Saturday, February 20, 2010

Butterfly Girl

Last Tuesday night we took the girls to "Kids Night" at Chic-Fil-A and the BALOOOON LADY was there. Lindsay wanted to be made into a Butterfly. This was her the next morning parading around the house with her balloons!! She LOVED it!!

My sister's Rain boots

Brooke in her high chair wearing Lindsay's rain boots. She struggles to put them on by herself. But anytime she can get her hands on them she's happy!

Monday, February 15, 2010

My VALENTINE'S PRESENT (keep scrolling down for more cute valentine's)

I love this photo Too
Here is Rylann @ 9 months old!!

Graison, Caylin, Lindsay, Rylann, and Brooke

Sweet heart candy box!


Lindsay and Graison
My big girl sweetheart

My lil sweetie pie!

I LOVE this photo!!

Sisters love each other!
This was my surprise Valentine present from Mike and my friend Missy! I had NO idea they did this without me. They also did one of all the kids together. Missy's 3 and our 2! I'll post those also. This was the BEST surprise ever! We haven't gotten professional pics of Brooke since her 1st Christmas!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Snow Fun 2/13/10

The start of a new snow man.
Our neighbors Crystal and Gary
Gary's version of the snow man
...and after Lindsay and Crystal add a female touch.
Linds poses with the snow man in our driveway
Snow Girl in the making

Snow girl
Snow Mouse
(Lindsay was asking to make a snow mouse as soon as the snow started to fall)
... even has a curly tail

A photo just for perspective (this mouse was HUGE!)
Uncle Paul was home, so we got to ride in the jeep.
EXTRA Horse Power
Sledding in Uncle Paul's driveway
Back at home- a smaller snow mouse!

Snow Day 2/12/10

Brooke practices making her snow balls.
Linds makes her snow balls

See, Brooke will wear her mittens for five whole minutes!
Oops Brooke, where are your mittens?
Helping with a snowman
Uncle Paul, Brooke & Lindsay make a snow masterpiece!
Lil Miss Rosy Cheeks
Linds throwing snow balls.

Uncle Paul settling the score!

More practice with her aim!
Lindsay and our neighbor Megan
Brooke with Megan's Dad

Daddy, Brooke, and Lindsay build a snow man

Linds likes her snow man!
Megan & Brookie
Pretty trees in our yard. It's so funny how different things look covered in snow!


Sleepy Head Brooke

Big Sis did a good job helping Lil Sis go to sleep!
Knocked out!