Monday, July 30, 2007

Camping Motor Home Style

Check out our little Camper...the toddler chair was a brilliant move daddy! Lindsay liked sitting with everyone around the camp fire.
Derek and Adam doted on Lindsay like crazy. They were constantly wanting to hold her. Lindsay really loves her cousins and is never unhappy when she is around them.
Derek practices his cast as he waits to board the canoe.
Adam and Uncle Paul heading off to find some fish!
David, Derek and Uncle Mike are just behind Adam and Paul.
Don't forget to bring back lunch!
Lindsay unloading her diaper bag inside the motor home.

I think I found a FRUIT CUP!
Lindsay's newest thing is she's into is her shape sorter. See all the gravel and rock behind her. She discovered those pieces fit quite nicely into ALL the shapes in the sorter. Ha!
Yay, all the shapes are in!
Just a pic of Lindsay playing in front of grandma & grandpa's motor home. Where is everyone else? Lots of empty chairs there...I have no idea.
Lindsay & Adam hanging out around the camp fire.

Maybe next year will be a bit easier on the camping front for Lindsay. Of course she was a great baby. It was just very hot and a little tough to know what to do with her. She's not walking yet so it was hard to keep her entertained. Lindsay's aunt Helen and I took her on a nice long walk on Sunday in the jogging stroller. It was great exercise and Linds loves her stroller.
As always, Derek and Adam were a hoot. I love watching them interact with Lindsay.
I'll put a link up to Dave's blog when/if they post some pics from this weekend. I think they got some really funny shots.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm a Babies R Us Kid!

(another shameless plug) Here sits Lindsay on Saturday morning, checking out the sales papers as she waits for her breakfast. Take NOTE the Halloween costumes are out now...good grief Charlie Brown.
Focusing on turning that page...
"Here it is MOM...THIS is what I want to be for Halloween!"

We had an interesting camping weekend. We sort of went back and forth to the campsite a lot. It was near the house, thankfully. Camping with a 13 month old is not easy. I'm glad we just sort of went to visit each day. I'll post some camp pictures tomorrow. It's been a long day and Lindsay did not go down easily tonight. I'm only blogging because I want to make sure she's finally asleep before I crash. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Enjoy some new pics of our little shopper!
Good night!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Random Thoughts and a Shout Out!

I rejoined weight watchers a while back and have not been exactly following plan in a while. I don't know why it's so hard for me to get my head back on straight about diet and exercise when I get off track. I KNOW what I need to do and I always feel better when I'm on track, so why is this such a struggle?

So, tonight I weighed in for the first time in a month. June was full of diversions and excuses not to go weigh. I was up 3.6 pounds from my last weigh in, not happy that I'm up but at least I'm catching myself before it's 10 pounds.
YAY ME! I'm patting myself on the back on the blog because I've been mentally nagging myself to go weigh for a week now. I have worked out three times in the last week and I'm building up to my runs again. I am also challenging myself to run outside some because it's way different than the treadmill and I need to stop making excuses and just do it.
For me, I have to incorporate the food and the exercise or I'm just not successful. If I diet I might lose weight but I'll gain it back. If I exercise and eat whatever I'm just wasting my time.
So, here's to a new week and a clean slate on that front. I don't do much personal ME stuff on the blog so thanks for listening. :)

My shout out goes to Mike's sister Helen and her hubs Dave for a HAPPY 15th Wedding Anniversary! Congrats, that is an awesome Milestone! We can't wait to see you guys this weekend and hear about Brass Town Valley.

Lindsay went back to school today. She's doing great and is all clear of her rash. She was the hit of the weight watcher's meeting tonight too.

We're going camping with the Bresnan clan this weekend so I should have plenty of new blog material next week. Lindsay loves spending time with her cousins so it should be lots of fun. They haven't seen her in a while. I know Derek and Adam will love all her new tricks!

Have a great Friday everyone!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Who is your FREE PASS?

My Free Pass!

Ok, this is fun and all right? So a few of my girlfriends and I have a joke about who is our "free pass" if ever the opportunity presented itself. For's not any big suprise that Kim's is Rick Springfield. While she was in town we had a discussion with her hubs reminding him of that fact. Just in case we made it back stage you know? It could happen!
Now, my hubby is cool with my free pass as long as I know his free pass is Richie's Ex...Heather Locklear. His free pass goes back as far as her TJ HOOKER days whatever. What are the odds either of us will ever get to cash in anyway??! But it's fun to have it...just in case!

So you know you have one....if you don't maybe it's time to discuss it with your significant other...just in case!
Let me hear from you bloggers!!
I needed something to fire everyone up and no one wants to see pics of my speckled baby.
Speaking of Lindsay she's doing much better. However, we're keeping her home one more day just to be sure. Daddy did a great job today! Mommy's on duty tomorrow morning and hopefully Linds can go back to school on Thursday!

Monday, July 23, 2007


Hello from Roseola land. That's what that 102 fever was all about. If you're not familiar with it you can check it out HERE.

Lindsay is doing fine other than her lovely speckled appearance. It started on her face this morning and by this afternoon is now all over her back, arms and legs. The fever should be gone at this point and the rash should last anywhere from hours to a few days. So, she has reprieve from daycare the next few days. No exposure to other little kids til the rash disappears. Mike and I will be tag teaming the next few days. The good news is she's happy and in a great mood. It seems there is nothing to do but wait for the rash to bid us farewell.

Thanks for all of your well wishes for Lindsay. We appreciate it. At least it's nothing more serious!

More soon!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Playtime, Carousels & Buggy Races

I call this Lindsay's "pouty super model/Posh Spice expression"
Blowing bubbles with Daddy.
Reading "Guess How Much I Love You"
Later in the afternoon we ran some errands and found ourselves on the Carousel.
Lindsay's first Carousel ride!
Lindsay really liked the carousel. She had a serious face the whole time and it turns out our little babe wasn't herself for a reason. She had 102.0 fever tonight. Looks like we'll be making another visit to the doc in the morning.
Our last stop was the grocery store. Here we are having buggy races on the empty aisles. Ready...Set...

That bottom photo is now my screen saver. SO FUNNY! Daddy was worn out good after several buggy races. Oh, and I guess I can include this photo with all Lindsay's other endorsements...this one is for Publix. Anyone wanna offer up some cash for this one???

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. We'll update again after the doc tomorrow.

Girl's Night Out- Toddler Version

Sippy Cup Envy?
Lindsay & Graison out on the town!
Sing along time! "if you're happy and you know it, clap your hands"
G stands up and belts one out for the restaurant.
Hold me!!

Graison, Lindsay & Missy!

Saturday evening we met Graison and her mommy & daddy at Sweet Tomato's for dinner.
The Daddy's don't really like this restaurant but they went along for the mommy's. Daddy's prefer steak houses not salad places. Oh well, they can pick next time!
The girls had a blast with each other. Glad we could all get together. See you all again soon!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

More of Mike's Photo Art

I mentioned in a previous blog that I had some cool pics where Mike had manipulated the shot. Here are the other photos I was talking about...the first photo is crooked because I had it glued onto a scrapbook page...sorry.

Here I am in Sedona Arizona on our Honeymoon! (June 2002). Mike is putting the famous "Snoopy Rock" in the palm of my hand. The Red Rocks are phenomenal if you've never been I highly recommend it. I thought Sedona was VERY romantic and I absolutely plan to go back. Hopefully for an anniversary trip sometime...hint hint to Mike!

Here is yet more proof of my JT obsession. Looks like I'm drivin' old Grease Lightning doesn't it? Actually I'm standing beside the car with my hand strategic placed to look like I'm holding the steering wheel. I totally thought this pic would never turn out like it did. I did not know at the time that the man I was dating (future hubby) was so good at this. This pic is from some car museum place in Daytona Beach. This photo is from August 2000.
Here is where I was actually standing. There were signs everywhere saying NOT to get in the Mike made sure I would not do it by telling me he could make it LOOK like I was in it. VERY SMART MAN!!!
Pretty cool eh?

Z is for Zeeeeeeeebra!!!!!!!

Getting to know you...
Lindsay likes her new friend.
Our first ride together.
We think she likes it...
What a big girl!
Check me out!

Lindsay's toes just touch the floor for now. She quickly figured out how to bounce and spin herself around. That left foot just cracks us up. She pushes with the right foot and the left foot just hangs out and kicks in the breeze. It really is funny to watch. I have GOT to learn how to put a video up on this blog. GRRRRR....

These photos were from the first night we got Zebra. Lindsay all but fell asleep on it. She REFUSED to let us take her off to go night, night. Finally we had to show her who's boss and put her to bed. It was easy...we had to make a trade...PACI for Zebra. She only gets the paci in the bed now so it was NO PROBLEM! Ha!ha!

By Request...

A few people have asked to see how Mike "rigged" our gate. Because you know you can never just buy something and simply install it. There is always some sort of building, painting or overall "rigging" involved. Since we have a spit foyer entry and basically there is no wall on the left side to install the gate into. We have a rod iron rail there that our couch backs up against. So this is the reason for the piece of wood you see to the left. Mike had to cut it, fit it and paint it (which he did on his own accord, I didn't ask him to do that part). The first pic is a view looking up from the stairs as you walk into the house. (By the way..where's waldo...can you see our black cat's eyes in front of the gate??) Yes, she has figured out how to jump it, much to our amazement.
Here is the left corner. Mike also attached that wire piece to help support everything. He wanted to insure that nothing would give way.
Here is the extra piece he added onto the right side.
This is what we were working with. The iron railing goes all the way across the landing. That is the back of our couch up against it. He really did have to do some creative thinking and work to make this project happen. Even though I said it looked ugly I was referring to the gate in general not his handy work.
I could not have a post without at least one pic of our sweet angel. Here she is this afternoon on her Zebra eating a Chic fil A french fry!
I have more zebra pics coming...just wait!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Aaron & Lindsay is 13 months!

Aaron, Donna & Lindsay at SmokeJack for Aaron's bday!
Linda was here for a visit too! Lindsay had fun with her and enjoyed meeting her for the first time!
Lindsay loves BBQ...can you tell?
Today Lindsay is 13 months old! She is still racking up bday presents. Last night we finally cashed in some of her gift cards and got her the Fisher Price Bounce & Spin Zebra (pics to come soon). She absolutely loves it. Mike put it together while I gave her a bath and we made the mistake of letting her ride before bed. Needless to say Lindsay was up a bit past her bedtime last night! I'll post some zebra pics this weekend. I'm tired tonight and just wanted to post these few pics.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY AARON! We hope you had a great day. Enjoy your visit Linda. We'll see you again soon.
Goodnight from the Bresnan's!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Don't Fence Me In...

It's finally done...we had to do it...
How cute is our little prisoner? can you resist this face?

No one in our house is happy about the gate. Mommy thinks it's ugly. The dogs HATE it. The cat REALLY hates it (her litter box is down stairs so she has to MEOW permission to get let through)!! And you can SEE for yourself how Lindsay feels about it. Oh, Daddy hates it because he had to spend so much time rigging it to work at the top of our stairs in our split entry foyer. I have to say Daddy really did a good job and the extra wood piece he had to put up he even painted to match the furniture. I have a good man! I suppose in time we'll all get used to it. It certainly is better to be safe than stylish!
Happy Hump Day!