Friday, December 31, 2010

Stone Mountain Christmas 12/30/2010

We decided to go out to do the Stone Mountain Christmas show since it ends on Jan 2. We really want to go back and do Snow Mountain but that does not end until March 6, since Brooke is not really tall enough to tube down by herself we thought we would take Lindsay back during her winter break in February, and let someone keep Brooke at home. You have to be 41 inches and willing to tube down alone. Lindsay is 41" and we figure is she wears her boots she will be just right!
Daddy and Brooke watch the Stone Mountain Christmas parade.

Everything in the village was lit up and so beautiful.

I have no idea who this is...I just thought she was really cute in her Pooh coat.

If you look very closely though this picture is dark, you can see the Coca-Cola Polar bear coming down the walk saying hi to everyone he can.

The actual start of the parade!

Mrs. Clauss, the Polar Bear, and the Ginger bread Man.

Back side of a reindeer float.

Gingerbread house, look VERY closely and there are BUBBLES coming out of the Chimney.

The Snow Angel! You will see more of her later.

The back of the Snow Angel.

The Snow Angel was the end of the parade, except for her dancing marching band guys who performed pretty well to music after she passed.

Part of thier performance.

The next thing we did was we went to a modern age version of The Christmas Carol that was performed by 2 guys and a girl. Some of it was pretty funny and some of it was kind of lame. Mike thought we could have just skipped it and most of the improve jokes went right over the girl's heads.

Still at The Christmas Carol, after that we went to a show called Sleigh Ride which was MUCH better they were dancing and singing to all sorts of Christmas songs and they did themes from around the World. That was Lindsay's favorite. I wish we would have had the camcorder because Brooke was dancing so hard on Mike's lap, even to the rap songs. She was soooo funny! Everyone on the row behind us was getting a kick out of her! She was just movin' and groovin'!

Grandad with Brooke and Lindsay!
Grandad and Brookie.

Waiting for The Snow Angel to fly by and make it snow. After she comes there will be a super fireworks show!

Here comes The Snow Angel...she is so pretty...kind of like Tinker bell. Plus she brings SNOW!!!

Look close it's Snowing!!!

Nice shot of the Snow Angel!

Here is Lindsay trying to catch the snow on her tongue!

Brooke and Grandad watching the Angel go by.

Grandma, Grandad, Lindsay and Brooke.

More Snow for everyone!!

Grandma & Lindsay trying to stay warm.

Mommy enjoys the fun artificial snow.

Lindsay, Mommy & Daddy all snuggled together.
The other really cool thing we did was we went to the 4D Polar Express movie. They managed to condense a two hour movie into a 20 minute experience that still gave you the meaning of the film and the powerful experience of the Magic of Christmas.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Today was the day we decided to get with the program and finally ride the Pink Pig.
This is Pricilla or "cilla" as Brooke calls her! :)

Pricilla, Mommy and Lindsay.

Here is a shot of the train from the line as we waited.

What the original Pink pig looked like.

Mike on the Pink Pig for the first time in about 40 years!

According to Mike the Pink Pig was WAAY better, "back in the day". He said this is obviously from a 5 or 6 year old perspective of memory.

A view from on the train.

They take you around twice for $3.00 so that's not bad. However, they try to charge an arm and a leg for the photos they take of you with Pricilla!
The ride has old pictures of what the pig used to look like. Here is one of them.

Here is the original pig snout.
The Pink Pig only runs through January 2, 2011.

Another older picture of the ride.

Brooke being a sweetie and waving to the people in line.

Lindsay and Brooke all strapped in. We ended up riding around twice, because of course they were squeamish about the first ride, but then it was "we want to ride again!"

Brooke sporting her "I rode the Pink Pig 2010" sticker.

Lindsay now happily wants a photo with Pricilla!

Daddy and the girls on the last time around.

Mike says this is exactly how the old Pink Pig used to look.

One of the signs that described who should not ride, ie...heart conditions, pregnant people etc. had a funny at the bottom it said "You should not ride this ride if you have a fear of Happy Pigs, Pork or Pork Products. :) This one made us laugh.

Mike looking like he is at Disney World! LOL! J/K honey!

"I like Cilla", says Brooke.

I get a photo of the family with their souvenirs sitting on the billboard outside which shows pics of the way it used to be "back in the day"...
The girls wanted everything in the gift shop, most things were 50% off and the Christmas ornaments were 75% off which made them 3.00 bucks. So we went ahead and bought each girl an "I rode the Pink Pig 2010" button as a last resort. Mike promised me a sweet little piggy charm for my charm bracelet to commemorate my first ride on the Pink Pig instead of me spending any more money!