Friday, February 29, 2008


...Black Patent Leather Shoes...
Another crazy morning with Daddy. Lindsay didn't want to wear anything but her black patents and her socks...
Her latest fave place to eat her meals is on the floor in her booster seat....whateveh... notice the high chair right behind her in the background?? Yeah, right.
Can you say runny nose and I need a haircut??? BUT my shoes look good!!
Oh yeah! I'm stylin' now!

Happy Leap Day

We're alive...I'll update this weekend! Happy Leap Day to one and all!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lindsay Learns to Drive

This is the last of the back log of pics from Orlando. This is Lindsay begging gramma Carol to let her drive the Lexus in her kitchen. Ha!ha! Yeah, we SO would never have gotten away with this back in the day...would we Kim?

Lindsay finds the gas pedal! I love this shot. Look at her face and you can tell she's moving here! It was all or nothing in this car for her!
This is Lindsay's "if you're happy and you know it then your're face will surley show it" routine.
"Why no officer, I've only had whole milk today!"
I love the wall crash picture. Do you think she got in trouble for this? HECK NO! We're going to have to find her some kind of motorized car soon. She took control of the Lexus in no time. It was pretty funny to watch.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Missing My Girl...

Here are some pics from a couple of weekends ago. Lindsay had just gotten up and had to take all her babies and Barney to the living room. I think this is one of the first pics I've ever gotten of HER in the Elmo chair. Well, I actually did shop til I dropped on Tuesday. Apparently I wasn't just wiped out from a long day of shopping and being pregnant. I also was coming down with the crud everyone in my office had last week. Not only do I have it but so does Mike, who NEVER gets sick. We're a pair right now I tell you. Both of us miserable is not a good thing. We're very thankful that Grandma & Grandpa stepped in and picked Lindsay up for a few days. They picked her up at school yesterday and are keeping her again tonight. I haven't been back to work this week and Mike should be resting but has been working instead. We have a quiet weekend coming up so we're hoping to get Lindsay back tomorrow night. She's having a BLAST at the Grandparents though. She's been sick this week too but it hasn't slowed her down any. Amazing. I'm so thankful I've had these two days to lay around and rest. I'm stir crazy now which explains my blogging. But I miss my girl soooo much when she's not home!
I love this picture of her even though she needs to lose the paci and seriously needs a haircut!
I had to reschedule my much needed cut & color for next week. I'm trying to talk Mike into taking Lindsay to my hairdresser for a trim. We'll see if it happens or not. I really would like to get that hair trimmed up before Easter at least.
Hope everyone is having a good week and staying warm and dry! Another blessing, not having to go out in this weather the last two days!
I'm heading back to the couch.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Shopped Til I Dropped...

Hello all!

Just wanted to pop on and say that the Kidsignments was awesome once again! Got a pretty good amount of cute things for spring/summer for Lindsay. I did look in the infant section but I just didn't see anything cuter than the loads of stuff I already have in wait. So I didn't buy anything at the sale for the wittle one. However, I did get her a few cute things at Discover Mills after the sale! Gotta love The Children's Place outlet for their .99 cent and 1.99 buys! Seriously, nothing I bought was over 3.99 and I walked out of there with a BAG FULL for 22$
I love the twice a year shopping sprees! I'll take some pics of the loot this weekend and I also got two of the SWEETEST matching dresses at the Carter's store for the first SISTER photography session!

I also got to meet ANDREA from Royal Family & CARON from Blessed with Rich's...that was great! Thanks so much Caron for everything! YOU ROCK! We have to hook up again at BON JOVI!! Also, so glad Tara from Evan's Life and her old roommate Jennifer could hang out with us in line and at the mall after. Missy and I had a great time shopping with ya'll. We'll have to do it again in the Fall!

I'm exhausted tonight. I'm only blogging to stay awake through the last hour of IDOL and then I'm off to bed.

Oh, several of you have asked about the rash I's gone...completely...I have no clue why or what but I'm not saying it aloud! THANK YOU!!

We have NO idea what this baby is going to be named so feel free to leave me some ideas/suggestions in the comments if you like. Who knows, maybe someone on the blog will give us the name that will CLICK!
Any input will be appreciated even if we don't use the name...tee,hee!


Monday, February 18, 2008

What Goes Around Comes Around...

...My clever title to tell you about how Lindsay aquired this Sit-n-spin. About four years ago Mike and I bought this toy for some friends of ours daughter's birthday. Low and behold they passed it back down to us earlier this year. Gotta love an investment like that! Who knew when we bought this for Anna we'd be watching our own daughter play with it four years later. Can't you tell she LOVES IT!?!
Lindsay likes to give her dolls and Barney and Mickey rides...we're not happy til EVERYONE is able to RIDE!
Mike is just amazed that she can do this by herself now. Just a few weeks ago we still had to spin her. Now she FLYS on this thing. She even does the "crossover" with her arms as she spins herself! I tell you if Sit-n-Spin were an olympic sport...we'd have a prodigy on our hands!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentine Surprises

Since my hubby is always so dear to give me roses every year this year I decided to give him "A Dozen Reeces" his fave candy. I saw the idea at Kroger and decided to do my own version. I used the green peanut M&M's as a holder for the sticks and got the heart shaped Reeces. I thought it came out cute. The red hippo was Lindsay's V-day gift from mom & dad and as you can see in the photo below she loves him!

This photo cracks me up. I found it on the camera. One of those Mike and Lindsay moments while I'm at work. He told me later that she absolutely wanted her PJ's back on this particular morning even though she was already dressed. So rather than undress her he just put them half way on over her clothes. This seemed to make her happy. He improvised and tied the feet around her waist to she wouldn't trip. So here she is with all of her vices...crayons or COLORS as she calls them and TWO paci's! She is happy as can be! I don't know how he managed to get the pj's off before heading out the door to daycare but I'm glad I missed it! Ha!ha! I can hardly wait for the days she wants to dress HERSELF! I'm glad Dad has morning duty!!!
I'm catching up a bit here so scroll down to see my other post from today. Just getting caught up with Blogger land!
Have a great week everyone!

Story Time with Mommy

Lindsay's famous "I don't know..."
Lindsay reading to mommy and following along on the page.
Gotta love this face!!!
So these pics are from a couple of weeks ago. I still have so many pics to post. It seems there just hasn't been the time lately. I've been too tired at night to even think about it. We're heading into crunch time with Prom Season coming and needing to work on Lindsay's new room. I'm starting to sweat it just a little. I just know in another couple of months I'm not going to be as productive and it seems like other things keep getting in our way these days too.
I know we'll get it all done eventually. If I can survive having my whole house ripped up to do new floors and carpet two months before Lindsay was born I should be able to handle pulling together the "big girl" room. I just wish it was already done!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Here she all her glory!!

(Note: if you click on the picture you can enlarge it and see more detail)
The top four pics are all the "girly shots". There's definitely NO doubt now.
Here is a can count the toes if you look closely. Her other foot is beside it but sort of blury.
The top two are baby facing camera and the bottom two are profile shots.

More profile shots.

It's good to know people. These pictures were much better than the ones I got at my last "scheduled" ultrasound. They actually gave me a picture of a femur bone and a spine shot. Seriously...who does that? Anyway, all is well. We passed all the latest blood work with flying colors. We go back for another scan March 4th and we don't see the OB again til sometime around St. Patrick's day. Things are moving right along. I can't believe I'm almost half way through the pregnancy! Now, if we can only decide on a name!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

100% SURE

Sorry to leave ya'll hanging...I was exhausted last night. I have some great pics to proove this post and some feet and head shots too. I promise to get them up here tonight! We're very excited that Lindsay will have a SISTER!

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! HOORAY FOR THE WEEKEND! Only a few days left til Kidsignments...I need some cell phone numbers I want to hook up with ANDREA & CARON at least to say HI!! EMAIL ME!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Hope everyone is having a SWEET day!

Check back for some OFFICIAL baby updates later tonight!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Look A Like Meter

Yeah, yeah...whatever! We tried this with three different pics and one time it said ME by 14% and another time it said Lindsay looks equally like us. But the pics I liked the best called more like Mike! Have fun with this it's pretty easy! We'll have to do this with the next baby too.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Orlando vacation...more photos

Here are Lindsay's Aunt Teresa & Uncle Ernie
Lindsay & her cousin Matthew are warming up to each other.
After we met Aunt Teresa and family for breakfast we went to cousin Ed's house for dinner the same night. Here's his new kickin' set up.
Lindsay checking out what Cousin Ed is doing on the floor. Notice her Harley jacket? A gift from my other sister Jean and her boyfriend Brent.
Lindsay helps daddy and cousin Ed put together some chairs for his new dining room suite.

Lindsay gets more Christmas presents (in January!)
Meet Baby Alive. She drinks and pees...oh joy! Just what we
Lindsay gets some early potty training reading from her cousin Ed.
Falling asleep on Ed's sister..cousin Mary!
Ed cooked us a fabulous dinner in his renovated kitchen and his new shiny red pots he got for Christmas!

Random Question....

Did anyone watch Survivor- Fans VS. Favorites last night??? Did you see the Fan castaway that looked like a young JON BONJOVI???? Very similar features I tell you. CBS has me hooked at least until that guy gets voted off. WOOHOO...CLICK HERE
Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Lindsay's Surgery 1/30/08

Here are some pics from our time in the preop area. Wasn't the mini hospital gown just the cutest? The Barney doll was her surgery get well gift from mommy & daddy. Aunt Patti came along for moral support. Thanks so much for being with us!
Check out our little basketball girl. She was very busy playing with all the toys.
Slam dunk! Looking a little drugged up here. It was just a Motrin/Tylenol dose. You know what we were trying to pose here, right??? Ha!Ha! That's for you Cup of Joe!
Planning her escape...
Oh Yeah...I'm feelin' good. Let's go get some tubes!!
Daddy got to go with Lindsay to the OR until she got put under. That was really helpful I think. Much better than some other stories I've heard. Lindsay was still VERY unhappy when she was coming out of it. We heard her coming all the way down the hall. It took about 15 minutes of screaming to finally calm her down but she was fine after that. We all took a nice 3 hour nap later that day at home. So far, Lindsay hasn't had any complications and we're expecting the tubes to be as wonderful as everyone says. YAY! No more ear infections!

Here we are at home after the surgery. A MUCH happier & HUNGRY baby!
Gotta feed Barney too.

Pink? Blue? maybe....YELLOW?

Well, it's still sort of a mystery. Baby looked great yesterday. I can't believe how big we looked already! However, neither the tech or the doc could really get the "money shot".

Tech and doc both had the same opinion though.

The shot between the legs that they got was sort of looking up from the bottom so "things" were sort of blocked from view.

Doc said 80% he now thinks it's a ......GIRL!!! But he's been wrong before so come back in four weeks. SERIOUSLY???

I've had my head in boy mode for so long I was sort of shocked. However, we're THRILLED either way. The thought of Lindsay having a sister is just awesome to me! Then again we're still not totally sure.

I'm going to go in a couple of days before the big consignment sale and get another scan. Since I work there you know I have connections...tee,hee. Anyway, I better not be hearing "oops, it's a boy" after that sale and I didn't buy any boy clothes!! LOL!

Sorry I didn't update last night. We were crazy busy, went to dinner and then little Miss didn't want to go to bed last night. I was exhausted and fell asleep. But here I am for YOU bloggers taking care of business BEFORE work bright and early. :)

Oh and the sucky news....I'm still itchy. Worse now than before. The Perinatologist suggested PUPPS again. I'm not happy. I see my OB on Monday so we'll see what she thinks. This is crazy!!

I have no ultrasound pic b/c they didn't give us one yesterday and we were in such a stupor we forgot to ask. I'm going to run by there today and see if they can still print one up for me.

Have a great Wed everyone!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Happy Fat Tuesday!

Fat Tuesday photo 2007 Look how much I've changed!
Lindsay celebrates this past Saturday at a Chef and the Fat Man show!
Barney gets in on the action!
Tuesday is the day we hopefully find out if we're having a boy or girl! We have an ultrasound in the late afternoon so stay tuned for the big blog announcement tomorrow evening!
I promise to finish up the Orlando pics very soon as well.
Oh, I'm still itching too. Went to the dermatologist today and they didn't really have any more answers. I'm trying a stronger cream and if it's not better in a week then they'll do more tests. Oh joy. I'm hoping this goes away very soon!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Tribute to Freckles- Girl's Best Friend!

Let's get the last of the sadness on the blog so we can move on to happier things this week. Thank you so much to all of you who have sent us condolence cards and emails. It means so much to Mike and I that so many of you understand how hard this past week was for us. For both Mike and I these were our first pets that we've had from babies to seniors.
The first photo I ever took of Freckles. I found her running the parking lot at Sam's club. She was a beautiful shade of Georgia red clay before her bath and this first picture. She was approx. 3 months old. She was a fun puppy but she cried so much the first night I almost didn't keep her.
But how could I resist this face??
Yes, I really loved my dog! LOL! She was my single girl dog. She lived in a lot of places with me for a lot of years til we finally settled down with Mike! Then she became HIS dog. Trust me on this one, she loved him. All animals love Mike aka St. Francis.

The 2003 Christmas Card photo. This was the year Max claimed us. Our pre human kid Christmas card days!

Freckles after her first shave of the summer (May 2006). I love this most recent photo of her. You can see she is really getting gray. But she looks so happy prancing in the yard with her fresh new do and her bandana! I know she is in a happier place now. Lindsay still calls all dogs Freckles and that's hard for us but so cute. She finally calls Max by his name but it comes out "Mack" which is hysterical when she says "Hey Mack!" Again, I know Max will be her growin' up dog but I hope that she'll look back fondly with us and somehow retain some memory of our sweet Freckles.

Some of you have asked if we're thinking of getting anymore pets. We've decided to hold off on that for now. We'd like to bring the next baby home and get through those first months before introducing more chaos into the house. New pets need lots of attention and our hands will be full with a two year old, a new born and a neurotic chow chow. However, we're rescue people. We figure when the time is right some lost soul cat or dog will find it's way on our door step and we'll probably take it in. Maybe we'll wait til the kids are old enough to pick out their own pup or kitten and we'll go that route. Freckles and Midnight are certainly missed. It would feel too disrespectful at this point to get another cat or dog. Hopefully Max will do ok with only Lindsay and soon a new baby for companions. We may have to revisit things later if he's not doing well, we'll see.
Thanks again everyone for all your sweet comments and memories that you've shared. I promise no more tear jerker posts for a while!

Love The Bresnan's!