Friday, February 24, 2012

Family Camping Day 1 2/22/2012

Grandmama and Grandada with their number 3 and 4 grandchildren. They came out to spend some time with us the first night for dinner and then they came back the next day for lunch.
After Grandma and Grandad left to beat the storms home we had SMORE TIME!!

It was getting cold so everyone snuggled up with more layers of clothing. We also let the girls indulge with the smores and just some plain roasted marshmallows and they got to stay up later than normal. Lindsay goes back to school on Monday 2/27/2012 for a fun and Wacky Dr. Suess week so we are buckling down to get back on "schedule".

Brookie enjoying a smore!!

Mommy had Aunt Helen's usual job, Smore assembler

This was our first night on our camp out, we managed to all go to the bath house, wash our faces and brush our teeth and get back to the camper before the rain came. But, fortunately we only had about 30 minutes of rain and a little thunder and lightning to bother poor Brooke.

The next day it got up close to 70degrees and it was sunny!! :)

We can hardly believe it's actually February!!!

Family Camping Day 2 2/23/2012

Wednesday February 22,2012 we decided to take the pop up out and to for a short camping trip to round out the rest of Lindsay's winter break. So we went to It was a great way to spend some family time and get out of the house!

Here are The Bresnan Four! :)

Sister's are FOREVER!!

Brooke in the Roma shirt that no longer fits Lindsay, Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve brought it back from when they went on their European Cruise and the Ciao shirt they brought back for Brooke we passed down to Missy's youngest Rylann!

Lindsay sharing her chair with Brooke as she sports her latest hair accessory: Fall leaves!

Brooke enjoying a Deluxe Graham cookie while sitting in her Big Sissy's lap!!

Lindsay is looking like she is going to have to pass that shirt on down to Brooke, it's a little short for her.

Lindsay is putting leaves in her hair for accssessories.

Pretty Brooke!

Such a cutie pie!!

Both Girls sporting thier new hair 'dos!!

The girls' had such a nicee time playing with each other!! They really got along so well, it's like they needed the outdoor time to feel free and comfort each other. I was amazed watching my daughter's interact as loving sister's it made me feel happy to know that as they grow older maybe just maybe they will be there for each other when needed if Mike or I can't be! I am so happy my girls are so close in age, they already show signs of protection for one another.

They had a blast climbing on the rocks!!

Grandmama and Grandada came to have lunch with us. We grilled hot dogs over the fire.

The girls trying not to let their food fly away, it was SO windy that day!!

Check out Lindsay's can see how much WIND we had up there! You can also see what a pretty lake view we had if you look past Brooke's chair. We had the best spot on the campground!!

The girls snuggling up again!

Breaking down the Pop up camper!!

Thanks to Mike's parent's this is the best purchase of something for our family that we ever had! We are hoping to camp again over Spring Break!! It's such GOOD family time for the FOUR of us!

Mike has his dad help us break camp!

Almost done we got everything out, loaded up the van and then went to the park and back to the "beach" as Lindsay called it. They wanted to get more rocks and shells to take home for their collections! They also got some playground time!

Brooke caught some clam shells and was so excited by the ones that were opened up. However we found no pearls. :)

Lindsay shows off her shells!

More of Lindsay's shells!

Brooke showing off her shells again.

Brooke and grandad trying to feed the fish bread.

Grandad and Lindsay feed the fish, although the girls said the fish did not come up for the bread!

Brooke throwing in the bread while grandad makes sure she does not go swimming on accident.

The girls with grandma and grandpa heading to feed the fish!

Heading back to camp, check out how much Brooke is catching up to Lindsay in height!

Got to love the Georgia Red Clay, it's EVERYWHERE!!

Our Awesome Pop-up Camper sleeps 4 perfectly!

Lindsay brushes mom's hair...waiting until March for a cut and color closer to Easter!! :)

Brooke helps Daddy pull the cooler from the van and my silly "STRIKES A POSE" as she does it!! SOOOO CUTE! (and yes she is still only THREE!!)

Good Morning Day Two!

Mike tries to start the fire this morning but the wind would not cooperate!!
However, he did eventually get it lit. I have always told him he could go on SURVIVOR!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Johnny's Pizza is soooo yummy!!
Brooke and Lindsay will only eat CHEESE.

Daddy taakes a photo of his 3 Valentine's. (Lindsay is doing the Justin Bieber heart) LOL!!

Brooke is laughing about it and can't quite get her hands into the right heart shape.

Lindsay is saying "Justin" in this photo...O.M.G!!!

My sweet girls we had a long day, Lindsay had a good time at school and was very pleased that Daddy surprised her with a Valentine Day school lunch visit since Mommy was at a consignment sale.

Lindsay working in one of her Kindergarten workbooks while waiting for the pizza to come.

Brooke's Christmas Tree impression we changed it to a Valentine tree, so Lindsay would take the photo of us. Lindsay is actually becoming quite the photographer lately.

Brooke & Mommy!! :)

Brooke LOVED her Valentine shirt (good thing she didn't ren=member that it was Lindsay's shirt last year!!). She thought it was new. I wonder how many years we'll get away with that one?

Notice Mom's Snoopy Cupid Pin???

My little Valentine was a happy girl tonight!

Sister's posing in their V-Day Shirts!

Silly Lindsay always Hamming for the camera! Love Brookie in her valentine shirt and black jeans!!!