Saturday, January 21, 2012

Donna's Birthday Celebration 1/21/2012

Lindsay plays Easy Bake Cup Cake on Donna's I Phone.
Lindsay is wearing her Justin Bieber shirt that she got from Cousin Melissa for Christmas.

Lindsay's teeth look blue because she and Brooke got to drink from wax bottles that had blue sour drink inside of them (the kind many of us got to have back in the day when we were kid's) :)

Brooke smiling while running around the house in her pretty Snow White Apron that she got from Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve for Christmas, because when the girls go up to Ellijay they usually get to help cook, bake or whatever it is that Uncle Steve is up to.

Daddy took a photo of Donna's new IPAD 2 as Brooke and I were playing Easy Bake Cupcakes with it. We also played several games of Angry Birds.

Brooke shows Daddy the PERFECT mashed Potatos she was helping Uncle Steve and Lindsay make for dinner!

Lindsay in her "Little Helper" Apron that she also got for Christmas.

Brooke does more running around, she has sort of lost interest in being a "little helper".

Uncle Steve says his Mashed Potatos only come out "PERFECT" when Lindsay helps him make them, and Lindsay LOVES this!

Lindsay gives Brooke a chance to be in charge.

Brooke looking a little bored.

Uncle Steve must be telling a WHOPPER of a Story. As usual, Lindsay bites hook, line and Sinker.

Lindsay working all on her own and putting a little muscle into it.

SMILE guys! We had an AWESOME dinner and great dessert and had a really good time with Cousin Donna and celebrating her birthday!

Love you all,

Chris, Mike, Lindsay and Brooke!


Friday, January 20, 2012


Today 1/20/2012 was the 100th day of the 2011-2012 School Year.

The kids got the opportunity to dress up as if they were 100 years old.

Lindsay borrowed a purse from Grandmama and a shawl. We wanted to put her hair up with baby powder in it and she changed her mind and would not let Daddy do it.

These are photos of Lindsay before she went to school.

Lindsay poses all of her girly girl poses. I went to school and had lunch with her and not many children dressed up though.

I am glad Lindsay at least attempted to have some school spirit and did not mind going along with the fun.

Here she is After School posing again for Dad.

Now she models the hat and necklace she got to make at school!

The hat is HUGE!!!

She is definitely 100 days SMARTER! We are so proud of how much she is learning in Kindergarten! She gets smiley faces EVERY DAY on her conduct! She is reading to Brooke quite a bit!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Happy Birthday Cousin Donna this is Lindsay at just over a year coming to cheer you up in the hospital one time...remember all the lovin' I brought you?
I was trying on your glasses, I thought this was fun!!

Giving you "Get Well" KISSES! :)

I sure had you smiling that day!!

Leaning in for a kiss on the cheek!

Here I AM Cousin Donna this is ME Brooke with my Mommy on my go home day from the hospital!

This is a virtual birthday cake that Lindsay & Brooke made for you!

(Really they did, it was Daddy's cake that Lindsay & Brooke made on 12/21/2011)

7/11/2008 Here I am Cousin Donna, the first time you ever held me I opened my eyes for the picture. Love You Brooke.

Donna reads Jingle's Book to Brooke & Lindsay on Christmas Eve 2011.

Lindsay says "Hi Donna, Happy Birthday" (photo from 12/24/2011)

We like when Cousin Donna reads to us!

Brookie loves her SMURF movie! Thank you!

Happy Birthday to my dear niece and to our sweet girls' Cousin Donna!

We love you and can't wait to see you on Saturday!

XOXO Chris, Mike, Lindsay & Brooke

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Miscellanoeous 1/12/2012

Well tomorrow is Friday the 13th and we are hoping we don't have any bad luck tomorrow.
I finally got the birthday tickers changed with Mike's help. If you look on the face page you can see the count down until Lindsay turns 6 and Brooke turns 4! Also, Mike and I get to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary this June 15th!! I can't wait, not sure if we are going to do anything too special or go anywhere. I am hoping on the Sunday before our anniversary that we can take the girls and Mike's parents to the Church that Father Frank who married us is now presiding over. I would love it if we could see him and have him say a Blessing over us for our anniversary. I believe that his Blessing could help us in our Faith and Love for each other. Father Frank told us on the day we were joined that he really believed that we would make it for many years. So far we have made it through plenty of sickness and hopefully we are fully on the health side of things now.
We definitely pray that we are over the big "sickness issues". I feel that Mike is a Saint for sticking with me all these years, it was only in our 7th year of marriage that we both had sickness issues that could have been and WERE very serious. Our love has survived many things that other people may not have stuck through. I love and cherish US! We actually are so Blessed we have two beautiful and intelligent daughters with their own unique personalities!!
I feel very Blessed in so many ways, I have overcome many issues with my post aneurysm difficulties and I am finally learning to love my life despite what has happened to me.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Sisters at the beach in Charleston, SC on vacation with Aunt Agatha & Uncle Paul (June 2010)
Brooke's first Christmas 12/2008

Aunt Agatha & Brooke catch some zzzzz's when mommy was in the hospital.

Aunt Agatha holding her God Daughter and niece.

Brooke already laughing at (with) Uncle Paul!!!

Sweet photo of Lindsay on the beach vacation!

Aunt Agatha's 2 nieces under the Christmas tree 12/2011.

Brooke eating an apple out of her stocking from Granmama and Grandada.

Brooke shows her Happy smile on Christmas morning!!


Many happy wishes to you on your big day!


Chris, Mike, Lindsay & Brooke

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Lindsay and Brooke pose at the church after Mass.
Christmas night at Aunt Agatha and Uncle Paul's house ( they hosted Christmas dinner this year)

Lindsay with her snowman mini ornament from Grandma and Grandad.

Lindsay and Cousin Adam playing their DS games together. Thanks Adam for helping Lindsay learn more about how to play the games.

What a great "Sister Shot"!!

Adam working on one of his presents.

Lindsay opens a present from Aunt Helen and Uncle David.

Christmas morning at home in front of Brooke's doll house from SANTA!

Lindsay slept with her Jingle dog from Aunt Patti & Uncle Steve, she wanted that so badly!

The Bresnan 4 posing in front of our Church St. Peter Chanel Catholic Church.

Adam helping Lindsay with her new DS.

In front of the Manger Scene, the girls both have great smiles here. They did an awesome job behaving in Church on Christmas!

Aunt Agatha swings Brooke around for a dance.

Lindsay got to wear this pretty dress I was really happy because I bought it last year on a Consignment sale and it was too big for her to wear last Christmas.

These AWESOME dolls were for Lindsay and Brooke.

Linds got the Belle doll because she already has the Tangled doll and Brookie was really wanting the Tangled doll and was fussing with Lindsay to borrow her doll. Brooke was so excited! Thank you Aunt Agatha and Uncle Paul, that was a good call!

I am a bit late in posting our photos, it's been kind of crazy for us(me)since the New Year. I broke my baby toe on Halloween and it's still not healed. I hope this is not a sign of what 2012 is going to be like. At any rate, I hope everyone has had a Wonderful Christmas Holiday!

Lindsay's leopard she got in her stocking, she matches a blanket Lindsay has on her bed.

Thanks Uncle David and Aunt Helen!

Lindsay was so excited to find a big present wrapped in JUSTIN BIEBER wrapping paper!!

Mommy & Lindsay with the one present she asked Santa for every time she saw him!

Thank you SANTA (Snook) *Wink, wink* :)

Brooke opens her stocking from Grandma and is excited that she got a cat coloring book.

Brooke got "A Charlie Brown Christmas" book from Helen and David. Always a favorite in our house!! The girls and I all love Snoopy!!

Good Morning Brooke- Merry Chistmas!! Santa came!!!

Lindsay honed in on that DS! Here she is opening it first, like she knew exactly which package it was. And notice Brooke's Halloween pumpkin sitting on the floor. Yes we are STILL trying to get rid of Halloween candy! :O/

Lindsay opens a GORGEOUS TINKERBELLE Scarf!

Here is Brooke next to her doll house that she wanted from Santa, it even has an elevator!!!

Lindsay is SO Happy she got her PINK DS!!
Christmas day is so amazing when you have little ones who still believe!! No matter how tired we are! ;OP

God Bless and HAPPY 2012!!


The Bresnan Family