Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Boston Elementary Kindergarten Field Day 4/30/2012

Lindsay in one of her relay's on Kindergarten Field Day, each grade has field day a different day this week.
Lindsay stands in line waiting for her turn.  Most of the kid's are wearing their Clifford shirts that they wore on their class field trip in April.

Meleah, running at her best!
Lindsay running back with a stone from the water treasure game.  It was so hot, I think all of the children loved playing the water games.  :)
Inside the gym doing the razor scooter relay.  Lindsay gaining on her friend Emma.
Lindsay's teacher Ms. Chee-How in the yellow shirt was a real trooper today.  Still recovering from the flu and out in the heat for a half day with her class.
Lindsay catching her a fish, not like camping with Daddy!  But she still had fun!
Lindsay in the very back of the line of girls.  Twice they played relay's girl's against boy's and the girls' WON BOTH times!!
Miss Emma catching herself a fish for her team!
We called this the snow-cone game.  Lindsay and Meleah on the field!
GO Lindsay!!!  Look at that balance!!

Lindsay running in the frisbee game!!
Meleah in the purple hat and Nevaeh sitting behind her!
Meleah's baby sister Sidney who was as cute as she could be and ALL of the kid's LOVE her!!

Lindsay with her beach hat, that didn't really do well in the running and hopping games.