Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Papa Passed a Rolling Stone!

Well, at least we're pretty sure. Mike is doing MUCH better. He stayed home all day today and rested but managed to ride the lawn tonight (I wasn't home or I would not have allowed that) and looks like he is coming around to his normal self!
He's scheduled for a follow up CT on Monday to make sure there is no stone and to take a closer look at his kidney's. We're hoping for a clean bill of health!


As for Miss Lindsay she is still on Toddler vacation at camp grandpa/grandma. She's been working in the garden, picking berries, picking up sticks from the last storm. I'm telling you she's been too busy to miss mom and dad. However, mom is getting more weepy by the day. We made an executive decision to let her stay until Friday. It seemed silly to get her back tomorrow and have to put her in daycare on Friday. A.) she would probably flip out since she hasn't seen us in a week and B). we save 100.00 by not taking her in. If she goes one day we have to pay full tuition. If she stays out we only have to pay half. So....mommy can suck it up for one more day. I'll be FLYING out of work on Friday to see her though. Again, I know she's in great hands but I'm going nuts.

OB appt went well today. My doc said she isn't worried about the diabetes thing. I wasn't even close to being borderline on the 3 hour test. She did say to try to do better with the weight gain and chill on the sugars and hem. She had a mom in labor so I got a wham bam thank you ma'am visit and that's about all there is to tell. LOL! According to my records I've only gained 28 pounds but she has me at 32. She told me I'm supposed to stay at or under 35. Well, unless you plan to deliver me in two weeks....don't think that's gonna happen. Besides, I gained 45 with Lindsay and though it's not ideal it's not the worst I've ever heard of. She obviously doesn't know that I'm on the fab to 40 plan after this baby and I seriously want to enjoy my last six weeks of guilt free eating! So there.

Lastly, the baby name controversy. I think we're getting close to finalizing a decision. We're really sort of stuck between two names. Mike is stuck on one, and I on the other. Obviously you know one is Katie Marie (Cuppa Joe has been politicking hard) the other is Sarah Beth. We've kicked around a plethora of other names too. But I think we're down to two and hoping to make a final decision once Mike is feeling 100% and we can start thinking about it again.

Ok, I'm off to bed. I had to preempt "Wordless Wed" this week as we've had too many updates.
If only I had a picture of the stone it would have been a great WW with my title!


Anonymous said...

what do i have to do to get you to pick Katie!! i would prefer Katie Michelle seeing that that is my full name, however, Katie Marie is close enough! haha! ;)

I am so glad Mike is feeling better! :)

Anonymous said...

Ok I seriously love both names. Katie I have sentimental reasons for liking it. My Mema's name was Kate as is mine and my neice's middle name. But I LOVE Sarah and especially Sarah Beth. I think that I would almost have to call her by both names! Either one will be perfect. Maybe when you see her the first time you will just know which one she looks like.

Glad to hear that Mike is feeling better and that Linds will be in your arms in 1 day!!!

Andrea said...

I love the name Sarah Beth, and I'm with Melanie-call her by both names....just in case you can't agree on those two here are my three favorite girl names (maybe we will get to use one ourselves someday)


Hope I didn't add to the confusion!

Chris said...

OMG...very interesting. Originally I wanted to put up a vote box which MIke poo poo'd. He didn't want MORE outside influences on the name game, I think. He totally wants to call her Sarah Beth and use both names. SO FUNNY. He's going to flip when he sees how many of you like that and that you all suggested it too. I forgot to mention that in my post.
At first I think he wanted SarahBeth "insert another middle name" Bresnan and I think that is TOO much. Maybe just Sarah Beth Bresnan and call her Sarah Beth. I will say that we've had LIndsay repeat both names a few times. She sounds SO cute when she says Sarah Beth. Ahhh I'm flip flopping again!!!

Chris said...

Oh, Nina and Laurel but Laurel is too close to Lindsay. For reasons I don't want to get into on the blog we won't use Anna or any form of Ann eveh!
Sorry...I really like the name Julianna too. I just can't do it though. Suffice it to say it's "family reasons".

Andrea said...

I agree with you-Sarah Beth with another middle name would be just too much! It would take her forever to fill out one of those scan-tron bubble letter sheets in school ; )

p.s.-Katie at Cuppa Joe, you know I love you AND your name too!

The Partins said...

I'm partial to Katie Marie... I mean, Jamie Marie, hello! :-)
And K & L are RIGHT next to each other in the alphabet! It's like it was meant to be!!!

Anonymous said...

I still love either, but I am glad that everyone agreed with the Sarah Beth. I 100% dito the other middle name. Sarah Beth Bresnan is just divine.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I am a little late but I think that either name is great, but I must agree with Sarah Beth. I tried Sara Michelle on Steve and we went with Alexandria instead. If I remember correctly he said no because the name meant "princess". Hate to warn him, but after to boys she will be a PRINCESS!!!

Amanda said...

Too funny with your pizza stories!!! With Marleigh I CRAVED two things -- burgers (no fries) and anything italian -- I just wanted the garlic! My pitfall -- Provino's italian salad and garlic butter rolls -- I am sure I ate 100s!!! Or - Vinny's pizza and garlic rolls -- Tim would get SO mad at me because I sat there and would soak up all the garlic butter and garlic chunks and once at Vinny's even asked for more garlic and butter! LOL CRAZY! Glad hubby is feeling better -- don't freak too much about the weight -- they kept telling me that D was going to be at least 9 -- even the day before the C and he was 7 - 13 -- Then Marleigh they kept saying was going to be smaller than the first -- low to mid 7 and she was 9 freaking 14!!!!!!!! I think Momma's know MUCH better than technology!!!

Amanda said...

I totally forgot my baby name input! I actually like them both very much! Are you going to call her a double name? "Sarah Beth" "Katie Marie" -- I LOVE double names -- If so I would probably go with Sarah Beth -- we had a cute Kindergartner last year named AnnaSopia -- and yes it was one name with two capitals -- at first I was like what?!? and now I LOVE AnnaSophia!!! I am also a HUGE fan of Anna Katherine "Anna Kate"

Kimmie Kay said...

Katie Marie!!!! Lindsay and Katie is cute! I agree though...if you go with Sarah you'll have to use Beth as her middle name and call her by both. :)