Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lindsay's Halloween Costume!!

Lindsay has been begging for a Barney costume for this Halloween for WEEKS now. Mommy finally found one on EBAY for 12.50 with only 3.00 shipping so Daddy said go for it!
She was so excited when it came in the mail you would have thought it was Christmas Morning!
Please don't look at what Brooke is wearing in the background...it was 2 year old dress yourself day at the Bresnan house...UGH!

Monday, August 30, 2010


Poor Brookie Brooke laid herself down and put herself to sleep while she was home sick with the croupe!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Grandada's 80th Birthday Party

Lindsay stayed up until 10pm the night before Grandad's party and then got up at 7am so she could help frost the cake. Too bad she doesn't pop up for school that easy!
Dad went to Publix the night before and bought 2lbs of chocolate buttercream icing to frost the cakes with.

Lindsay doing her taste test!

What a beautiful smile!

The final product. Lindsay and Dad baked 2 cakes since we had 23 people coming to lunch at the http://www.mariettafishmarket.net/. However everyone was so full we only used one cake!

Adam allowing Lindsay to listen to his movie on his Ipod.

Derek, Lindsay & Adam Lindsay insisted on sitting in between the boys!

Paul, Agatha & Brooke it was really nice that Paul and Agatha joined us at Mass this morning and helped keep Brooke occupied. Lindsay, however, fell asleep on Grandad's lap through most of the Mass.
Brooks and Yolande- The Happy Couple

Roy- Mikes 2nd cousin he's 2 and was a real cutie as you can see!

Mike's other 2nd cousin- Madelyn she just turned one and was really precious!

Agatha and Brooke who is "jonesing" for her pacifier!

Lindsay telling Derek all about school. This week is dinosaur week in her class!

How can you resist that face?!
David ordered the Paella and everyone oohhed over the presentation!
David and his amazing lunch!

Grandad's fried seafood platter!

See why we ended up bringing a whole cake home?

Brooke loving up on Grandad or maybe just sucking up because she thinks he has her pacifier!?

Chris and Mike :)

Brooks and his sister Callie

Brooks, Callie and Yolande

The Big 80! Happy Birthday!!

Brooks, Callie, Yolande and Lindsay

Blowing out the candles with some help from Lindsay (not shown)

Lindsay & Adam lick the icing off Grandad's candles!
The next Birthday in the Bresnan family is Grandma's on September 18!
Lindsay will be an expert cake baker and decorator by then!
Next weekend we go to Ellijay to celebrate Uncle Steve's Birthday which is September 2!
Lot's of celebrations for us this month!! Which is great family time!

Happy 80th Birthday Grandada!

Grandada with his 2nd grandaughter Brooke (his namesake at 2 days old)
Grandada with his first grandaughter Lindsay in January 2007.
Happy Birthday Dad!!
We love you,
Mike, Chris, Lindsay & Brooke
Once we have pictures from the party we will post them on the blog!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


These photos are from Christmas 2009 it is hard to get Agatha & Paul in the same shot.
However today is there tenth wedding anniversary!! Happy, happy Here is to you both today is a special milestone! Enjoy!

Mike, Chris , Lindsay & Brooke!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Dad and Lindsay took her project in this morning before I could get a picture of it.
But it did include Helen, David, Derek,Adam, Pat,Steve,Grandma, Grandpa, the four of us, Agatha & Paul. Oh and it's going to be a big weekend this weekend as we celebrate Grandada's 80th birthday!!


Lindsay had strep last week and missed 2 days of school.
Now, Brooke has croupe. We aren't quite sure where she picked that up. I have been waiting to find out if my throat culture came back negative or positive, and yesterday I finally found out that my strep culture was negative! Yay, so now I am off my antibiotic that was killing my stomach. Lindsay and I have been reading Charlotte's Web at bed time the last few nights I have been home and not at church. That was one of my favorite books when I was in school! She has been working on a great project for school that includes pictures of everyone in her family. Once it's all finished and she approves it, I will post a photo of it here on the blog!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lindsay's 3rd week of school...


Just like we thought Lindsay is attracting all the boys. She has missed 2 days this week due to strep and she already has 2 boy friends, Ashton and Carson. We are going to have to lock her up when she hits her teen years!
She is really enjoying pre-k and making lots of friends. Unfortunately, she is showing out at home pretty fierce. I know she does not act that way at school. So something is causing this, either she is still not adjusted to her new schedule or something with school is making her show out especially to dad. She is testing her boundaries seriously with Mike these days. I guess we'll have to see what they think at school when we discuss it with the administrators who are schooled in child psychology etc.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lindsay has a MELT DOWN of all melt downs

Lindsay had such a melt down yesterday 8/18 that SOMEHOW she did this!
Daddy had to come to the rescue and pull her out of the bed!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Pre-k week 2 and other stuff...

The girl who said on the first week "I don't have any time for those SILLY boys", came home yesterday and said "Mom, I met a boy today!" My heart dropped. My first thought was, Oh no not yet!! But the real story was Lindsay was playing with her friend Mia and Mia got out of her seat and a little boy came over and sat down in Mia's seat and asked Lindsay if she wanted to play...awww(how sweet) so Linds said yes and then Mia wanted her seat back from Ashton and Lindsay told her I am playing with Ashton now. LOL! Even in pre-k there is drama I suppose.

So I am heading off this weekend for a church retreat until Sunday afternoon. I have a nice short list of honey do's that I am leaving for Mike while I am gone. I am really looking forward to meeting all the new ladies that will be attending the retreat. I hope that I can be a good hostess to them and help them fend off their worries as much as my retreat sisters did for me in February. It is a very intense weekend and there is a lot to do and very little sleep. I am up for it though! I have a speech I have to give and it deals with my life, my beliefs and sprituality and somehow I realized yesterday that August 4, blew by me and I didn't even think about my anniversary of the aneurysm (2 years ). I have been so caught up in Lindsay starting school and my retreat that I had not even thought about it until I started working on my speech some more. I am proud of myself for that. Because that wasn't at all how I felt in August of 2009.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cooking with Lindsay and Uncle Steve

Lindsay & Uncle Steve on a mission to make PERFECT mashed potato's
Lindsay helps Uncle Steve with the press!

Linds drops in lots of butter.

There is a lot to PERFECT mashed spuds!

Lindsay puts in lots of salt!

Then she taste tests it.

Uncle Steve and Aunt Patti were showing Linds dances like The Twist and The Swim.

Another stirring job.

A proud girl!

More dancing!

Lindsay eyeing the yummy dessert!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pre-K Update Post Day 3


Lindsay has had a pretty good week so far. She really likes her class (but not the boys AT ALL)!
She likes her teacher a lot and her teacher assistant. Yesterday she had a hard morning, she did not want to go to school and was whining about it getting ready, she was also seriously shy and clinginging to dad when it was time to drop off. But, Miss Kathleen came over and peeled her off and took care of it. Lindsay found 2 friends so far one named Azaleigh who she is very close with and Lindsay says she looks a lot like Graison then another that she can't remember her name but she knows they were in 2 year old daycare together in Miss Susan's class. Lindsay says all the boys are silly and they are already trying to pick on her and her friends saying stuff like "tricked you" and "Ha, Ha tease you" and we told her to just look at the boys and say "You're just silly" and turn around and walk away. She told us, they just ignore the boys anyway. That's fine! We're happy she isn't interested in the boys yet anyway! So, to recap, she had a good day yesterday making friends and she was very happy to go to school today and came home in a great mood. She has learned how to count to 4 in Spanish and I told her I would help her with more numbers over the weekend, and learning to memorize the Pledge of Alligence. I recited the Pledge to her and she looked at me in AWE and said " HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT MOM?", I smiled and said "From school". I then proceeded to tell her that she will pledge the flag every day of every year she is in school for the rest of her years! Too CUTE!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Lindsay's 1st day of Pre-K 8/2/2010

Lindsay in her classroom at pre-k on the very first day!
Lindsay at the car on the way to school.

My beautiful BIG girl!
Lindsay's first day of school went very well. Her teacher told us how proud she was of Lindsay
because she was SO polite and had excellent manners! Just what a proud parent wants to hear about her child. Brooke was a little sad when we dropped off Lindsay and got back in the car without Linds. But she was so excited to go pick her up. Lindsay was the most hyper we have ever seen her after we got home. Daddy and Mommy stopped at the store to get some mini cupcakes to celebrate her good job on her first day! She even took a nap! She says she made friends with All the girls but not so much with the boys. She says she has no time for the boys!!
Mike and I are so happy and proud for her that she is finally back in school. She needs that time to socialize with the other kids and make new friends!