Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pre-K Orientation


Last night Mike and I went to pre-k orientation for Miss Lindsay. We got all the rules we need to follow. Lindsay has to wear closed toed shoes to school every day, since the play ground has wood chips and typical 4 year olds ride the big wheels and such and stop by dragging their toes. Mike and I got to meet Lindsay's teacher Miss Kathleen and she has been at the school since it opened, 16 years! She comes highly rated to us by the school administrators and several other parents that we met who came before us with other siblings! She seems very nice and we enjoyed speaking with her. Mike made sure to tell her that Lindsay has not been in school for the last two years and she seems like she does not play well in her age circle anymore, but goes for the littler kids in social situations. We wanted her to know that Lindsay is more used to being primarily with adults. We have her daily schedule which is from 8:15 sharp til 3:00 dismissal. They get 2 snacks and lunch plus they get to go outside to play twice a day. There is one 30 minute rest period which I am sure Lindsay will hate because she has already dropped her naps. I can't believe my first baby is actually entering the school system! Where does the time go? I can remember her birth plain as day as if it were yesterday!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Picnic Time

Brooke & Lindsay enjoying the picnic table the got from Aunt Patti & Uncle Steve.
Lindsay starts pre-k one week from yesterday.
Some funny words from Brooke: on the camping trip she called the Motor Home the "mow-home"
Mommy made the mistake saying in front of Brooke "it's hotter than a Mother out here" Brooke's translation "it's hotter than a mudder out here" oops the parrot that she is. Mommy should have known better!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Bresnan Camping Trip 7/23-725

My little tom-boy fishing!
Daddy putting Lindsay's worm on the hook.

Lindsay fishing while Grandmama watches from behind.
Brooke enjoys a smore!

Uncle David chillin'
Grandmama & Grandada enjoying smores!

Mommy & Lindsay

Aunt Agatha snuggles with Brooke
Everyone say "Smores!"

Linds getting ready for her FIRST Tube Trip!

Posing for Tube Magazine

Brooke THINKS she is getting to tube. But DADDY said NO WAY!

Another poser for Tube Mag

Derek and Lindsay were Fishing buddies!

Grandmama hanging out
Lindsay loves to fish.

Derek checking out the prospects

Lindsay scores in Ring Toss!

Lindsay and Adam playing Ring Toss together.

GO Lindsay!


The boys checking on their minnows

Linds shows off her new BARBIE fishing pole!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pediatrician Update


We took Brooke and Lindsay to the doc for check ups today.
Brooke weighed 29.9 pounds and was 34 1/2 inches long.
Lindsay weighed 36.0 pounds and was 40 inches tall.
Brooke had to get 3 shots because we missed her 15 and 18 month appts. (oops)
Lindsay had to get FIVE shots so she could be ready for pre-k. She took it pretty well, although there was some crying and some no, no,no's being screamed. Brooke did a great job, although she watched Lindsay and the second we told her it was HER turn she started crying...poor baby. But she only got hers in the legs. Lindsay got all hers in the arms. Overall, they did a really good job. Lindsay passed her hearing and vision tests with flying colors! Dr. Turlapaty said they both looked really healthy. She said Brooke was walking just fine for her age. We were a little concerned that she seems a little pigeon toed sometimes. But Dr.T said her feet and ankles looked great! It's hard to believe that in 2 weeks Lindsay will be in Pre-K!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A nice Visit with Friends!

Daddy with Brooke on his back in the deep end of the pool.
Jeff, Brooke, Carol, Chris, Lindsay & Barney!

Our friends the Zindell's drove up from Florida yesterday on their way to Tennessee to visit their grandchildren. Carol visited with us back in September 2008 after I came home from the hospital after my aneurysm and helped us with driving me back and forth to therapy and spoiled Mike and I with yummy home made meals. We tried to see them on the way to orlando but they were out of town. They called us once they knew they were coming and invited us to their hotel to let the kid's swim. We also went to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner with the kids. Mike and I had a great time getting to visit, although the kid's were extremely cranky and barely got through the meal. Thankfully, they have grandkids and were very understanding. We are hoping to get a visit with them in their home town next time we can make a trip to Fla.
Thanks for coming Jeff and Carol it was so good to see you and have you see the girls even though they were in rare form!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Brooke's New Bedding

Here is a photo of Brooke's new bedding.
Too bad it does not match Lindsay's, unfortunately Lindsay's was discontinued since we ordered her bedding.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

...Yet ANOTHER Birthday Party!!! Happy 12th Caylin!

Lindsay & Brooke in Hard Rock shirts that came from their grandmother.
Brooke & Daddy trying out the water.

Brooke practices her swimming.

Graison about to go under water.

Daddy trying to talk Linds into jumping out to him, but she is rejecting.

Swimming with Dad.

Lindsay loves getting on Daddy's back while he swims under water with her!

There they go!!

Lindsay under water while Zoe swims to the side.

1,2,3 JUMP!

Scarlett holding the new baby Lilly...Just look at ALL that hair!!
Brooke gets into jumping off the side to Daddy! She has NO FEAR!

It started raining pretty hard and the older kids were getting shaded under the diving board.

Another cute baby, for the life of me, I can't remember her name!

Great photo Missy!

Lindsay & Daddy in the Deep end of the pool!

Getting ready for Happy Birthday time.

Happy Birthday to you... Dear Caylin!

Great smile Birthday Girl!

Lindsay & Graison BFF'S sharing a towel!
Caylin LOVES her purse from Aunt Kimmie in Orlando!!