Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pics from Pettit Creek Farms

Morning Faces!
Brooke's first visit to Chuck E. Cheese with Lindsay and the Smiths!

Chuck wore her out!

Lindsay did great at the petting zoo and loved feeding the goats.

The four of us on the hayride!

Lindsay did NOT want to feed the camels. However they were extremely friendly, no spitting and Daddy fed them so they were happy with us!

Our little monkey with her snack of choice for the night POPCORN!

Silly Time with Santa!

Here are our pictures with the Santa at McD's!
Santa let Linds play with his jingle bells!

Here Santa gets a little too close for comfort...

Lindsay leaning in for a kiss on the cheek! What a brave girl!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lindsay is warming up to Santa

Last night we went to Pettit Creek Farms and enjoyed a hayride through the light display. Lindsay really enjoyed it and we managed to hit it on the last warm night before the temps dropped on us again. After all the rain it wasn't very busy but we decided to brave it last minute and we were so glad we did. Lindsay got to meet and talk with the Santa and she was SO excited afterward. Today, after church we stopped at a Mcd's for lunch and there was a Santa there too. She was beside herself to talk to him and kept looking out the window to see what Santa was doing. This photo from Pettit creek was the best so far this season but I actually got some cuter pics at McD's today.

We're getting ready to head out for Daddy's Birthday Dinner with our friends Karen and Kevin so no time to load more photos now. Happy Birthday to you Mike! I love you and I am So happy to say that you and I both are here to celebrate this Christmas and our birthdays with both of our beautiful babies!
We hope everyone else is having a wonderful Christmas season!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Brooke at 5 months!

Brooke is loving her cereal feedings and then being topped off with formula afterward.
Daddy took these pics too.

Big cheesy face! Gotta love it!

The official Bresnan tree for 2008!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Breakfast with Santa 12/14/08

Me and my girls...
Brooke didn't mind Santa one bit. However, you won't see a picture with Lindsay and Santa, not from this day. She freaked out and cried the second she saw him. We didn't force it this year. But, there is still time!

Brooke's first Santa time! She had to tell him what she AND Lindsay wanted from him this year!

Brooke with her cousins Derek & Adam. I love how everyone is looking at Brooke!

Uncle Paul & Aunt Agatha with their God daughter

Lindsay recovering from a Santa sighting, staying close to Dad.

I just love this photo

Lindsay and Derek laughing it up!

Brooke's First Time in the High Chair

How can you resist this face??
Lindsay stands on her little purple chair now to do everything!

Yummy, yummy in my tummy!

Keep it coming BIG SISTER!

Brooke & Lindsay

Brooke got her hands on Lindsay's chex mix snack bowl and was very happy getting a taste!

This convinced us it's time to try some rice cereal on a spoon with her now and we've been very successful eating that way the last couple of days!

Aunt Patti with her girls!

Talking to Santa!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Decorating

This past weekend we took the kids up to Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve's house to help decorate their tree. I never discussed on the blog that we lost Steve's dad, Larry, this past summer right before Brooke was born. Yes, it's been an intense year for my whole family not just Mike and myself. So this is the first holiday season we're spending without Grandpa and it was decided that we should begin the season with a happy decoration get together! This was also Lindsay's first time decorating a tree. This Christmas is really fun with Lindsay. She is so into the lights and the idea of Santa and all of it. It should be a pretty exciting Christmas eve and morning for us this year. Not to mention it's baby Brooke's first Christmas as well. We're so sad that grandpa isn't here to celebrate with us. Lindsay and he had a very special bond and I hate that Brooke never got to meet him. He would have loved her smile! But we know he's watching over all of us now...

Lindsay all bundled up to go swing (one of her favorite things to do at Aunt Patti's house)

Brooke meets Aunt Claire (grandpa's sister) for the first time.

Lindsay is already scaring us to death. This is our friend Jeff. She LOVES him. She called him her BOYFRIEND and I am totally serious. I asked her tonight who Jeff was and she answered "my boyfriend". We are in soooo much trouble! Jeff is fabulous with her. She cornered him on the couch and talked his ear off, made him play a memory flash card game with her and subjected him to pushing her on the swing in freezing tempertures and we never heard a complaint out of him! Thanks Jeff!

Lindsay and Uncle Steve playing their Reindeer games!

Donna and Lindsay decorating the tree together

Lindsay would clap every time she got one on the tree with no problems.

Here is a close up picture of the chain link decoration that Lindsay made with a little help from Aunt Pat and Aunt Claire

The finished product!



Daddy took some pics of the girls playing one morning and here is what I found on the camera when I got home from work.

Barney Addict in Training!


Thanksgiving Part 2

Well it's catch up time on the blog. I'm off tomorrow so I'm staying up a little later and blogging and addressing Christmas cards! On the Sunday after Thanksgiving we all got together on Mike's side of the family for food fest part II! Sorry Brooke next year you'll get more to eat than exersaucer!
Lindsay loving her cupcake!

Linds and Adam hanging out at the "art work" table. Adam is making sure that Lindsay isn't trying to get his personal bag of Uncle Mike's Chex mix. GO DEREK, check him out in the background feeding Brooke. He's such a great big cousin!

Here's a better shot of Derek and Brooke

Lindsay is getting to the point where she wants to do EVERYTHING herself. So here is her "self portrait"!
We all had a nice time and it was even nicer not to have to do two Thanksgivings on the same day. We did that once and never again! You eat too much the first place and then feel bad for not eating enough at the second place! This way there is no guilt!