Monday, January 31, 2011


I have officially been on Weight Watchers since 1/8/11. The first week I lost 5.6 pounds, the second week the scale did not move either way. This past week (week 3) I lost another 5.4 pounds for a total of eleven pounds. I am extremely happy to be back at WW. The new program is awesome and now I have the computer e-tools as well. I never have had that option because I could never afford that option. Mike has been a pillar of support for me through this. He walks with me, day or night. The kids love to go with us along with their babies and strollers, but sometimes Brooke prefers to just have daddy pull her along in the wagon. I typically go to meetings on Saturday mornings, however I may switch to Sunday's since that is a better schedule for one of my best friends to go weigh. So we may start ride sharing and going on the weekend's. I can't tell you how much 11 pounds down feels GREAT! I am only 3 pounds from my 1st goal. I am hoping I will get to that goal this week. I will have many other goals along the way, I know. But it is time for me to get back into the shape I was in when I used to have a personal trainer. Lord knows, that is not happening anymore. Way too expensive. However, weight watchers works when you work it and I am so glad that I am back on the plan. I intend to eventually work up to the gym again, to get in some strength training. But, I did not want to injure myself by putting the cart before the horse. My clothes are already getting looser. I just want to be happier with my mind, body and spirit by the summer months!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Riley's daddy places her dinosaur cake in front of her.
Riley blows out her candles.

Brooke is thinking "how many days until MY birthday!"

Lindsay is thinking "Forget it Brooke MINE comes First!!"

Lindsay eating the all natural cheetos...not bad. You don't get the orange fingers everywhere.

Sweet Graison, Lindsay & Brooke

Hey there my pretty-eyed girls! :)

Brooke and Riley eating birthday cake!

Beautiful smile Graison!

Graison showing off the Tangled Vanity that the Smith family gave to Riley.

All the kids checking out the prezzies.

Riley's mom reading some cards.

Riley show off her new Princess wings and shoes.

Jessica opens another card for her daughter. Lindsay was very proud that she signed her own name.

Riley's purple wings & shoes and also a very cool book from Chris and Lara Quigg.

Riley makes a funny face.
We had a great time at your party Riley. Hope you have a wonderful year.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Gingerbread cookie time.
Brooke gets spoiled with cool whip.

Donna helps Brooke make the BEST gingerbread girl ever!

Everyone having a snack before we decorate.

Donna & Brooke having fun!

Easter weekend Jeff helps Brooke get up the nerve to slide down the big slide.

Donna and her Brookie having fun on the swing.
Brooke has a HUGE smile on her face, she loves her cousin Donna.

Donna still swings with Brooke and Jeff pushes Lindsay in the background.

Daddy pushes Donna and Brooke.

Jeff was pushing Lindsay.

Lindsay makes a friend in the sandbox.

Picnic time, Jeff, Donna, Brooke,Lindsay and Mike.

Donna loves her cousins!

A Chic-fil-a lunch is always a good idea!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

January 14,2011

We are finally out from under most of the snow. Our snow man is still standing and a few of the neighbors igloos and snow men are still there. It was a long week being couped up with the girls we finally went out to lunch and shopping to get over the cabin fever. Lindsay has been so happy that she has not had to go to school. I joined weight watchers again on 1/8/2011 and had my first weigh in on 1/15/2011, I lost 5.6 pounds, I also got my 5lb star. I am loving the new program. I did not have access to the e-tools any of the other times. This new program is completely different than the other times I have been on it. I walked in the snow and ice 3 times during the snow storm and really paid attention to what I was eating and it paid off big time. I am working my way back into going to the gym and weight training again, over the next couple of weeks. My neuropsycologist is going to be very pleased with me for losing weight, he has been on me about it for a long time. I know that this time I am going to accomplish my goals. I am doing it for my family, myself and most of all my girls!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Snow day 3 requires baking cookies! We used your recipe Missy!
Lindsay had a blast, she made Peter Pan and Captain Hook cookies also.

Watching her favorite movie while pressing out cookies.

We were a little worried around 4:00 because they still weren't listing our county for no school tomorrow. Yet, they finally listed it around 6:00. So another snow day tomorrow for the girls!

The cookies ready to eat.

Lindsay is a happy girl!

Packing up snow balls to hit Daddy with!

Here she comes..great action shot dad.

You better RUN!!!

Lindsay cruching up ice so she can get to the powder.

Having fun pretending to make it snow.

Lindsay had a blast playing in the snow this evening after our walk.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Brooke about to do her favorite thing LICK SOME SNOW!!
I sure hope that tongue does not get stuck!

Lindsay working on her snowman.

Brooke taking advantage of her new found popsicle (icicle) love!

Uncle Paul, Lindsay and Brooke still working her snowman.

Brooke, Lindsay and Uncle Paul call this side of the snowman "FROSTY".

Yet, Lindsay has something going on over on the other side of the snowman.

Daddy, Lindsay and Brooke posing with Frosty.

Lindsay working intentley on her side of the snowman.

Now she has added her final touches.

Lindsay is still working hard on her side of the snowman.

Posing with Frosty again.

Having a blast, now we know that we have no school tomorrow either!

Frosty might try to steal Lindsay's hat.

Uncle Paul helps the girls' sled over by his house.

Uncle Paul and Brookie hit the street.

Good action shot of Lindsay & Uncle Paul.

Lindsay sneaking a snowball to throw at Daddy!!

Uncle Paul and Lindsay after another ride.

Mommy and Lindsay standing on the Frosty side.

Mommy & Lindsay showing off her side of the snowman what she calls the "PETER PAN" side.
Everything with Lindsay these days is Peter Pan, she wants to have a PP birthday party this year.
and to our friend Lori-Good luck with baby Evan!