Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween '07 Part One

Lindsay's daycare had a Halloween Parade this morning with all the kids and teachers in costume. Here is Lindsay with one of her teachers.
Here are all the princess'
Lindsay's teachers greet her at the door to her classroom.
Here is our pumpkin that Mike used the drill to carve. He actually had planned on putting other stuff on it on either side of the web. We sort of ran out of time so this is it. Maybe next year he'll try it again and get to finish his plan. I still thought it was cool looking. It was especially creepy lit up at night.
Here is what we do so that we don't get egg'd or tp'd when we're not home. We actually had a few pieces of candy left when we got home. Impressive.
We just got to Aunt Helen's and Uncle David's house. Adam sits Lindsay down and explains to her what trick or treat is all about. She likes the idea!
Lindsay with her cousins and their newest addition to their family.
Lindsay had a great time playing with the pumpkins. Check out how cool Derek and Adam decorated their pumpkins from Nana's garden.
Mommy gets some cuddle time in before the festivities get started.

More time playing with the pumpkins...
hmmm...what's inside here???
Walking to the front porch to check out the decorations on the other side.
Lindsay enjoyed walking up and down the side walk. She's really on the move now!
Cutie Pie!

We hope everyone had a great Halloween! Lindsay was in a fantastic mood and really enjoyed herself. She figured out the trick or treat routine pretty fast. She only got scared at two houses. One was the Pumpkin Man's house and the other had a grave yard and scary music. We have tons more pics but I have to stop here for tonight and go to bed. We'll start with the costume pics tomorrow night. How many years til Halloween falls on a Friday or Saturday again? It should be mandatory that everyone be off work the day after! Lindsay is down for the count and we're hoping she stays that way ALL night tonight. Wish us luck. I think we wore her out pretty good.
Good night from the Bresnan Clan!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween Flashback!

2006- Baby's 1st Halloween

Happy Halloween tomorrow! We have a full day planned and I'm sure lots of pictures will be taken for the blog. Lindsay has a Halloween Parade at daycare in the morning. Mommy is working a half day and then we're all heading to Aunt Helen's house for our annual Halloween festivities there. I'm really looking forward to it! So for tonight here are some pics from last year since we weren't blogging yet. It's so fun to compare!

The cutest cow ever!! So precious! Lindsay was just over four months old last Halloween.

Hope everyone has a Happy & SAFE Halloween!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkins, Power Tools, Swings and Sit & Spins

This was the start of my weekend. Scary huh? My hubby decided to carve our pumpkin with a drill. Not only that but he decided to do it on our living room floor. Saturday was our annual culdesac party and I totally dropped the ball taking pics this year. I even forgot to get a pic of our finished pumpkin. I promise to put one up soon. Our pumpkin is still on display across the street with all of the other neighbors pumpkins.
Our neighbors set up a tent for the little kiddies to play inside. This was great since it was cold and windy on Saturday.
Sunday at the park. Mike and I met up with some old friends in their neck of the woods in East Cobb. Lindsay enjoyed the swings. I think this was her first swing ride. We do not have swings at our closest park. We'll have to start going to one of the others nearyby so she can swing more. She also loved the Merry Go Round!

Lindsay's newest gadget from our friends Keith & Julie. We actually bought this sit & spin for their daughter a few years ago. They happily passed it on to us with new batteries for the nonstop music! Wasn't that nice?! Tee,hee.
Lindsay WALKING over to her new toy. Notice "her pretty" on her arm. It's her Halloween bracelet from Aunt Patti.
She really likes the Sit & Spin. She hasn't quite mastered the hand part yet. She keeps putting one foot on the floor so she can spin herself.

We had a great weekend here. It's been busy but fun. We're looking forward to Halloween this Wednesday. Lindsay can't wait to trick or treat with her cousins Derek and Adam!


Friday, October 26, 2007

Get Ready Ladies!!!!!!!

These photos are actually from my tv when Jon hosted SNL a few weeks ago.
I was a little worried when I saw the date because that is PROM season. Usually Bon Jovi hits Atlanta in Jan or Feb. But April 30th is a WEDNESDAY night!! That is important because my darling hubby has taken me and my girl's to the last few concerts in a limo. If the concert fell on a prom night I would be out of luck. However, that is not the who's coming with me????????????

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More Silly Stuff from Lindsay

Ok, so here we have another shameless plug on the blog. Last night we dropped by Wendy's to get Mike some dessert. We decided to go in because Little Miss was having a melt down in the car. Since she didn't eat a very good dinner we got her some nuggets and we shared a FROSTY three ways. When we were leaving I noticed the Wendy wig painted on the door. I had Mike put Lindsay's face up to it so I could see what she'd look like and I totally cracked up. Realizing I still had the camera in my purse led to what you see below!

Why yes, you do DESERVE a hot, juicy burger!

Just in case ya'll couldn't really see her I cropped it up a bit. She thought it was funny! My only regret is that I should have had Mike and I do it too so we could have put all three of us up on the blog. The kids (and I mean kids) working at the Wendy's thought we were ON something. I mean come on, you mean to tell me none of them have put there face under the Wendy Wig? Yeah right!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Lindsay's tribute to KATIE at CUP OF JOE!

Katie this post is for you...

You like my pumpkins? They're REAL. My pumpkins.

Off to see the Pumpkins!

Lindsay & Graison are ready to head to the patch!
Ahhh...and here is their muscle!
WOW...we went straight for the really big pumpkins!
Not interested in posing for a picture with mommy...
Lindsay points out her pumpkin.
I love her expression here.

Pilates anyone? Check her balance man! (yet she doesn't walk) hmff.
Bye bye!
Mommy still trying to get a pose.
What a cutie! I love her laughing here.
These are the baby pumpkins or apples as Lindsay calls them.

We couldn't get her out of the blue pumpkins. She loved these!
I don't know but these pumpkins looked "squashed" to me....heh,heh....
Missy, Anthony & Caylin enjoying the hayride.
Graison with her coolio grandpa!Lindsay eats popcorn for the first time ever!
Kind of freaky huh?

Lindsay LOVES the bitty pumpkins. She kept throwing them though. That is against the rules at Burt's. She thought they were balls.
The Fam
Another of my faves! Caylin and Lindsay snuggle up.
"Hey DAD...JUST ONE???? Pleeeeease!!"

Awww....Graison is such a sweetie! Lindsay and Grace are going to be BFF's for sure!

Love those sloppy wet kisses!

Thanks for viewing my pumpkin patch pics. Sorry I couldn't condense it more. I took over 100 shots so trust got off easy. I just love this time of year. I have never been to Burt's Farm before and I definitely think it was worth the drive. It was VERY crowded this past weekend but even still it was a nice day. People were very nice and considerate of each other trying to take pictures. If you get the chance Lindsay gives it two thumbs up!