Monday, June 30, 2008

Hanging around with Lindsay

Hey Aunt Patti & Uncle Steve...I LOVE MY NEW TABLE & CHAIRS!!!
Check out my Barney dress!
This was Linds tonight at Sweet T's. Lindsay, Aunt KK and I went to dinner there. Daddy isn't as fond of this restaurant...not enough MEAT. So, we let him stay home and work for a while since he had Lindsay at home all day today. I have discovered that rather than put her stuff on a plate and watch her push it around, she eats like a champ when you put it all in the little cups! I have no idea why this is such a hit but she PIGGED out! She also had about 3 bowls of jello which was quite fun to watch!
OB appt today went well. Blood pressure is looking great and we have one appt left next week before the big birthday party. I'm officially allowed to have this baby if I go into labor! However, according to my check today not much is happening "down there" so it looks like she'll hold out til her C-section date. I can say that I'm having WICKED Braxton Hicks and they're keeping me up at night so whatever. She's going to do what she wants I suppose. I'm SO READY!!
No, we have not named her yet. As a matter of fact we've gone back to the drawing board all together. Maybe we're just going to HAVE to see her first. I don't know. I'm still taking suggestions folks.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

More Big Girl Room

Lindsay trys out her new bed for the first time! She tells us she loves her PILLOWS!
The room is still a mess. Here is a shot of her touch lamp with the butterfly shade (found this at Pottery Barn Kids and had to have it!) Also her window treatments which still need ironing and the butterfly tie backs but here's the gist of it.
Lindsay helps daddy read the directions!
I love this photo!
Linds having fun playing in her tunnel. She used this to procrastinate going to bed last night. She was having so much fun. We're still waiting on her bed, dresser and book shelf to arrive. We also still need to steam clean her carpet one good time so we're not in decorating mode yet. We are letting her sort of play in the new room while she's home but she's still sleeping in the crib in the nursery. I'm trying to keep her out of the nursery other than that so she won't pull all the baby stuff out and go crazy. We asked her last night where she wanted to sleep and she told us her "new bed" but it didn't happen (see previous post). But, we'll try a nap today. Also, we asked her who was going to sleep in the crib now and she said "baby sister". My kid is SO SMART! It amazes me that she "gets it". We'll see how much she really gets it in less than two weeks! Of course the baby will be sleeping in the cradle in our room for a bit so Lindsay has plenty of time to adjust to her new bed.
I can't wait to have her room more put together so we can take some nicer photos soon. The real decorating and hanging of pics etc probably won't happen til I'm on maternity leave and that's ok...I'm really looking forward to it!

Lazy Saturday

Pecan Biscuit Ring (before the flip)
Ta da...after the flip. This was my masterpiece yesterday. Had to post it here on the blog because I was just tickled with how GORGEOUS it looked when I pulled it out of the oven. I have been in a "new recipe" mood and trying all kinds of new stuff from my "One Armed Cook" cook book. I HIGHLY recommend this book for ANYONE but especially mom's! Thank you Karen who got it for me when Linds was born. Anyway, Mike totally laughed at me because I was SO impressed with myself but hey for the girl who has barely cooked since the positive pregnancy test in November he should be very happy with this obvious nesting phase I'm in! By the way, email me if you want the recipe because it was FABULOUS! It was SO EASY I'm ashamed to post it on the blog...LOL!
So after our high sugar breakfast here is how we spent the rest of the day. Our neighbors have their twin granddaughters for the weekend and we invited ourselves over into their yard (we came offering to bring the kiddie pool Lindsay received for her first birthday) for a swim. Earlier that afternoon Mike and Gary went to Macy's to pick up Lindsay's new box spring and mattress--thanks Gary for saving us a 65 buck delivery fee!
Bubbles as usual were the hit of the day with the girls!
Avery! What a cutie!
Mommy's hit of the day was soaking her ankles in the cold pool!
Lindsay crowned herself Princess of the Pool...what a nut!
Cambry...the matching cutie pie to Avery!
Lindsay does a little yard work to thank Crystal & Gary for use of their truck. She loves to pick up pine cones and sticks!
The girls on a Teddy Graham break!

We left the pool set up so we may head back over there today weather permitting! Mike and I stayed up last night trying to put bed rails together for Miss Lindsay who SWORE she wanted to sleep in her BIG GIRL bed last night. Well, after staying up til 11:30 messing around in her room it was determined we were going back to the crib. She likes her new room and I think she gets it but there were blood curdling screams when we tried to leave her in there last night. Mind you, I was totally planning on trying a few naps first but she insisted and I mean she is in charge around here. Not my fault, right? So, we'll see if I can get her to take a nap in there today. Her actual bed is on two week back order so I thought it would be nice for her to warm up to the idea with just the mattress and box. Stay tuned for some pics from all that.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Two Year Check Up

Lindsay had her two year appt today and she was putting on a show! The nurses and doc could not believe how much she was talking and in full sentences! Lindsay's doc's name is Dr. Turlapaty and she can say it clear as a bell. That totally floors everyone in the office. She was so much fun today!

Two year stats: 27.10 lbs, 33.5 inches tall.

Lindsay has gained 3lbs in 6 months and grown 2.5 inches. She is now rounded out to the 50th% for her height, weight and head circumference. She's doing great and does not have to go back to the doctor until she's 3! Wouldn't that be wonderful if it worked out that way? As most of you mom's know there is no such thing as staying away from the pediatrician for a whole year at this age. But, we'll see how she does. Funny thing is, we're finally at the point that we don't have to go back for a year and we'll be starting over in a few weeks with the frequent appointments for baby number 2! So we'll be seeing lots of Dr. Turlapaty very soon!

The only bad part of the appointment was Lindsay's shot. She got her 2nd Hep A shot today. Let me tell you that the second the new nurse came in (at the end of the appt) she KNEW she was getting it. She was playing with some blocks and immediately started grabbing at her arms (hugging herself) and saying NO! NO! NO! These are the moments that I know my kid is too smart for her own good. It took me and daddy to hold her down for one quick shot. She got over it pretty quickly but for the rest of the evening every time she noticed her snoopy band aid she would sort of whine about it. Oh well...she's good to go now for another year! YAY!

We don't have official results of Mike's test today as they don't tell you anything at the hospital. We'll have to wait for his doctor to give us a call in the next day or so. There are some other family issues going on now. I won't go into detail tonight but it seems that more prayers will be needed in the coming hours for one of our beloved family members. Thank you all for keeping us close in your thoughts and prayers.

We have Lindsay home with us for the next few days so I'll have some new photos from the weekend soon. I also will have new updated photos of the big girl room!

Good night from the Bresnan house!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Not to Worry...

I'm still baby yet. Lots of Braxton Hicks still but no pain or cramping. Just no blog worthy material since the big birthday weekend.

Mike is having his repeat kidney function test tomorrow so we'll see how that goes. We're getting Lindsay back for the weekend tomorrow too. I can't wait to see her!!! She has her two year check up tomorrow as well so I'll have stats!

I've done all my last minute baby shopping runs and I'm anxiously awaiting some furniture for Lindsay's room. She'll have fun playing in there this weekend with all the empty space. Hopefully I'll convince her to take a nap on her new mattress!

I'll update soon. Thanks for all the well wishes!

Monday, June 23, 2008


The Birthday is officially over! Here are pics from Sunday's family celebration in Ellijay. Lindsay had a blast with her cousins Derek & Adam!

Derek & Adam were good "pushers" for Lindsay on her swing...which she NEVER wants to get out.
Love this shot...check out Adam taking a break to swig his root beer in the background!

After swinging we moved on to water guns with the boys and Donna. Lindsay figured out how to fill her gun with no problem. Her only real problem was her aim. She would point the gun up in the air or at her self when she would try to retaliate against the boys! Too funny.
Awesome candles Aunt Patti! The cake of course was like Death by Chocolate and enjoyed by everyone!
Adam helps Lindsay blow out her candles. I wonder how long she'll allow anyone to do that??
Checking out the merchandise...
This has become sort of a family tradition. It doesn't matter what the cake occasion is, no cake is safe from the fingers of these three!!!

Lindsay digs in!
She'll love me for this photo years from now!!
Then the ice cream cones were introduced. A two year old with ice cream in one hand and cake in the think she was a happy girl???
Oh yeah!
Lindsay gets some lovin' from her Uncle Steve!

Moving on to the presents and we're still in just a diaper and a hair bow...nice.
More help from Derek & Adam...
Aunt Claire gave Lindsay this cute shorts outfit. Good thing since she soaked her clothes with bubbles and water guns! Mommy & Daddy thought this bubble mower would be a good gift! Here she is giving it a whirl! She loved it!

Sunday was a great day. We got out of the house and out of "work mode" and really relaxed. It was good to see Helen, David and the boys back from their road trip and hear all the stories. We also got to spend time with Grandpa and Aunt Claire. Lindsay is spending this week in Ellijay with Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve.
I had a bit of a false alarm today and went into the OB office to get checked. Seems that I'm having some pretty hard core Braxton Hicks and some cramping. Turns out that I was not going into labor. I just got myself sent home for the day to "get off my feet" which are swollen beyond belief. I was honest with my doctor and told her I over did it for the last couple of weeks but REALLY over did it this weekend. She threatened me pretty good with bed rest so I'm trying to slow down now. The nursery is ready and Lindsay's furniture is ordered. I only have a few small projects I want to complete that can be done from a chair. :)
My house is SO not ready cleanliness wise but this week I'm not worrying about it. We have our dog back this week and Mike's brother's dog. Next week they'll be back from vacay and they will take them back again. Then I'll worry about cleaning.

So, that's the wrap up for today. I'm heading to bed by order of the spouse who has NO ROOM TO TALK about me getting rest. I had a late afternoon nap so I'm up late but I do want to go to work tomorrow. The cramping has stopped and the contractions are like 2 an hour so I'm thinking nothing too exciting is going to happen tonight.

I did get scared enough today to finish packing my hospital we'll see what the next week brings.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Making of a Big Girl Room- phase 2 PAINT PARTY!

Yesterday Missy & Anthony came over to paint Lindsay's room for us! M was not wanting me to take pics of her in her paint clothes...but I explained that it was for the BLOG and therefore a must! These pics are from much later in the day too. After two coats of primer and hours of white trim we finally can see some "touch of violet" on the walls.
Anthony playing shy and working diligently around my gorgeous white trim! Almost all finished. The halogen light was still on so I was able to show more of the true color in these last two shots.
YAY...LOVE the white painted doors! Although I see now that I will need some new door knobs since those brassy ones are NOT pretty with the white doors. That's an easy fix though. I'm thinking that will be a trip back to home depot AFTER I have the baby though. Below is a before pic of this shot.
What a difference some purple and white paint can make huh?? I can't WAIT to do our Master Bedroom next! (again...after baby!) I think that will be a Fall/Winter project for us once Mike and I can do it together! Unless of course I can hire Missy and Anthony guys, I can't THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!

I will post more pics once I hang her curtains after the walls have more time to dry.

M & A showed up at my house yesterday a little after 9 and stayed til midnight just to get it all done in one day! We had a nice time visiting and I worked on the nursery as well. Lindsay officially is room less at the moment. She's completely moved out of the nursery and her big girl room is empty. Good thing she's still house hopping. Her mattress and box won't be in until next weekend and her furniture is on two week back order. UGH.
So we're off to celebrate Miss Big Girl with the family today. Should be lots of fun! Stay tuned.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Cake Pictures! Happy Birthday Lindsay Part 2

Tonight we planned a simple dinner and invited KK and Grandpa & Grandma to the house. I ordered some cupcakes from Publix and since they don't have Barney we went with Dora!
Lindsay is staring at her two lit candles, looking kind of nervous. But she knew what to do...It's hard to tell from this angle but she is blowing them out on her own!
Lindsay loved the icing and here she was reaching for the Happy Birthday pick to lick the icing off of it. That's daddy's girl...don't waste anything dessert!
Mommy loves you....birthday girl!
Happy Birthday, Happy Family!
Lindsay decided she wanted to give taste tests...
This was hysterical. She was very into it and she would lick her finger after we did. Check out the icing on Daddy's nose!
Aunt KK had to get in on the action too!
Here we go...YUMMY! I was actually surprised she ate the cake part too.
Cupcakes are SERIOUS...
For those of you that know her this is CLASSIC Lindsay.
hmmm...checking out her Dora ring for cut, clarity and color! LOL! This is how girls wanting jewelry for their birthday's starts people...right here!
Cutie pie!
Happy Birthday Angel! We can't believe you're TWO!
We love you!!!

Mommy & Daddy