Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some Food Face Photos for You All...

Food face #1
Food face #2

Food Coma with her first cabbage patch baby!

Me & My Girls

photo taken 12/28/08 check it hair is almost as long as Brooke's hair!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Playing Doctor

Lindsay loves playing Doctor...
...checking out Brooke's new tooth

"Can I listen?"

Brooke was happy not to get a shot this time!

Lindsay's newest interest

Bravery (finally) at Monkey Joe's!

Lindsay has not been a big fan of the blow up slides at any jump play place. Last night we took Megan our neighbor with us and Lindsay followed her right up the slide!
Here she is coming down backwards on her belly!!

She LOVED it and hopped off and couldn't wait to go back to the top! GO LINDSAY!!

Fairy Princess Days!

Lindsay enjoying her princess outfits she got from Aunt Donna for Christmas!
Dancing with her magic wand

See Barney applauding her in the background!

Brooke Six Month Stats

Weight: 17.5
Height 25.5
Head 44.4cm
Brooke got her first flu shot and her six month vaccs. Daddy said Brooke was NOT happy after her vaccs this time. Mommy is glad she was at work!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Chris Update

Brooke Marie has been on this planet half a year today. I can't believe it and the time frame still escapes me. She was 3 weeks and 3 days old when I landed in Emory for brain surgery. I had been told that I could not get upset as getting too worked up might work against my recovery. So I stared at pictures of me and the girls for weeks while I was recovering and tried not to think about how we were all "dealing". I honestly was freaking out more about being away from my first born for so long but I suppose that was me missing her so much. I couldn't process the fact that I almost could have left my husband alone on this Earth with two baby girls that would not remember me! I thank the Lord every day that didn't happen on August 5, 2008. I haven't put a lot of my feelings regarding all of this on the blog. It's not like anyone wants to out themselves to all of their friends, neighbors and co workers. Many of you have emailed me to make sure I'm doing ok and I thank you. The holidays were tough for me. Working this week, my first 40 hour week with no day off and no leaving early for doc appts was hard on me. I've had some bumps in the road being at work and getting too overwhelmed and busy and made a few mistakes. Though it was nice that people are not expecting me to be perfect and everyone says that I am harder on myself than I should be. Apparently I am the only one that thinks I should be functioning like I did pre-aneurysm! I worry all the time that I had a switch flipped and am not going to enjoy my kids like I want to because of depression and expecting too much of myself. I don't feel like my same self anymore and every day I am working to FEEL right again. I've been told over and over it just takes time but what if I never do? What if that affects my girls or worse yet my marriage??? This is where I've been lately. Sorry I've been a lazy blogger recently but it is VERY tough to find the time with two little ones. I am hoping to be better so Brooke has plenty of blog space herself! I'm trying to read everyone elses here and there but I've been poor in leaving comments. Please know I'm wishing for a wonderful 2009 for all of you as well as us!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas Day 2008

Santa's Loot! Thanks to the many elves who sent the girls wrapped presents to help us out this year!!
Brooke's faveorite part of Christmas!

Lindsay got another Baby!

Kitchen gear!!

I'd say this is one happy girl on Christmas morning!

She loved her "Princess helmet"

"ooohhhh! What's in there?"

Daddy & Lindsay walking up to see Baby Jesus and sing Happy Birthday

Santa enjoyed Grandmama's cookies!

Brooke and Lindsay tell Jesus "Happy Birthday"!

Merry Christmas - from the Bresnan family!

Aunt Agatha with Brooke opening presents!

Derek & Adam enjoy another Christmas!

Brooke with her Uncle Paul!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Finally some Christmas Pics

Sorry for the blog break but we've been very busy between all the holidays and Mike 12/21 and my birthdays 12/27. Not to mention two darling little ones it's been hard to blog. Oh and lets not forget I'm back to work 40 hours a week now and just getting over a nasty cold this week! The above photo is Lindsay trying on her new princess shoes and nightgown and dancing for all of us!
The awesome kitchen that Aunt Pat & Uncle Steve suprised Lindsay with for Christmas!

She loves it!!

Aunt Pat getting some Brooke time!

Brooke enjoying her big stuffed FISH!