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Sunday, April 27, 2008

I survived (now let's see if I passed)

The glucose test Friday went OK. The first hour was the worst. I drank 100oz. of the nasty orange sugar stuff in five minutes. Almost puked it up about half way through. I think I kept it down for two reasons. The room I was in had no trash can therefore no where to toss, and I absolutely did NOT want to have to drink all over again. UGH.

I got to sit in the stress test area in a cush recliner the whole time. I brought a few mags and slept a little. It wasn't so bad after that first hour. I was there from 8:30-12:30 and by the time I got to food I was a bit shaky and nauseous again but after an hour or so I was OK.

Nurse said she'll call me Monday with results. PLEASE, please say a prayer for me that I pass this thing. What she described I will have to do if I am diagnosed with gestational sounds like a big PAIN...hoping that I do not have to deal with all of that.

I did meet a wonderful lady who came in about half way through. She was sitting in the recliner next to me listening to her boy's heart beat. She's my age and we got to chatting away and it really helped pass the time. The really cool part is I think I was supposed to meet her and hear her story that day. She kept talking about her "first pregnancy" yada yada and I finally asked "oh, what do you have at home a boy or girl"? "I don't" she said, "my baby girl died at 35 weeks gestation a year ago last month". Ouch. Regretfully, I know a few people that have endured that kind of loss and I also know of some bloggers now too. Normal people would flinch at that and probably that would be a conversation killer. However, I immediately told her how sorry I was for her loss and asked what her baby girl's name was. We talked for a while about the baby she lost and what happened. We skipped around and talked about fun stuff too. Eventually we came back to that topic and she thanked me for the things I said to her and for understanding how therapeutic it was for her to talk about her daughter to other people. To acknowledge that she was still a mom, a parent even though she had no baby to hold. You see next week she will be 35 weeks and that is the week that she lost her baby. So for her the next few weeks are wrought with anxiety. Not like you aren't anxious enough at that stage of the game. Of course she's being seen like 3 times a week from here til she delivers this time around and rightly so. That helps the anxiety levels I'm sure. Bottom line for me, is that she made me see, that as much as I have been MISERABLE this pregnancy compared to last, I'm extremely fortunate and I don't have problems. I absolutely can not imagine making it to 35 weeks and not bringing a baby home. My heart goes out to anyone who has lost a child. I love this baby and Lord knows I can't wait for her to be OUT but I definitely don't want her here before she can thrive. I'm sure I'll still have my hormonal moments but my time with Diana made me decide to make a better effort to enjoy what I have left of this pregnancy. I mean who isn't miserable in the third trimester?? Ha!

I'm burning the midnight oil tonight. Mike and I are baby free this weekend. Lindsay is at Camp Grandmama and Granddada. I took a nap this afternoon and then spent the rest of the day purging all of the winter stuff out of Lindsay's closet. Washing clothes and hanging all the rest of the summer stuff. I bagged up 5 XL zip lock storage bags of 18 month clothing to be pulled out again oh say around Fall 2009. LOL! Unreal the amount of clothing we have for this kid. Thanks to Missy and Graison for being so generous and the awesome consignment shopping! I'm finished all my put zing around in her room and tomorrow (today), when I wake up, it's time to get packing up more junk in the guest room/Linds' big girl room. We've picked out a paint color and it's time to get serious and get that room empty so Mike and his paint crew (my inlaws) can get some "pure violet" on the walls!!!

Missy and her hubs were also kid free this weekend so we took advantage and went out for an ADULT dinner! It was awesome. We didn't meet until 8pm but dinner was great and we closed the place down. It was nearly midnight when we got home. I've been on my second wind folding and putting away laundry and such. I wanted to check out the blogs and wind down so I'm off to bed finally. I'll be hating life tomorrow if I sleep too late. Lots to do and I'm moving at a turtle's pace these days!

If you're still with me on this long post, thanks for reading. Check in Monday night for the test results...

No matter what happens BON JOVI on Wednesday will make it ALL BETTER!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

4-D Pics

Here she is!! Apparently baby girl was giving the tech a hard time. Her hands were around her face a ton and she was moving so much it was hard to get a super good shot. I was really hoping for a face front shot but it just didn't happen. The big fluffy stuff around the top of her head that looks like a beret or a chef's hat...that's the placenta. TMI?? Sorry. I have to say this place is NEW and they still had a few kinks to work out. I got several printed pics because they were having some trouble with their printer. The cd and dvd are nice but a lot of the pics are so blurry you can't make anything out. The girl was fresh out of school and Mike and I both are wondering if a more experienced sonographer would have gotten us more for our money. Live and learn I suppose. We still had fun. We invited Aunt Pat, Mike's parents and Aunt KK and we also brought Lindsay. I had no idea she would react poorly but she did NOT like seeing mommy on the table. Aunt KK had to take her in and out of the room a couple of times. (Thanks Karen)! It will be interesting to see how she reacts to me in the hospital bed.
After the ultrasound we went out for a steak dinner (protein, protein for me) with the in laws. Lindsay ate like a champ and we found a really good restaurant. If you have a Texas Roadhouse near you they do a pretty great steak. WAY better than Longhorn. So here's to a good glucose test tomorrow. Here's hoping I get through it, keep it down and pass the darn thing with flying colors!
Thanks everyone for all your positive comments and well wishes. I really appreciate all your support!
Official countdown to Bon Jovi 6 DAYS!
Baby Shower 9 DAYS!
Last day of work...LESS THAN 80 DAYS!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Hi all-

Quick update: I'm off the edge of my cliff (today) and I scheduled my 3 hour test for this Friday morning so wish me luck. UGH. The antibiotic is kicking in a bit and today is the best I've felt in weeks (shhhh.....don't say it aloud).

Tomorrow we're going to a place called Peek A Belly for a 4-D ultrasound. Turns out we're not sure if we can get a 4D this time at my peri office and I'm not taking any chances. Things have been "different" this time around with them between my insurance changes and other circumstances. For instance with Lindsay, we got video of all of our ultrasounds. They no longer video ANYTHING. I have SO many pics of Lindsay and video and an early 4-D and a late 3-D scan of her. I feel badly that this baby has less. So we decided what the heck we'll put it on the Flex Spending Account and go for it. So, with any luck we'll have a beautiful couple of 4-D pics for the blog. We're doing the "Just a Peek Package" so it isn't too expensive. It will be nice to have the scan on DVD for memory sake.

Also, several of you have asked me when the C-section is going to be. I'm a bit apprehensive about posting the exact date for just ANYONE to see. If you want to email me at I'll be happy to dish about it with you. I realize I do have a ticker and it's not that difficult to pinpoint but there are some crazy people out there you know.

That's about it for now. I PROMISE, PROMISE that I have some really cute zoo pics to post still. I know Katie gave up on me. LOL! I'm sure the ultrasound tomorrow will preempt them again but I will get them on here sooner or later.

Oh and here's a quick funny for you all. Tonight the baby kicked me hard enough to startle me during dinner. I said "oh, the baby just kicked me". Lindsay then put her hand on her belly and said "MY baby kicked me". Mike and I cracked up! She has been saying "baby come out soon" a lot and even talked about other people having a baby in their belly too (even though they don't). But, this was the first time she referenced a baby in HER belly. Too funny! I just can't wait for her little sister to get here and see how she reacts!

I'm heading to bed now....More tomorrow!


Here are some photos that someone emailed me. They knew someone who was front row on Monday night. SWEET!
I hope this little girl of mine is READY TO ROCK!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008


I was SO happy Friday. Went to the OB did my one hour glucose test and it went pretty well. I wasn't as sick the rest of the day as I was when I did it with Lindsay. I got to book all my appointments out til the end of the pregnancy (which was VERY exciting) AND we picked our C-section date. Somehow all of that made me feel like I had accomplished something and I was feeling like I could make it through the home stretch.

Last night I was feeling awful, sinus headache, drainage more of the same I've been dealing with for WEEKS now. I woke up this morning puking again and decided to stay home from work. I'm SO over being sick and was already feeling the downward mood swing when my nurse called and said I FAILED my one hour glucose test. SERIOUSLY???? I never even worried about passing it. Now I have to go back and do the THREE hour test. This entails fasting for 8-12 hours before going into the office. They do a blood draw and then you get to drink a BIGGER nasty drink than the one hour. They then draw your blood every hour for the next three hours for the results. You can't eat until after that and I was STARVING after the one hour test. Not to mention if you get sick (puke) you have to do it all over again. There is NO WAY I can get through that with all this congestion. I know I won't keep it down. She offered to let me put it off until early next week but I have to do it soon because it's supposed to be completed by your 28th week which I am 28 weeks on Sunday.

I know that this really probably doesn't SOUND like the end of the world but in my current state of mind I completely broke down and cried when I hung up the phone. I feel like I just can't catch a break. I know that a lot of people fail the one hour and pass the three hour no problem. BUT....I don't want to assume that since I completely never thought I'd fail the one hour. Oh, and the numbers were close. 130 and under is normal and my number was 159. Just another shot in the jaw thank you. I do worry that because I am not exercising like I was with Lindsay and I started this pregnancy a bit heavier that maybe I will end up diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. I know that the point of all of this is to catch it early and take the action
needed to maintain a healthy pregnancy but I just feel pissed off more than anything right now.

I'm trying to look forward to the fact that BON JOVI is a week from this Wednesday. My baby shower is that Saturday after the concert and my blog sister KIM is coming into town for that! I have some good stuff coming up...thankfully.
Anyway, I guess that's the good thing about mood goes both ways. I could sure use an upswing about now.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Saturday Part 2...

After the birthday party and a short nap we headed for the swings!
It was a nice day to grab some sandwiches and head to the park for a picnic dinner. I love this profile shot of Lindsay on the move. She's growing up so fast!
I was resting up on the blanket but managed to catch the game of chase using my zoom...which is why it's a bit blurry.
The tides have turned and Lindsay is chasing Mike. She loves to run! When she runs she laughs and yells "I runnin" it's very cute! After the park we had to pick up Mike's car he left at the shop parking lot earlier today. On the way there we noticed that the "HOT" sign was on at the Krispy Kreme....apparently so did everyone else. That place was hopping with business tonight!
Lindsay applies for a job....
SO CUTE! She was in such a good mood!
Time to make the doughnuts! Lindsay is watching through the window and our KK guy poses for a shot in the background! If you look very closely you can see the doughnuts going through the conveyor about to be glazed.
Finally Lindsay gets her taste! It's her first HOT off the belt Krispy Kreme!
Can you say SUGAR RUSH???

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Zoe!

Just for comparison here I am with Zoe & Lindsay a year ago at Zoe's 1st birthday party!
Lindsay & Graison enjoying some cupcakes!
Graison is into hers but Lindsay hasn't quite figured out she can get messy yet! Doesn't G look just like a china doll in this picture?! Such a pretty face!
Graison's mommy playing "I'm gonna eat your cupcake" with Lindsay. Check out G's face. She's saying "Don't eat Lindsay's cupcake mommy!!!" She was actually upset about it. Lindsay thought it was funny. We do that with her all the time at home to trick her into another bite or two!
I had to lighten this pic up a bit. Thought it was cute of all the girls lined up checking out the adult cake. Which by the way...this chocolate cake was THE BOMB! YUMMY!
Here is Zoe enjoying a strawberry. I didn't get one of her and Lindsay together. I'm bummed about that. Zoe and Lindsay are two months apart and they really are cute together!
Zoe opening all her loot. Her Daddy is helping and so are all the girls!
Lindsay is sporting her Rubber Ducky Mardi Gras beads that Aunt KK brought her back from New Orleans last week. She's wearing them EVERYWHERE!!! The ducks actually squeak too. Very cool!
Check out the birthday girl! I love this shot. She is actually wearing a back pack, TWO purses, some dress up shoes and her new sunglasses! Girls are SO much fun!!

Happy Birthday Zoe! Thanks for inviting us!

We had a packed day today! After the party Lindsay and I went home for some nap time. Then we went to the park with daddy, ran some errands and ended the day at Krispy Kreme. You would think a quick stop for a doughnut would be no big deal but it became a BLOG WORTHY experience. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Shades

What do you think? Lindsay picked these out at Gap Kids. Normally I would not spend my money on such accessories for an almost two year old. BUT, they fit her face perfectly and she actually likes to wear them and leaves them alone! She was wearing them in the store and catching quite a lot of attention in them. The paparazzi have been following us everywhere ever since!

I still promise zoo pics. SOON, Katie soon!

For those of you who have asked we'll definitely get something up on the blog once baby makes her appearance. I may be borrowing a friends laptop to use at the hospital. If not, I'll have my pal Missy post some pics for me so you will all see the first debut photos for sure!

Doing MUCH better today with the ligament pain. Can't say enough for my new belly band support thingy! It's a bit uncomfortable to sit in all day and annoying to adjust every time I have to go to the bathroom. However, the alternative is much worse.
I'm heading to bed but just want to leave with one last comment...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rock-A-bye Baby

This picture was taken tonight after Daddy rocked Lindsay AND her baby to sleep. Mike said she put her baby on his other shoulder, patted her back and turned her head to the other shoulder and OUT SHE WENT! So sweet!
Lindsay may finally be grasping the concept that this baby is eventually coming out. Over the weekend she patted my tummy and said "baby come out?" We really haven't talked much about that yet with her so I imagine maybe some of her teachers have talked about it. She has been sporting her "I'm gonna be a big sister" shirt to school lately. Anyway, her funny expressions now are "baby come out and play" and my personal fave "baby's cookin' "
We had a blast at the zoo and I have some great pics. I'll try to get those up in the next day or so. I've been trying to rest the last two nights after work since I WAY overdid it with all the walking at the zoo. Apparently, I'm having major round ligament pain and Monday I could hardly walk without grunting and wincing. It made for some funny looks at work but I made it through the day! I'm doing much better today and I broke down and bought one of those compression maternity belts. It's AWESOME! I just got it today but I think it's going to make a difference. My OB told me that each pregnancy increases the ligament pain and it happens sooner. Ok, so THE PROCRASTINATOR in me would have liked that information oh say...20 weeks ago or so??!!! Ugh. So now I'm trying to schedule for some family to take Miss Lindsay the next few weekends so we can make some headway on the big girl room. Thankfully, the prom stuff will slow up a little in May and Mike will be more dedicated to the house stuff.
I have a feeling this little girl is going to surprise us and make her appearance before my scheduled C-section...(which we haven't scheduled yet). I could be wrong but we'll see.
MBkimmy...I emailed you the link to the double jogger I registered for so check it out.

Happy TAX DAY everyone. I think I've updated all I can for now!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

26 weeks!!!

Have you LOOKED at my ticker today??? OMG!! I'm really at the 90 day target since I know we won't go more than 39 weeks with a scheduled C-Section.

I'm looking at 13 weeks or LESS!!!!

I'm seriously flipping over being in the double digits now. SOOOO much to do SOOOOOO little time!!

The gloom and doom side is I'm freaking out that more is not done at my house and I'm REALLY SLOWING down. The evenings are spent having some braxton hicks now and I'm having trouble picking Lindsay up at the end of the day.

The bright side is I'm DEFINITELY in the 90 day stretch of saying HASTA LAVISTA to my job for THREE WHOLE months!!! I'll feel great once this baby is here and we can start focusing on being a family of FOUR!! And yes, then I will be on my "FAB TO FORTY PLAN"...Stay tuned on that but let's just say it involves a double stroller, a LOT of walking/running and a big fat trip to the gorgeous blue waters of the carribean (without kids) WHEN I meet my goal (December 2009)!
Seriously better start a trip fund 'cause I'm not kidding!!

We're off to spend some family time today at the zoo with Lindsay's Aunt Agatha and Uncle Paul. Agatha's sister has four girls all under 5 years old. Three of them and their parents are going with us to the zoo. It's going to be so much fun! Stay tuned for pics!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Adam...a little late!

Happy Birthday to our nephew Adam!! He turned SIX on April 11! WOW!
Hope you had a great birthday Adam and a fun spring break! Can't wait to see all the pictures on your Dad's blog!
See you soon!
Mike, Chris, Lindsay & Baby too!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Who's COUNTING?????

20 DAYS til

BON JOVI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Big Girl Room

Here is the bedding we've already purchased. This is shown as a day bed and we're not doing the netting but just the quilt, sham, two throw pillows, bed skirt and I also purchased the matching valences and drapes. It's on search "abby" and you can see all the parts. I just love it! I am planning on painting the walls a matching shade of purple.
This will be Lindsay's big girl bed. We already have the matching nightstand you partially see to the left. The bedding looks great with the colors. I was worried it would be too yellow but it looks awesome. I think painting the room the light purple will really make it pop.
She will have the bed and this chest in her room at first. The night stand and the dresser below is in the nursery now. We're eventually going to put both girls together in the big room. So we're adding pieces now. When baby B is ready for her big girl bed that is all we'll have left to buy. Then the nursery will become a playroom (which I'm sure we'll desperately need by then).
We currently use this dresser without the mirror and it doubles as a changer in the nursery.

I'm hoping that the nursery (a much smaller room will be a fun play room and I'm planning on taking that closet space and putting a desk and computer in there. I've seen many "closet office space" ideas and I thought this would work in there. The girls will be playing games on the computer by then (or at least Lindsay will be for sure) and I can also use the space for me. That will get my computer desk out of my dining room in two years-ish...which I will LOVE!!!

In the event that we change our minds or move to a bigger house by then we can always buy another bedroom suit for which ever child. At that point maybe we'll give the little one the twin bed and furniture and get Lindsay a new set with a full bed??? Who knows. Or we could always buy the second twin for her room and we'll have a spare guest bed/slumber party bed.

At any rate we're waiting to purchase furniture as I have to sell/store the current old furniture in that room (my single girl bedroom suit) and empty and paint the room.

Yellow Snow

This is our Black Hummer...with a coat of yellow snow. Gotta love Spring time!
So I gave in and went to the doctor today. He gave me zyrtec and an antibiotic to start on Saturday if the zyrtec doesn't help knock it out. He really feels that it's allergy sinus stuff but I may have a sinus infection. (Ya think?) At least he is the first doc to agree with me that it seems I have chronic sinus issues. Once I have the baby he will give me an order to get a CT of my sinus' if I want to explore the issue. According to him they can go in and "clean them out" if need be. I have no idea if that sounds like something I want to do. However, if it would cut down on all these infections I'm game to try. We'll see how the zyrtec works. Anyone out there have any advice on that?? Been through any chronic sinus issues? I will admit that before I got pregnant I had quite a few. The sinus stuff added to pregnancy has been ten times worse for me. It seems that all the sinus drainage etc. causes nausea and vomiting. I truly feel like I've been run over by a truck. I'm getting depressed too. I'm so tired of being sick, feeling sick and having no energy for my Lindsay or any of the baby projects that are sadly not getting done at this time. I know it will happen. I'm just so ready to be done and have this baby here. At this point in time I just don't know how I'm going to make it another 100 days. Between work being on my last nerve and then feeling stressed out at home every time I look at the room that will soon be Lindsay's. In my mind's eye it will be the most gorgeous big girl room. I just don't know how I'm going to get from point A to point B if I don't start feeling better. It is aggravating that all of this time off from work has been spent being sick in the bed and not working on stuff around the house.

I know I have lots to be thankful for too. I'm thankful I have so many wonderful blogger pals to help lift me up. I know I have been venting more than I like on the old blog lately. Thanks for all your sweet comments of recent. I'm also very thankful that even though I've been so under the weather it's not affecting the baby girl. She's doing great and fortunately she is pretty protected from all of the crud that is affecting me! That's a relief. When it comes down to it, that's all that matters.
Well, I'm off to take a nap and try to get a little more rest before Lindsay comes home from school. I'm planning on gracing work with my presence tomorrow. So, we'll see. At least it's Friday! We are invited to a company thing at the zoo this Sunday with Lindsay's Aunt Agatha and Uncle Paul. We're really looking forward to it so I'm hoping to be feeling much better by then.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sick Days

...and then the puking started. Sorry TMI? After my last post it all went down hill. I stayed home yesterday and today. I am SO sore and I've been through two family size Costco boxes of kleenex and I'm still blowing. My sides hurt from getting sick and now the coughing. We won't even talk about the added effects of pregnancy. UGH. I'm taking today to rest and get over some of the cough. I just couldn't deal with work today and trying to talk on the phone between nose blows and coughing fits.
Anyway, I have a few fun pictures of Lindsay to put up from this past weekend. Enjoy!
Lindsay is getting good at dressing herself!

Mommy loves this face!

Wearing Uncle Steve's hatCutie smile!
Tribute to Elton John...

Monday, April 7, 2008

Can I just vent for a second???

First of all, I am sick....again. Seriously. I felt great this weekend and now I have Lindsay's latest crud. All day today I started feeling it come on...stuffy head, running nose, scratchy throat and now tonight the COUGH is rearing it's ugly head. I'm SOOOOOOOOOO FREAKING OVER BEING SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I'm screaming! Not too mention that I've missed SO much work being sick in the last few months I feel terribly guilty missing any more time but I have to take care of baby too. I'm sure tomorrow I'll drag my behind in and just be more miserable.

I feel like I'm NEVER going to get 100% better again. Or maybe, once I have this baby my immune system can start giving back to me and I can fight all this crud off. It doesn't help that I'm stressed beyond belief at work these days. I am dying to make some changes on that front but seriously...a job interview or a transfer to a new department at six months prego??? I'd be laughed at right? Even though that isn't supposed to factor into does. So I'm trapped, for now. However, I'm on top of it and once this baby is here I'm taking back control. I wish now this blog was a little more anonymous so I could really let loose but I can't. I will say this...KARMA is a wonderful thing. Sort of like a boom-a-rang...mean people will get it back TEN FOLD!

Moving guys all have me TERRIFIED to go back to the ducks! SHEESH! Scary stuff. I could easily see something like that getting out of control. I will definitely be on my mommy guard even more when/if we go back.

Ok...I'm feeling like crud but wanted to hop on quickly and check in with everyone. Thanks for reading my vent.
Not much on tap for this week. Just trying to make it through without losing my mind.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Feeding the Ducks

Here are a few pictures from two different days back in March. One of our newest fun (free) things to do with Lindsay has been to go up to the marina and feed the ducks. She just LOVES it and will ask to go!

Check out how bold these guys are. Of course Mike is making sure the ones behind them mind their manners around Lindsay! She likes to be in charge of the bread!

Seriously, these guys are fed well. They hang out right next to a restaurant and they're very happy. They also are not shy as you can see.
Here is Lindsay with "My KK" as she now calls her. I have to give KK credit as this was her idea in the first place. The local Subway gives KK they're burned or old bread whenever she pops by and inquires if they have any "duck food".
Yep, we're having fun!


Thursday, April 3, 2008

23 Week Belly Shot

Ok, I've been told to share some belly shots. To be honest this is the first one I've taken this pregnancy. I did one at 12 weeks with Lindsay and then not again til 30 and then we had a friend come over at 38 weeks and take some fun belly shots with Mike and I around the house, outside and in the nursery.
I think this dress is a little busy for the belly shot but since we haven't found time to do another one here it is...this was taken on Easter Sunday if you couldn't guess.
For all of you heading on Spring Break next week...ENJOY! Wish I was going to be on vacation next week too. I'll be enjoying I-285 and 75 without you! (My only consolation that I'm not on vacation too...a week of lighter traffic). And hey guys...don't EVERYONE leave for your destinations tomorrow at 4:00 okay? Give us worker bees a break!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

We are Growing-NO FOOLING!

Today's ultrasound was great! The doc was finally able to see all of what he really wanted to see. Little one was finally face up and not just showing us her spine the whole time. We saw all four chambers of the heart which was the main reason they brought us back again so soon. If you look closely (or click on the photo to make it bigger) you can see her resting her hand on her ample belly. You can actually count all five fingers! SO CUTE! Doc says we have one more ultrasound at 32 weeks and we're done. The next one is just for fun to check her size and make sure she's on target for delivery. All of the high risk monitoring is done and she's passed it all with flying colors! As far as we can tell we have a very healthy, nice size baby girl! I'm 24 weeks 3 days according to them and measuring 25 even, so we're still measuring a tad ahead which is fine! I'm hoping that gets me my first pick C-section date! She also is up from 1lb on March 4 to 1lb 9oz today. Of course that is give or take a bit as they can't tell exactly by the ultrasound. I'm not going to freak out about her size as much as I did with Lindsay. My OB was convinced I had a nine pound baby in there and she was 7# 8 oz at birth at 39 weeks so who really knows? Besides, she's coming out the easy way so why should I worry??? Other than all of her gorgeous wardrobe fitting her this summer, right??
We're getting very excited. I can't believe how fast things are moving now. We have Lindsay's big girl bedding now and I'm ready to pick a paint color and get that room going. The nursery is staying the same so it's just a matter of moving Lindsay out and restocking it with all the wee stuff. We know what furniture we're putting in Lindsay's room so we're just waiting to order it until we're closer to ready to have it delivered.
All in all I feel like things will come together. Mike works best under pressure and he's starting to feel me. Heh,heh.
I'm working on some ideas for birth announcements and we're an email away from scheduling our Baptism date so we're getting there. Anything I can get done now with that sort of thing is keeping me busy while we're in Mike's busy season...PROM TIME.
Oh and just for those of you who are going and keeping track...we're on the OFFICIAL COUNT DOWN to BON JOVI...April 30th people!!! Lindsay is not happy that her sister gets to go instead of her. Those are the breaks kid! :)