma"?
Here she goes....
...and she's OUT!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bathing Beauties!

Years from now Graison & Lindsay will love us for posting this one.
Lindsay loved the removable spray nozzle.
I love this pic of Graison
Checking out each other's shampoo mohawk!

Sister's of Suds...
Having a blast in the bubbles!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


The word of the day for everyone in the house. Well not Mike, he's rarely cranky.
Lindsay woke up screaming and went to bed screaming. NOT A HAPPY BABY! If these bottom molars don't cut through soon I don't know what we're going to do. She even cried in the bath tub tonight. I had to put her in what we call "the mommy hold" to get her to sleep tonight.
(no, not a head lock's a certain way I held her as an infant that would always put her to sleep). Let me tell you, the mommy hold is a WHOLE 'nother thing with a 23 pounder. WHEW!

I'm just cranky thanks to good 'ol mother nature no other reason. I had a major migraine all day today and that does not mix well with a cranky daughter.

We all have to get up at the CRANKY CRACK of dawn tomorrow so I don't feel like waiting for five million pics to load tonight. (yeah, we're still on dial up) So...maybe tomorrow I'll put up some new pics.

Here's hoping for a less CRANKY Wednesday!

Oh, and it's going to be 101 degrees tomorrow...JOY!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Caylin! Pool Party Pics...

Here is sweet Caylin opening her prezzie from us. We got her the soap dispenser and toothbrush holder to her new bathroom decor.
In case you can't tell it's a giant hat that holds the toothbrushes. Caylin recently just got a bedroom makeover and now has a GORGEOUS TEEN SUITE! cream cake from Baskin Robbins. There were little mini ice cream cones on the cake. This is important to know for pics further down in the post.
Lindsay was sitting on my lap as I was taking pics and I couldn't resist an up close shot. Don't you just wanna squeeze those cheeks???
Graison & Lindsay taking a break from the pool for some Freezer ice pops!

What a beautiful smile!
Don't you remember sucking down the juice from a freezer pop when you were a kid? Lindsay really liked these a lot. She ate them better than a regular Popsicle too. I must get her some of these before the summer is over!
After dinner we gave the girls each a mini ice cream cone from the top of the cake. These went over very well. If you couldn't tell!!
There goes my child trying to shove the whole thing in her mouth while G daintily licks hers.

Oh yeah, like I said...
I scream, you scream, we all scream for mini ice creams!!
OK, I really have a million of these photos and I just couldn't choose so I am posting them all!
I never thought she would eat the cone. She ate the WHOLE thing!
Love this pic of Graison and her daddy!
I still have several pics from the day to post. They're more pics of Lindsay and Graison after dinner and in the bath. I'll put those up another time. This was a lot more pics than I thought.
Hope you had a great bday party Caylin. Thanks for inviting us! We love you!