Monday, April 5, 2010


Here is what the girls found from the Easter Bunny this year!
Lindsay taking quick inventory!

Brooke still trying to wake up and "get it".

Lindsay deciding which 2 pieces of candy she wants BEFORE breakfast and Church!

A bit excited over her Peter Rabbit!

Brooke is "getting it" here!

Here is Brooke trying out a Robin's Egg...and trying not to drool.

Linds holds up her Robin's Eggs and forgos them for...2 peeps! Way to get the sugar cranked in the morning!!

Brooke tries on her Bunny ears!

Happy Sisters!

get a close up of my PEEP daddy!

Dressed and ready for Church... so BEAUTIFUL!

Lindsay shows off her very first cross necklace she got from her Aunt Claire.

My precious baby girl!
Picking flowers (weeds) in her grandparents yard.
Such sweet girls!

Our family

Brooke is showing off her sugar high!

After church we were invited down to our sis-in-laws cousins house for their 11th annual Easter Egg Hunt! Here are all of the Hunters about to start!

Granddada, Lindsay and Grandmama

Lindsay hunts away!

Aunt Agatha helps Brooke out
Lindsay & Hadley Quigg pose and compare baskets!

Linds & Mommy!

Brooke trying to figure out why this REAL egg won't open!!

Aunt Agatha shares her drink with Brooke.
Brooke gets a prize from her purple plastic egg.

Uncle Paul, Brooke and Aunt Agatha

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Lindsay on the slide
Brooke who hung out with Jeff all day on the slides! This child knows NO FEAR!

Donna and Brooke getting pushed on the swing by Mike.

Donna and Brooke having fun on the swings!

The farther Donna would lean back the more Brooke would laugh!

Brooke decides to lift her legs up for fun.

Daddy takes a turn on the swings.

Our picnic lunch time!

Giggling Girl friends!

Jeff, Donna, Brooke, Lindsay & Daddy

Lindsay finds a friend in the sand box!

Jeff pushes Lindsay til she wears him out!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another Yummy Dinner in Ellijay!

Brooke in Aunt Patti & Uncle Steve's Kitchen tasting the "pretend" sauce!

Now we are Stirring (our faveorite thing to do )

...BESIDES EAT it!!! We made a happy plate out of our penne pasta!!
More sausage for "me,me?"