Monday, April 27, 2009

neuro appt today

I was told by my doc today that he was "perplexed". JUST WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR??!! Now I have another round of blood work to go do tomorrow, 2 more MRI's and maybe a spinal tap before it's all over. I may be back at Emory if it gets too over his expertise...NOT the news I wanted today. I have no left leg at this point and my right leg hurts from over compensating.
I borrowed a walker from my FIL tonight but tomorrow I'm off work and trying to go get labs etc. I also had two blood transfusions at Emory so they are checking me for some HTLVantibodies which is highly unlikely! I could be deficient in B12 which is more likely but hey I am perplexing!! So why can't anyone figure out what is going on with me? I may just have to live with it as a result of brain damage...GREAT, that's my rap now...I'm brain damaged.
I never smoked, did drugs or was into any bad stuff as a kid... why now? why this?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Brooke says "Buckle Up"

Trying to lighten things up around here...She's so infectious isn't she???

Time for a new Season...

Mike and I stayed grubby today and finally pulled all the Fall/Winter stuff out of Linds' closet and it was a TON I tell you. My last shopping season at consignment (pre-aneurysm) I went overboard and I don't think Brooke will ever wear it all. Mike helped me all day matching up outfits with shirts, shorts and skorts for her. Now we need to spend some time in Brooke's room bagging up stuff she can't wear anymore.

I have been having a rough weekend. I worked 6:30-3 Thurs & Fri and then spent 6 hours in the ER Friday night because my left leg is acting up and is dragging when I try to walk. I'm hoping to see my neurologist tomorrow because I have No idea why this is happening. For the last month they've been testing me MRI's CT's EEG's. I'm not sleeping well or walking well for that matter. I wish I knew of more people that have been through this. Initially when I woke up I was so grateful to God that I survived and wanted to give back in someway for living. I was in the denial stage I suppose. Now I'm in the anger stage. I want to go back in time and go to the doctor with the headache. I want to get back my baby's first year. I want to know how to get to the next stage (acceptance) and not be so mad and regretful that this happened to me. I want my time back with my kids and be able to handle it. Mike has been awesome but dads do things diffrently than mom's. I feel like half the time I don't know what's in the diaper bag when we go out. It drives the control freak in me crazy. Maybe that is part of what I needed to learn.
I believed that my 30' s were my best years. I fell in love, got married, had babies. How should I think about my 40's?? SO many people tell me I just need time to feel like me again. But how do they really know? I thought by January we'd all be back under one roof and n0w it's April and we're still not. Someone recently told me "It takes a village" but that person was not in our position at this time in their life. I just want what's best for all my family without taking advantage and I'd like both Mike and I to start recovering.

Monday, April 20, 2009

It's RATTLE time!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


My sister pierced my ears

Daddy found Brooke like this when he went into Lindsay's room and the door was closed.
Thank goodness they're clip on's!!

Dying eggs for the first time

We didn't dare do this last year
as it was daddy didn't get a turn and we had several "brown" eggs

Catching up

Brooke & Lindsay's baskets from the Easter Bunny
Brooke having fun with her ears...

...and her off limits chocolate bunny!

sneakin' some Peeps!

Miss Lindsay showing off her hat