Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Birthday's are coming!!

15 more days until Lindsay turns 6!  Watch out first grade, here she comes!  Only 11 more days until her party!  After that Brooke's birthday is July 11!  She will be 4 and on her way to Pre-K!!  YAY Brooke!

My big info is Michael and I will celebrate our 10th Wedding anniversary on June 15, 2012!  We survived 10 years together.  We made it through good, bad, healthy and Sick and we feel like we have to definitely thank our families for helping us through those times.  Our church community also helped tremendously!  As did Carol Zindell who came up to visit when Mike and I had just been released from the hospital and cooked and cleaned for us!  We have so much to be thankful for.  We pray that our next ten years will be a little more about giving back!  Also, for us to have more health, wealth and wisdom to take care of our girls!

Bless you all and if you were at our wedding please think of us on June 15th!


Chris & Mike Bresnan