Sunday, May 29, 2011


Daddy helps Brooke get used to the pool!
Brooke had a blast, I think she might be ready for swimming lessons with her sister at Aquatots this summer. She has always been FEARLESS!

Graison enjoys shooting Uncle Mike and Brookie with her BUBBLE GUN!!

Here is BEAUTIFUL Rylann Smith who is now talking up a storm!!

Little Jon hanging out with Aunt Kimmy!

Brooke and Jon hang out on the first step while the girls come up to play. I am not sure Jon has ever had this much attention from this many girls in his whole little life!

Graison, Lindsay, Jon & Brooke Jon was the attention of all the girls!!

Mike get's Jon in the belly button.

Mama Renata gives Jon a drink of water!!

Brooke sits on the side of the pool kicking water, while Lindsay gets pulled out to swim by daddy!

G shoots her bubble gun at those of us sitting on the side. Lindsay heads up the steps to play with her new friend Jon.

Jon chillin' with his woobie that Aunt Missy sent to him.

Mr. HOLLYWOOD!!! LOL! He is just SO CUTE!

Everyone took baths together (which for privacy reasons we did not blog). Here are the girls enjoying the candy loot bags that Jon brought them, each of the girls got candy and a hand made bracelet to remember Jon by. As you can see, Little Miss Rylann is very happy with her Paci.

Jon has got hold of his mama Renata while we get another photo.

You can see Brooke's bracelet here from Jon, she and Jon played a lot since they were closest in age. Jon is 1 and Brooke is 2 but very close to 3.

We all felt very fortunate to have Renata and her newly adopted son from Korea come to visit all of us! It was such a nice treat to see such a happy boy and such a happy new MOMMY!!

We are so happy for you, Renata, Larry and Jon! Thank you for your visit and we can't wait til we can all meet again!!

Love you, travel home safe, we'll miss you! XXXOOO!!!


Chris, Mike, Lindsay and Brooke!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Congratulations Lindsay!!! 5/27/2011

Lindsay is officially a pre-k graduate today! She was very happy with her last day of school. We took her and Brooke to Menchies for a frozen yogurt celebration after school. All of the kids showered the teachers with presents today. Lindsay gave Miss Kathleen a photo album with the above photo in the front of it. She also gave Miss Julie a nice pack of stationary from The School Box. We are very proud of Lindsay she made it through the year without really missing any school and we are so excited to see her head to "big girl" school with the right work ethic. Her Aunt Helen/ God Mother is a school teacher as well and I am sure she is proud of Lindsay as well.


Well, it's finally here...The last day of Pre-K. Lindsay says she is very sad. She will miss her teachers very much! At least in another two years Brooke will be in Pre-K and Lindsay can go back and visit. She is very excited to become a BOSTON BEAR Kindergartener!! Daddy and I believe she will be reading real books to Brooke in no time! We are looking forward to summer break, and birthday's and our 9th wedding anniversary and some camping time with family. Lindsay really wants to take swim lessons again this summer, and we are hoping to get some for Brooke too. We hope everyone else that is getting out of school this week has a wonderful summer! Be Safe and have Fun!


Chris, Mike, Lindsay & Brooke

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


This evening we went to Lindsay's school picnic.
There was a very good turnout of Parents.

The kids all marched in to the Playground with flags singing "You're a Grande 'Ol Flag".

Lindsay is in the peach next to her really good friends Azaleigh, and Mia.

They sort of sang 3 verses of the flag song.

The second song was You'll be in my heart.

Each child in each class made an "ALL ABOUT ME" book, it contains pictures of them from the school year, and stories their teachers helped them write.

Here is Lindsay with her All About Me 2010-2011, with a very proud smile.

Lindsay is looking through her book.

We had cake, the school provided 3 cakes, pre-K A, B and C.

Lindsay was in Pre-K A and each cake had a class photo on it. Lindsay is in the front row, wearing a white and pink dress.

L-R: Lindsay, Azaleigh, Mia, and another friend of hers from a different class.

Brookie will have the same teacher as Lindsay when she turns 4.

Brooke was very happy to sit with the big girls!

The girls' have an ice cream social to look forward to tomorrow and then Friday is THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!

Here are Lindsay's teachers' Mrs. Julie and Ms. Kathleen.

Lindsay and her teachers' pose together.
Let's all cheer for the new Kindergartener's of 2011-2012!!

Monday, May 23, 2011


5/23/2011 Here is Lindsay as we picked her up from school today, she was on the swing as usual. Each child in her class gets to celebrate their birthday even if it's a summer birthday and Lindsay's "DAY" was today. The birthday Princess or Prince gets to be the "Line Leader" for the day and get's the crown to wear all day and take home. Lindsay had a great day at school being Queen for the day...she actually sort of abused it after we picked her up. She seemed to forget that it really WAS NOT her birthday!!! She can't wait for her birthday and we have a few surprises up our sleeve for her and Brooke on both of their Birthday's this year!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Here she is...Miss Birthday Girl Azaleigh who turned 5 today!
Azaleigh had a great roller skating party, most of the kid's her age had to skate on the carpet most of the day.

This is Lindsay's photography of her friend. She was so excited to use the camera all by herself.

Lindsay messing with her paper bracelet and her glow bracelet.

Dad walks on the carpet while Lindsay gets to feel the floor!

Lindsay's friend Reagan and her mom Julie.

Reagan's mom tries to remember how to backward skate, so she can help Reagan skate forward.

Lindsay challenges Reagan in a game of Air Hockey.

Not the best photo, I was trying to get an action shot of Lindsay hitting the puck.

Lindsay had a fun time playing Air Hockey with Reagan.

This is Ty he wanted to play too.

Ty and Lindsay teamed up against Reagan.

Reagan still managed to beat them! I know her daddy will be proud!

Yep, she beat them 5-2!

I think Lindsay enjoyed teaming up with Ty.

Azaleigh's mom made delicious cake!

All the girl's getting ready for Pizza and cake.

Azaleigh in her birthday hat!

5 candles and one to grow on says her mommy!


Party's over!

Thank you Azaleigh and your family-we had a fun time with you at your party. We hope that you will have a great year and get all your wishes fulfilled! Lindsay sure hopes that you get the same teacher again next year!

We will see you some this summer!

Thanks for the invite, we enjoyed celebrating with you!

Azaleigh May 22, 2011!!