Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I meant to put this picture up in the Mother's Day post. Lindsay was "sharing" her beads with Adam and Mike thought it would be cute to get them both to wear one pair. As I was looking at this picture I couldn't help but think Lindsay and Adam could easily pass for brother and sister. I've looked back at pics of Adam around the same age and I see expressions that Lindsay makes too. It's so weird. It's funny to me how much my girl favors her daddy's side of the family. I always joked with him that he would never get anything close to blond and blue eyed with me and well...I was wrong. Although Lindsay's eyes were VERY blue when she was a baby they seem to be more greenish with a brown ring around the edge these days. I hope that they stay more hazel/green and don't turn brown in the end. They're so pretty now, I would love it if they stay. I suppose time will tell. It will be interesting to see who this next little girl favors. Lindsay was a mini-me when she was born. So there's no telling right off the bat.

I have an OB appt on Thursday so we'll see if there are any interesting updates from that. I have a feeling this next appt will be pretty uneventful. Our next and last big ultrasound is Tuesday after Memorial weekend. I'll be in my 32 week! I can't believe I'm in the 30's FINALLY! It's so good to know there will be NO 40 either. We're scheduled and we're hoping for no big surprises.

Baby shower pics are coming soon. I have an early meeting tomorrow so I just can't do it tonight. I hope to update tomorrow when I have a much lighter evening! However, Kim posted her pics over on her blog so click HERE to check them out. She got some awesome pictures at my baby shower!

One last thing: If anyone knows a good place to find a KID SIZED book shelf (under a hundred bucks preferably) let me know. I can't seem to find something that is her height around two-three shelves and sort of girly. I've looked around and everything is way too expensive or way to cheaply made. I checked out Land of Nod and there was nothing under 100 there. I haven't gone into any furniture stores yet. I may check out Rooms to Go Kids next. I also am about to peruse Craig's list. But I thought I'd check it out with the dear old blogger community.
I don't mind second hand if it's in good shape or needs paint. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Lindsay really does favor Adam alot. that is such a sweet picture of them!

and Kimmie's shower pics are awesome. It looked like it was a really good time. You are so blessed to have such awesome friends, girl!

Have a wonderful wednesday!

Andrea said...

We have some three shelf book shelves that came from wal-mart that were around $30 if I remember right. You won't find anything fancy or kid decorated at there at that price, but you can always use paint and stencil at home right?

Do check Craig's list first though...

Angela said...

Wow, they really do look alike. I photo of them together is adorable.