Saturday, January 26, 2008


Get ready Bloggers...I'm doing our vacation in reverse order and putting up Disney Day pics first. It's a ton of pics so grab a snack and stay for a while :) The Mickey Warm up...
Love this shot of the castle that Mike took. The day was gorgeous, perfect jeans and tee-shirt weather!

On our way back to Fantasy Land we caught the show going on at the castle stage. Mickey & Minnie dancing with all of the Disney princesses and princes.
I have to say that this got to me. The photos don't do it justice. The music was overwhelming and the song was "A Dream is a wish your heart makes..." that song is in my wedding video and makes me cry every time. (pregnancy hormones did not help this) and then I saw this pic below...
...and I realized that I was AT Disney for the first time with MY OWN CHILD! I lost it watching her clap and dance on her daddy's shoulders. I'm seriously going to be in trouble next time we go when she's really excited about things. I know, I'm such a girl. Mike was in shock when he saw me all boo hooing and said "you didn't warn me about this!" LOL! I didn't know that was gonna happen to me, sorry. I blamed it on the baby...tee,hee...
Here we are singing verse 1 of 1 trillion of "It's A Small World After All" while waiting in line for our first ride...SMALL WORLD. (Aside to Uncle Paul: The ride wasn't closed for construction this time! Poor Paul, every time he goes the ride is shut down for some reason or another. We nicely called and played the music on his voice mail for him)
Here we go...Lindsay held on like a big girl!

Can't you already hear the song? Is it stuck in your head yet?
This hippo had blinking eyes and moved it's head. It's the only thing ALL day that scared Lindsay and made her fuss just a little bit. We got over it quickly though.
Next we took her to Mickey's Philharmagic 4D movie. It's AWESOME. We saw it in 2004 when we went with the entire Bresnan clan. If you haven't seen this don't miss it next time you're there. Lindsay wouldn't really wear her 3D glasses but she still enjoyed it and bounced and danced to all the music while sitting in Daddy's lap.
Posing with "fake" Mickey in the gift shop. We didn't torture her with the real deal this trip. We avoided all costumed character with no problem actually!
Then of course we rode the carousel. Here is Lindsay on one of the biggest horses and petting him.

I worked hard to get this pic with the castle in the background. This ride was not so hot for pregnant momma...I got very dizzy!
Checking out the Dumbo ride.
Mommy sat this one out too. Lindsay LOVED it. Here they are getting ready to go. The over protective mom in me came out here. I actually looked at my husband and said "Make sure you strap her in good. And keep your arm around her the whole time!" I know he wanted to say something really sarcastic to me at that point but he held back. But you know, I HAD to say it anyway, just in case something had happened. Silly mommy.
I never could get a pic of them flying...way too hard for prego momma to focus on spinning elephants. However, I thought this pic looked sort of cool in an artsy sort of way so it made the blog! After Dumbo we did Peter Pan and she liked that ride as well but a little fussy in the dark parts. I don't blame her I was terrified of that ride as a kid. The crocodile always made me cry!
So after our adventures we parked it in front of the castle a good 30 minutes before the WISHES fireworks spectacular. Here are all my awesome castle/fireworks pics. I hope you like them.

Those are HEARTS on the castle. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for hearts. LOVED THIS!!!
Belive it or not this is NOT the finale

Red, White & Blue with Stars! AWESOME!
My fave shot of them all. I am now using this as my wallpaper!
Here is the finale...
Self portrait-couple style!

Lindsay watching & clapping at the fireworks. She never cried. She oohed and ahh'd through the whole show.
A nice Disney worker saw us trying to do our self portrait with the castle in the background and offered to take our photo. OOPS, where's Lindsay???
We got her too! GO MICKEY!
We had a fabulous time at WDW. We only did about five rides and the longest wait was 30 minutes at Dumbo. I've never been in the FRONT of the castle for Fireworks before so that was cool. The time we did in the park was just perfect for Lindsay at her age and for mommy at her stage. :) My back and legs were killing me by the time we made it back to the hotel. So my next post we'll show you some of the fun stuff we did with family and friends. Lindsay was quite the social butterfly and did a good job entertaining every where she went. You'll have to wait another day for the driving story. Sorry....

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Disney Teaser

We're Home! I have plenty of pics to blog but no time til the weekend. I know everyone is most interested in the Disney pics so here is a little teaser. We had a great trip if you don't count the drive down or the drive home. More on that later. Here we are just starting our day. The first time for Lindsay on Main Street USA! I don't care how many times I go the first glimpse of the castle is always breathtaking!
Here is one of my fave night shots. Loved all the colors on the castle. I have plenty more of this with fireworks in the background but you'll have to check back this weekend!
Glad to see everyone took lots of pictures of the SNOW for us. I can't believe we missed it! I guess it was a pretty good trade off though!
More soon, I promise!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

pics from florida

For those of you who don't already check Kim's blog click HERE for some pics from our trip. We see Mickey tomorrow!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Before I go...Blood Work Came Back!

Great news! The blood work is already back from my nuchal scan. This determines your risk factor for Down's and the Trisomy's I discussed a post or two ago.
At my age (38 UGH) I had a risk factor of 1 in 176 for a Down's baby before the blood work. After blood work I am 1 in 2,726....AWESOME.

Risk factor for either of the Trisomy's at my age before bw was 1 in 275. After bw 1 in 5,956!!!!!

The nurse said that was FABULOUS!!!!!!! She said that puts me in the category of a pregnant TWENTY year old rather than my age. My first thought is gee....I wish I felt like a pregnant TWENTY year old....well and still married with a husband etc....ha!ha!ha! Not that I'm knockin' that don't get your panties in a twist and leave me nasty comments....Oh, and could I have the BODY of a pregnant 20 something??? Yeah, didn't think so.

Anyway, I couldn't leave the ole blog for a week and not share GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!

YEAH BABY...we're nice and healthy so far and we're gonna stay that way!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ultrasound pics from 1/14 & Update

Top LT photo is profile. Top Rt is Baby smiling for the camera!
2nd Row LT baby looking at camera and waving...see the hand just under the chin???
2nd Row Rt full body shot baby looking at camera. :)

Finally, here are the pics from Monday. Poor baby number 2 got preempted by Lindsay already. That's ok, I'm sure this baby will hold his/her own against the first born once it gets here! Ha!ha!

Well folks we're heading to Orlando this weekend! Very excited to be dodging a potential ice storm??? Heading down to see friends, family and MICKEY MOUSE!

The first part we're staying with Blogger Sis Kim's family and catching up with the Orlando friends and family crew! Monday and Tuesday Mike has a limo convention at Disney. Click HERE to see the show link. We're staying at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort. I decided to go along with Mike since it was in Orlando and AT Disney. I've never stayed at a Disney resort. When you grow up in Orlando you don't STAY at Disney. You drive there at the crack of dawn, play all day and sleep in the car all the way home! We had no intentions of taking Lindsay to see Mickey this soon but since we're gonna be there and all....why not? Plus, she still gets in free and we get discount convention tix. Good deal all the way around. I'm just a little bummed that I can't ride some of my fave stuff but hey...that's the least of my worries. I don't think Baby on the way (or Lindsay for that matter) is ready for Space Mountain! HA!

So we'll have LOTS of great pictures for you come the end of next week. I don't think I'll be available to blog while I'm gone.

Any messages for Mickey anyone??? SEE YOU REAL SOON!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lindsay's FIRST SNOW!!!!

I can't remember the last time we've seen snow here in GA so this preempts the ultrasound pics I was going to put up tonight!
I ran to the store on the way home from work and when I realized it was snowing, REALLY snowing I left to go get Lindsay out of daycare so we could get outside in it for a few! Look at the size of some of those flakes!
At first she didn't really know what the fuss was about but then she liked it. Especially when she figured out she could eat the flakes!
Getting the hang of looking for it. Mike was trying to teach her to catch it on her tongue but she wasn't in to it.
It's 8:30 now and our yard looks like a winter wonderland!! Our deck is covered and it is just so beautiful. I wish it was daylight so we could enjoy it some more! I wonder how the roads will be in the morning??? Not looking forward to trying to get into work tomorrow at 7a.m. Maybe it will be a good day to sleep in a little!?

Quick Update

Happy Hump Day!

Just wanted to let everyone know that our ultrasound appt went well on Monday. I'll post a couple of pics from that later tonight. Last night I worked late, we grabbed some chinese food and went home and watched Idol!

The test we had done on Monday was an ultrasound combo with bloodwork called a nuchal scan. It is usually a test done on mom's 35 +. I was 35 when I was prego with Lindsay so we did this with her as well. It basically is a test that has to be completed before 14 weeks and they look at the developing sinus cavity and they measure the thickness of the back of the baby's neck and look for extra folds. It is to rule out the possiblitity of Down's or trisomy 13 and Trisomy 18. Having this exam also rules out the docs requesting an amnio because of my age. I really have no desire to experience an amnio unless absolutely necessary so we're hoping that won't happen. The perinatologist said based on what he saw he is not expecting any surprises with the bloodwork part and that things look good. They'll call us in a week when the blood work comes back.
The baby looked good. Although when we were trying to get a peek between the legs he/she had his/her feet crossed at the ankles. So the tech could not see the boy/girl parts. However, when the doctor looked he did tell us that he wasn't ready to committ but he MAYBE saw a "weiner" (his exact words)! I tell you it cracks me up when an MD comes off with something like that. I nearly wet my pants! Ok, so I'm now referring to my baby as Oscar Meyer! Actually, my friend Karen started us all calling it "maybe weiner". At any rate, he wants me back at 16 weeks and he said he'll confirm it for us then. That is, as long as "maybe weiner" cooperates! HA!

We're very excited and cautiously optimistic that it could be BLUE BLANKY'S for us very soon. However, we'll be thrilled either way as long as we have a healthy baby! I still can't wrap my head around the idea of a boy yet. It seems so weird. Hopefully on February 5th all will be revealed and I will know if I'm shopping for boy clothes very soon!

That's all for now. I'll try to get some pics up tonight and we have another update about what we're doing this weekend!! Have a great day everyone!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Little Miss Prissy Pants

I can't believe it starts THIS early...
...and powder too
"You look Maarvoulous Darling!" check her out she even has her EYES closed!
Partners in Crime...Lindsay & Graison hooked up to try out some double strollers at the Crazy Baby Store. Then we went and had some lunch at the even crazier Sweet Salad place. (Much to the husband's dismay) Note to Self: Salad place super busy on Sunday.
Later Sunday evening Daddy and Mommy play with Lindsay for a while in her room.
This is her new Bead maze she got from Grandma & Grandpa for Christmas. And I leave you with my goofy daughter in layers....

She's actually wearing two hats, one pair sunglasses, one snoopy headband around her neck and one "bag lady" purse as daddy calls it. It only got crazier from here but we stopped taking pictures!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ultrasound Pic 12weeks 2days

Well here is a new picture from Tuesday of this week. This one was taken at my OB's office. We're going to perinatal at the hospital on Monday for some testing that has to be done by the 14th week. Hoping that maybe if it's a boy we'll find out on Monday. It's early but lots of time boys are easier to tell a little sooner and it's a pretty long ultrasound. So we'll see if he/she cooperates!
Just in case you can't really make out this picture, here's some help. The head is at the bottom left. We're upside down again today. It's a pretty good shot of the spine though and we were able to see legs moving around but you can't really tell that from this one picture.
Hope everyone has a good weekend. We're laying low this weekend and relaxing around the house. I'm hoping the weather warms up just enough to go to the park this afternoon!
Take Care!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Toddler Bed????

Well, Lindsay thinks so at least! Tonight I went to buy Freckles a new dog bed as she is now officially being banned from all the bedrooms in the house. (more about that in a few)
Little Miss climbed right in before bath time and declared herself going "night, night".
So far the only soul in the house the new dog bed is a hit with IS Lindsay. Freckles won't have anything to do with it. Within 30 minutes of it being in the house the cat climbed in it and pee'd. Great! Not too mention Midnight has officially taken over the Elmo chair and Lindsay and her are at odds over that. Every time Lindsay sees the cat sleeping in her chair she tries to pull her out by her tail. It really gets ugly.
Freckles is being banned from the bedrooms because she keeps having "accidents" in my guest room which is soon to be Lindsay's big girl room. I refuse to have barely two year old carpet ruined! I am starting to understand why five years ago I used to hear my brother in law chant "pet free in 2003!" Of course it's 2008 and they still have two dogs and a cat too so go figure. However, my patience with the furry kids these days is running thin.
This week has been crazy busy and FULL of doctor's appointments. I will update on all that more soon. For now, know that all is well with the babe on the way. We go for another ultrasound on Monday and I have one picture from this week to put up which I'll save for my next post. Lindsay's ENT appt went well and we are going to go ahead with the surgery to get tubes. She is having that done at the end of the month!
That's all for now from the Bresnan "dog pound". Please say a prayer that my dog will put her butt in that OVER PRICED bed I bought her and sleep tonight. (last night she paced the floors because she was mad that she was kicked out of "her" room)