Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Blog Rules

This blog has been created for only family, extended family, my Children down the road, people we love that are far away who care about us and not just themselves. Apparenly, Other people are reading way too much into what I write here. You know who you are. Please just enjoy the fun photos of Brooke and Lindsay and don't think you have the right to examine MY life. People in glass houses should not throw stones!

Update apparently there is a certain friend of mine that thinks I should use my blog to vent.
That I purposely try to make my life "look" happy, happy, happy. Well, I tend to think everyone does a little of that personally. I don't have this blog to vent and whine about life. I haven't let all of you know that I lost my job in July. I only got paid short term disability thru 10/31/09. Mike hasn't found a job yet because he's been taking care of me and all my doc appts and physical therapy. The important people KNOW these things! We have to pay COBRA now to keep our insurance up to date. Which is not exactly easy when there is no income and we have medical bills up the wazoo from 2008. If I decide that I want to blog about traveling around the world that should be Mike and my choice. Though it's only wishful thinking...
We have a lot of help from family and church that we GREATLY appreciate!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Paul

Love Brooke, Lindsay,
Mike & Chris
Enjoy your day!

Happy Birthday To ME!!!

Oh my Lordy I am 40!!

Several of us celebrated at The Kani House in Woodstock

Lindsay did not like the Chef or the fire but she did like her kiddie chopstix!

Thanks Missy for helping her out with them.

Too cute!

I guess this is what you get when you turn FORTY!

One of my fave cakes from Publix-white chocolate raspberry elegance YUM! Everyone loved it!

Heading home!

Christmas Eve in Ellijay

Cousin Linda reading stories on the computer with Lindsay.
Mickey & Minnie Woohoo! Thanks Donna and Jeff!

Lindsay has been SO in to her Mary Poppins doll since she got it!

The girls opening more presents
Brooke got a Madame Alexander 1st doll just like Lindsay's.
I'd say she likes it!!

Now for the big surprise...The DOLL HOUSE!

She was flabergasted!

Brooke will give Linds a run for her money with this mansion!

One Happy Christmas Smile!

This would be any girls DREAM DOLL HOUSE!
Thanks Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve

Christmas at Grandma & Grandad's

Linds gets a new Barbie complete with horse!

Adam tries to rescue his box from Brooke.

Brooke & Aunt Agatha check out her new doll.

Uncle Paul and Brooke.

Cousin Derek shares an apple with Brooke.
Brooke likes her new doll from grandmama and grandada

A beautiful fuzzy white scarf!

A happy girl!

Adam & Derek got some cool stuff.

A photo of all the grandkids!

Lindsay digs in to her stocking for her apple!

Linds loved her PURPLE scarf Aunt Agatha & Uncle Paul!

Christmas Day @ home 2009

Brooke tries on a new hat!

Daddy & his girls!

Brooke got an elephant floor pillow from Santa. Linds got a Lion last year. I think she likes it!

The girls Loved their red wagon!

THE CASH REGISTER!!!!!! Lindsay thought she didn't get it at first, since some Santa stuff was not wrapped. We had to convince her to start opening presents!

Yes, this child needs a haircut!

...If you give a pig a party...

...If you take a mouse to the movies...
( I LOVE this photo of Brooke )

Brooke with all the "loot"!
Lindsay ready to dive in!

Do you think Brooke is excited???

A final photo after Santa came!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! We won't be home til late tonight. So I just wanted to take this opportunity to say we hope everyone has a Blessed Holiday and an exciting Christmas morn.


The Bresnans

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Happy Birthday Daddy!

We ALL Love You!

Chris, Lindsay, and Brooke

Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa has a Georgia home in Eagle Watch

" Only DAD is ok for a Santa visit" says Brooke
Gosh I love Lindsay's reaction to Santa this year!
Just look at our kids' smile!

Brooke still wants nothing to do with him. But maybe that will change when she turns three as well.

Look at their yard. How could you miss this place?!

I got Santa's ear for a minute myself!

We've gone to this house the last 3 years in a row. We tell Linds that Santa has a home in the south where he and the elves make toys. She has had us do "drive-bys" just to see if Santa is out yet. So many people know about this house you usually have to stand in line to get a sleigh picture!