Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lindsay's Last Birthday (until next year!)

Lindsay with her cousin Michael who we don't see much any more since he lives in Pittsburg now.
Aunt Patti holds Brooke who is still trying to get used to cousin Michael.

Uncle Steve takes Brooke for a ride!

Uncle Steve helping Linds open a present.

Lindsay was so excited she wanted to do presents FIRST, then lunch and Then cake!

Lindsay got a Tickle Monster book and Monster repellant from Donna and Jeff.

Donna helps Brooke open a present from Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve.

Lindsay got a watch (A REAL WATCH) from Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve.

Showing off the watch!

Lindsay trying out her new candy lip gloss.

Michael and I ( Can't wait to see you at Christmas! )

Lindsay works on her rainforest puzzle with Michael and Uncle Steve.

Brooke loves the hummingbird in Aunt Patti's glitter globe!

The puzzle is almost done!

Brooke LOVES her Candy lip gloss!

Happy Birthday Angel!!

Don't worry Brooke your birthday is just a week and 3 days away!

Just sneaking a taste...she learned that from Derek & Adam!

Making her wish!

Our Family!

The girls with Uncle Steve going to feed fish at the river.

What a big guy!

Daddy's photography at work!

Daddy and Brooke napping after their walk!

Aunt Patti gave Lindsay and Brooke manicures

and check out Lindsay's pedicure!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

...And The Gifts Just Keep On Coming!!

Our neighbors dropped off a birthday present for Lindsay
It was from John, Edie and Megan!

She got a mermaid that has a tail that changes colors in the bath tub!

I think she is a little happy!

Thank you very much!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Lindsay's 4 th Birthday Party!!

Birthday girl in her party dress and tiara.
Daddy's handy decorating job!

Little Mermaid ROCKS!

Brooke finds a crown at Aunt Missy's!

Uncle David saying hi to the girls!

Caylin and Adam having fun!

Derek and Adam enjoy the floats!
The whole family hanging out by the pool.

Lindsay, Brooke, Cambree, and Avery(twins)

Caylin and Adam

Lindsay hanging out on the stairs (as she did most of the day)

Brooke and Avery

The Pinata!!!
Mike Mathis (Missy's Dad) and Brooks

Princess Lindsay has Cake time!

Happy Birthday To You!

Uncle Paul helping Brooke


What a pretty Princess in her tiara!

Graison watches as Lindsay opens a card
Lindsay hugs Graison as a thankyou for her new night light for her room!

Lindsay gets a Mermaid bath toy whose tail changes colors!!!

Another card!

Lindsay thanks Brooke for her new Little Mermaid III video!

A card from Mommy & Daddy :)
Adam having pizza!

Derek about to dive in.

Linds opens more presents

Lindsay opens what she thinks is her last gift from Cambree & Avery

HUGS Thank you!
Derek mugs for the camera
Agatha and Paul help Brooke open a gift from Aunt Helen and Uncle David.

Another Prezzie from Mommy and Daddy

A gift from Aunt Helen and Uncle David a Dora video and an Uno game.

The Big suprise gift from Mom & Dad!!

Pinata time

The girls all 4 years old now pose for a shot!

All the kids took a string and pulled on three!

WOOHOO! All the candy fell out!!!

Caylin, Graison, Brooke & Lindsay
Thank you so much to the Smith and Mathis families for hosting Lindsay's pool party we all had a blast and really appreciate all you guys did to make our little ones day great!
Much love,
Chris, Mike, Lindsay & Brooke