Friday, August 8, 2008

To get more info...

This is Chris' husband, Mike.
Thank you to all of our family and friends for your prayers and support.

Thank you also to our dear friend Karen for setting up a "Cares Page" web-page where family and friends can get more information and updates about Chris. For now, information will be posted to the Cares Page and not to Blogger.
Friends and family are asked to send a request to Karen at to gain access to the Cares Page.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Hi bloggers, it's Kimmie Kay ghost blogging for Chris. She has had another complication and is back in the hospital. There will be a lapse in her blogging and emails. She is doing very well and and would appreciate everyone's prayers right now. Thank you!!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Hours of Free Entertainment

Friday evening Aunt KK (who's finally back in town and over a cold) came over and we packed up all the girls and went to the Chic Fil A Dwarf house. Who knew??
Lindsay went in and out of this "little door" at least a thousand times. Here she is coming through it the first time and she's already saying "I wanna do it again".
Hooray for KK and a good idea. So it's not totally FREE if you want to eat there. We used some coupons and the three of us ate on 8 bucks...not bad! Can you tell I'm waiting on a paycheck?!
Lindsay was gracious enough to let this crowd go out the door in between her rounds of in and out. She hasn't stopped talking about the "little door". I actually had not been to the dwarf house before myself. I had NO idea that they serve BREAKFAST all the time! They also have stuff on the menu that the regular ones don't have. Maybe you are reading this and thinking "where has she been?". I swear I had NO CLUE. We are SO going back to the dwarf house next time!

So in our quest for more FREE stuff to do and get mommy out of the house we decided to go check out how the ducks were doing. We haven't fed them in a while and Lindsay has been talking about it for a couple of days now.
Of course we took Brooke with us! This is how she experiences most everything right now.I couldn't resist a TOE shot!
Aunt KK posed us up for a photo. Lindsay is pointing at the ducks of course.

THANK YOU SO MUCH KAREN for coming over tonight and breaking up our evening routine. Last night was our first really rough evening. Lindsay really showed some of the jealous side and for about forty minutes last night I had TWO screaming girls. It was NOT fun. For the most part Lindsay is a great big sister. I think the time of day (close to bedtime) and Daddy not being around made for a cranky girl last night. Today was much better. Also, getting out of the house a bit was good for us all. Even Brooke was wide eyed at the restaurant and seemed to enjoy the attention she was getting from passers by. Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need! Karen, I can't thank you enough!!! Love you!

Silly Sisters- Hanging out around the house

Having a Blast on the zebra!

Check out our matching dresses! Brooke is not enjoying her sister time!
Lindsay deals pretty well when her baby sister cries!
Lindsay gives Brooke a big kiss! Look at Brooke's face...hysterical!