Monday, April 30, 2007


Photo compliments of Renata! Photo taken from the Have a Nice Day Tour in New Jersey...lucky dogs!!!
WOOHOO....been waiting all season for some JON!!!!!! Tomorrow night on Idol it's BON JOVI NIGHT! DO NOT CALL ME after 8pm....we will not be answering at the Bresnan's.
Lindsay went to TWO Bon Jovi concerts in utero. She can't wait either!!!!!!!!!!!
It's a slow blogger week. We went to the park for dinner tonight and it was great. Totally brought the camera and didn't take a single picture. Mike made dinner while I was commuting home from Cumming...ugh. We packed up the cooler, the baby and some toys and had a blanket picnic tonight from 6:30-8:30. Gotta tell you it's the best thing on a Monday night. Lindsay had a blast eating dinner while playing. It was the best of both worlds for her. Eat, play and undivided attention from both mommy and daddy.
Milestone Update: Lindsay is officially on the move...BACKWARDS...but on the move. She can crawl backwards faster than our border collie can get around these days. She also can get back up into a sitting position from her belly. Today is the first time I watched her do this and she did it more than once. She's a pro. I guess she figured this out on the floor at daycare because Lord knows we don't put her down at home. Ha!ha!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

March of Dimes Walk America

Today we went down town for the March of Dimes Walk. Here is the Northside Hospital Registration booth.
Here's part of my team...Maggie, Elaine, Sheila, Lindsay and Donna! La'shawnda and Isaiah walked with us today as well.
Donna and Lindsay had a good time playing while waiting for the walk to start.
Lindsay was laughing very hard here.
Lindsay played with her NSH beaded necklace ALL day! We were very happy that Donna was able to walk with us today. It's been a long time since Donna has been well enough to walk a 5.2 mile walk! YAY DONNA!
TA DA...look who we ran in to at the walk?? This is the woman who brought Lindsay into the world! MY OBGYN!
Our gang hitting the green after the walk.

Lindsay is chowing down...she was definitely hungry at this point!
So was Donna....tee,hee....
Obviously, Maggie wanted some BLOG exposure because she took this picture of herself with my camera! Nice one Maggie. Thanks for all your help with the baby today. I REALLY appreciate you helping push!
Lindsay with her beads at the CNN center. After the walk we decided to go to CNN center for lunch at the food court and some hanging out.
Here is the gang all cooled off and full from lunch.
Today could not have been a nicer day. Lindsay and I left the house at 6:15 this morning. (Second Saturday in a row too.) We had great weather at the walk and it was definitely a work out. We enjoyed our gab time with everyone and getting to spend the day just enjoying each other. MARTA could have been a little smoother...let's see we got "taken" at Medical Center first thing in the morning and gave our money to a guy who "sold" us fake breeze passes. biggie...Maggie and Sheila had their own and we were fine. Then only ONE track was running all day so we waited forever for a train and had to switch three times instead of once because of the route that they were running trains. This was TOTALLY annoying with a jogging stroller and having to go in and out of elevators etc. to change platforms. Once again MARTA was not SMARTA when it came to time management but fortunately we had all day.
Other than MARTA I could not complain. Lindsay and I stopped at Publix on the way home to replenish her watermelon supply. We arrived home around 4pm and promptly changed, took a bottle and Lindsay AND mommy took a fat nap! My little one was so pooped she took a three hour nap and still went to bed by 9:30 tonight. Lindsay's only complaint of the day is she hasn't kissed her Daddy yet. Today was also the BIGGEST PROM Saturday of the season. Daddy was asleep when we left and gone when we got home. Here's hoping tonight was a good night for Daddy and we'll have some family time tomorrow.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

A TOP Tooth has finally CUT!

Good Evening!

I just had to pop on to say that Lindsay's right upper front tooth is finally through the gum! We have been waiting for it since APRIL sure did fool us. We really thought it was breaking through that weekend and here we are 26 days later.
She is eating like crazy too! Yesterday at daycare she had PIZZA and corn for lunch with the kids in the 1 year room. She had a TACO and pinto beans today. I can honestly tell you I have NO IDEA how she ate a taco but whatever! I guess I need to stop buying baby food and just feed her!

Tonight we went to Roadhouse with Aunt KK and she had baked potato, chicken, bread, rice and a jar of baby food carrots and peas. She of course is still a bottomless pit when it comes to cheerios and puffs. At dinner is where we discovered the sharp tooth edge is through. Thanks aunt KK for figuring it out. For whatever reason she can put her fingers in Lindsay's mouth any darn time she wants. I think KK must taste very sweet. Lindsay does not let mommy and daddy put their fingers in her mouth NEARLY as easy.

We have another full weekend coming up. Lindsay and I are walking in the March of Dimes walk downtown on Saturday with lots of people from my work. She is such a trooper and social butterfly. I'm so happy that I have such a sweet laid back baby! God really did fill my order with her...I truly got EVERYTHING I prayed for!

Good night from the Bresnan's...we'll post more photos soon!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Girl's Night IN

Daddy had to work tonight so it was just us girls for dinner, bath, play time and American IDOL!
Lindsay had a "topless" dinner tonight. She liked this a lot. No bibb, no fuss, no muss.
She LOVES her Blue's Clue's yogurt.
Check out those bottom teeth!
The End of the mess!

Here we are all cleaned up after bath time. Lindsay is wearing size 12 month Bambi pj's that of course came from our dear Aunt Missy!
M-these photos are for you so you could see your EBAY efforts were not in vain.
Play time on the floor before Night, Night...
Lindsay really likes her activity table from Aunt Helen and Uncle David and the boys. She gets the biggest kick out of stacking the blocks and putting them in and out of the bin. She hands them to us and says "ga goo" which we are pretty sure is "thank you" in Lindsay Lingo.

Tonight she had another milestone. When I put her in the tub and handed her a rubber duck she said "duck" plain as day the second she saw it. I am 100% sure we are starting to figure out her vocabulary words now! Dada, mamma, duck, thank you, and Uh-oh... these are the ones I can think of for now.
Max had a milestone tonight too. He has figured out to stay under the high chair for food retrieval. Previously, the dogs have ignored dinner time. Now, when Linds is getting full she is dropping things over the side and it seems that MAX has figured this out. Works for me...less for mommy to bend over and pick up. Now if only I could teach him to swiffer!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Sunday Brunch with Grandma & Grandpa

Lindsay is drinking very well from all size cups now.
Check out the big red ring around her face from the cup!
Lindsay & Grandma enjoy a good laugh!!
Lindsay takes over the cone...go figure!
After lunch we moved on to shopping. Here is yet another shameless plug for advertisers. Will someone PLEASE HIRE my baby!? Lindsay says "YEAH, this stuff really does work FAST!!"
Here is my little laid back shopper. Could you get any more comfortable in a shopping cart?
Yep! I guess she can! Daddy had fun taking these photos while mommy shopped for a baby gift for a co-worker and of course picked up a few things for Lindsay.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

April 22, 2006: One year ago today...

...was my baby shower. WOW! Time has flown and Lindsay is here and such a presence in all our lives. Here is the dress she was wearing in the photos from Zoe's Birthday party. AMAZING!
Ok, just my moment of nostalgia.
Good night!

MS Walk & Deck Christening

This morning Lindsay went with my pal from work La'shawnda and I to Piedmont Park for the annual MS WALK.
Here is Lindsay finishing up her bagel half.
Lindsay is doing her warm up stretching.
All set to go mom!
We had a nice walk. The weather was perfect. The crowd was just right, it was great. We decided to walk the extra and do the 10k vs. the 5k and Lindsay napped thorough some and talked through some. She was a real trooper!
Here is the lower level of Donna and Aaron's new deck add on.
Lindsay, Uncle Steve and Donna
Here is Lady. She is the child of my nephew Michael and his girlfriend Deb. She is the sweetest dog and really likes babies!
Aaron, Michael, Steve and Grandpa discussing the Bocci Ball game.
Donna and Lindsay hanging out during the game.

Lindsay should have been the most tired and fussy baby ever tonight. I got her up three hours early and she spent a lot of the day in the stroller or the car. She was SO good tonight. She is talking up a storm and just as sweet as ever. We still have no appearance of the top teeth but you sure can feel them there! I'm exhausted! The steroids had me going strong again last night but tonight I'm crashing. Just wanted to post these photos and say goodnight!

More park pics

Back away from the cookie!
My shapes fit right inside daddy's shoe.
(notice the unused shape sorter) Lindsay filled Mike's shoe with all her shapes. She pushed them all the way to the toe and kept filling. We laughed so hard at this.
Mommy & Me
Helping daddy take some calls...

Friday, April 20, 2007

Lindsay at the park- 10 months old today!!

Precious Angel!
If this were winter this could be called "Catching Snowflakes"
DA DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aren't I cute?
Clapping hands!
All packed up to go...don't forget ME!!!!!!!