Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Brooke flashing a sly grin at Uncle Steve...wrapping him around her finger too!
Lindsay has fun with her giant bubbles from Aunt Donna

...trying to catch the bubbles on her wand

Hanging out with Donna enjoying Daddy's homemade CHEX MIX! Lindsay is saying "talk to the hand, get your own bowl!"

"Snuggle Bug" Brooke getting some cuddle time with Mommy!
And last but not least...the comparison picture...

Brooke Marie Turkey Day 2008-4 months old Lindsay Cecile Turkey Day 2006- 5 months old

Sorry it's late but Happy Thanksgiving to all our Blogger Buddies from The Bresnan's!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2008 Christmas Photo Shoot

Today was an interesting day. I was scheduled to see my neurosurgeon and at the last minute they cancelled my appointment due to an emergency surgery. So Mike and I decided to make use of a good week day off for me and get some Christmas pics of the girls and do some cards. We tried out Portrait Innovations and now I see why everyone I know who uses them does. The photographers were great and they had good ideas and great props!

Can you tell we bribed Lindsay with a really big COOKIE today???

These are just the sweetest...

My fave pic of Brooke! Check out that dimple!

Gotta love the Carter's matching PJ's

Obviously we didn't buy this one but it was just funny to see Brooke's expression here!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Brooke's Four Month Check Up

Wednesday November 12 we went to Brooke's four month appt. She was up from 12 pounds 4oz to 15 pounds 2oz! She also grew an inch in length now charting at 24 1/4 inches long! She's in the 75-90% in weight and head circ. and 50% in length. We are officially started on rice cereal in the bottle now. That is something we never did with Lindsay either. It seems that Brooke takes 6-7 ounces of formula and then wants to eat again in 3 hours instead of 4-5. So the doc told us to beef it up a bit and add the cereal to the feedings! In another month or so we'll start trying to do some spoon feedings with the rice cereal. I can hardly believe we're already thinking about spoon feedings with her! Here are some cute pics of the girls and they once again loaded backwards on blogger...

Lindsay having fun with the boppy pillow...

Big sis reading to little sis...

Busted by Daddy reading a morning story to Miss Brooke!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Getting to know you!!

Chris, Robin & Brooke (2 days from 4 months old)
Brooke and Robin sharing some girly giggles!

Matt, Robin, Brooke, Mike & Chris in front of the yummy Flying Biscuit. I finally got a chance to eat there! Been hearing about it for years! Very yummy biscuits!

The girls!

This past Sunday Mike and I got to meet a fellow Blogger from Arkansas ROBIN! Robin it was so great to meet you and Matt! Mike and I had such a nice time having breakfast with you guys. Sorry we didn't have Lindsay with us but you certainly clicked with Brooke (as you can see by that 2nd photo). You guys had a serious long way to drive after that big breakfast at the Flying Biscuit! I hope you weren't as ready for a nap as Mike and I were! I'm so glad we were able to plan it and make it happen! Thanks so much for brunch! Maybe we'll get out your way someday or at least us girls (Kim included) will be able to plan our get together!
Thanks for listening this weekend too....You're a great ear!

Friday, November 7, 2008

More pictures not in order...GRRRR!!

Blogger is posting my photos in backwards order so excuse my storytelling. These are pics from last Sunday after church. These dresses I bought the girls were for their first pics together which we still haven't done. But maybe we'll get around to it soon!
Another whole family shot...
Daddy's Girls!

Lindsay holding Brooke and Mommy trying not to get in the photo and keep Brooke from getting her first taste of cement!
Doesn't Lindsay look so sweet?! Such a good BIG SISTER!
Lindsay is showing off her spider ring she found on the ground.

Bonfire at our block party on the Saturday after Halloween!

The fam hanging out with the neighbors!

Daddy & Lindsay's pumpkin on the left. Daddy's carved pumpkin on the right!
Things at the Bresnan's have been a little crazy lately. I've been going through some issues that I didn't expect and didn't come clean about at the time. For about a week I was experiencing some seizures that were affecting my speech. For roughly five minutes I would not be able to talk. It seems that after some medication switch ups they have gotten the seizures to stop. However the last two weeks I've been having major emotional outbursts for lack of a better word. I'm scheduled to see someone for counseling but not until the 20th of the month which based on my medication I ought to be doing much better by then (of course). I guess I've been hitting the emotional side of things this last couple of weeks all things considered with the kids I had to shut down that aspect of everything while I was in ICU to get through it. So now it seems a lot of stuff is finally coming to surface and I'm having to deal with it now. Along with starting back to work this week which has been fine but exhausting! People have been fabulous there though it's been overwhelming to see everyone again and I'm such a walking miracle it's hard to feel normal again. Just to let you all know where I've been in bloggerland. Please continue to pray for us and think all those good thoughts we still need it!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trick OR Treat...

Brooke trys on her COW COSTUME
Heading to the parade

Lindsay Lady Bug checks out her sister cow!

Cousin Adam, Brooke, Lindsay and Daddy pose for a shot.

lindsay and cousin Adam the Ninja hanging out

Lindsay trick or treats...

Lindsay & Grandmama trick or treat

Brooke hanging out with Aunt Helen

Lindsay, Brooke and Grandada

My cow up close and personal!

Our Family after the trick or treat...

More PJ's...

uncle Paul and aunt Agatha handing out the stash

Well Blogger loaded all my pics however it wanted to. I have no idea why...but here they are...enjoy!