Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Happy Birthday Derek! This blog is devoted to you, it's all of my favorite photos with you in them. Here you are with your brother and your 2 cousins, Lindsay and Brooke, Brooke is just a couple days old. And of course this is Nana with all of her grandchildren in one photo. Here is what Brooke looked like when you came to visit us at the hospital on 7/12/2008.
This is you, your mommy and Adam checking Brooke out for the first time.
Derek holds his baby cousin Brooke Marie for the very first time. (with a little help from mom).
This is one of my all time favorites. We gave you this phone for your first birthday, and now our girls' play with it a lot.
Derek and Uncle Mike pose in the back of the Hummer limousine.
My precious ring bearer! June 15,2002. I thought you looked so sweet and handsome that day. I always knew you were my nephew, right from the day you were BORN!
Derek showing off at the zoo!
Derek here you are holding your new cousin Lindsay on one of our camping trips, she has always been so calm and serene around you. She loves you bunches!

Happy 12th birthday Derek! We hope you had a great day. We tried to call you but it was a little too late. I think you were already in bed for school tomorrow. We will see you soon for Easter and a birthday party for you and Adam as per usual.

Much love and lots of good wishes!!


Uncle Mike, Aunt Chris,

and your cousin's Lindsay and Brooke!! XXXOOO!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I made it!!

I lost 2.2 pounds this week for a total of 21.8 pounds lost!! I am so proud of myself and have really been noticing a difference in my clothing. Some of my workout pants are maternity still and they are basically falling off of me while trying to walk on the treadmill. I am happily able to put on jeans straight from the dryer with out a struggle or having a hard time buttoning them. Lindsay and Brooke and Mike are a strong support system for me. Lindsay is so funny, every time I come home from the gym and report about how much I did, she will say "how much did you lose mom?" Then I always have to tell her we'll have to wait until Saturday to see! She does not like that answer very much, I guess that is her wanting automatic gratification. I wish I had that at times too! Losing weight is a very long and hard process, especially when I let so many other things get in the way as I gained it. However, I am on this road for the long haul now and it's not only for me it's for my kid's and Mike too. Thanks to everyone for your support and wonderful comments on Face book etc. It's always nice to see that people are noticing! Sincerely, Chris Bresnan

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Rylann smiles because her Mommy is giving her BIRTHDAY LOVIN'S!
Here is the sign of the company that Rylann's mommy and daddy hired. They were AWESOME!

Rylann's parent's threw her a Petting Zoo birthday party and here is their niece Autumn holding one of the baby ducks.

Here is Lindsay trying to get up the courage to hold one herself.

I got a funny smile from my Lindsay, when I asked her to say "Cheese".

We had Lambs, goats, ducks, bunnies, roosters, chickens, and if you look very close you will see a little black pot bellied pig.

Autumn inside the pen handing the owner one of the baby ducks, and the lamb was pushing in for his Kodak Moment.

Lindsay decides to pet a little bunny that Caylin is holding.

Lindsay would pet and feed any animal, she just would not hold one, no matter how hard mom and dad cajoled her.

Lindsay petting the bunny while the birthday girl waits for her turn.

Dad and Lindsay in the pen feeding the lambs and goats.

Daddy still trying to get Lindsay to hold the duckling, but she just lives her life so cautiously.

Daddy and Lindsay still with the duckling.
Daddy has a nice smile in this photo!

I really liked the pot-bellied piggy.

Here is Caylin holding a bird called a "SILK" which is what it felt like when you pet it.

Caylin afraid the bird is going to fly away on her.

Rylann wants a turn...

Birthday girl gets her way, she pets the duckling's face.

Lindsay still just barely touches the duckling. You'd think KK and mommy never took her to feed the ducks before!

Now, it's mommy's turn.(Pardon my hair I am long overdue for a cut and color!)

What a PERFECT barnyard cake for the occasion!!

Happy 2 Rylann!

Rylann blows out her candles!! YAY! She did such a good job!!

Time for PRESENTS!!!

Lindsay is so dying for HER birthday to get here she oversees EVERYTHING that Rylann opens.

Rylann's daddy helps her with all her gifts.

Lindsay and Brooke are excited to see Rylann open our gift.

Lindsay likes the purple haired monkey.

Rylann LOVES her new tea set!

Rylann opens her gift from Agatha and Paul.

She got a new baby with a pacifier and stroller!

Rylann will look so cute after a bath with one of these towels around her.




Sunday, March 20, 2011


Aunt Patti opening her gift from all of us.

Lindsay starting to freak out, because mom found a Lucky Charm that was Lindsay's from school and she threw it in Aunt Patti's bag because her birthday was on St. Patrick's Day and mom thought it would be cute...Lindsay not so much...:(

Aunt Patti reading what the coin says to Lindsay and Brooke.

Aunt Patti gives Lindsay her coin back.

Aunt Patti opens her card!

Lindsay holds up the card for all to see.

It says "Happy O'Birthday".

Brooke in her princess dress running on the driveway with her Happy Meal toy and a frisbee.

The girls got a jump rope from Aunt Patti.

Brooke playing frisbee with Uncle Steve.

Brooke TRYING to jump rope.

Now Brooke makes a HALO out of her frisbee...

She thought this was fun, especially in her "Cinderelli" dress.

Tyrene and her husband Don came by for a visit.

Lindsay and Brooke digging in the dirt after playing a game of horseshoes.

Cutie patootie Brookie!

Making a mess with the sand.

Someone fishing for Trout.

Donna walking the girls down to the bridge to feed the trout.

Here is Brooke with cupcake face after we sang Happy Birthday Aunt Patti (a few days late).

Got a Brooke smile and a Donna smile!

What a MESSY face!!!

We really had a great time celebrating with you Aunt Patti, all the food was wonderful. Uncle Steve made GREAT burgers! It was so good to see you Donna and Jeff!
Next Birthday up is Lindsay Cecile Bresnan and then two weeks later...Brooke Marie Bresnan!
We all can't wait to celebrate 3 and 5!!! Time is flying by too quickly!
Love you all,
Chris, Mike, Lindsay & Brooke :)