Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sleeping Like A Baby

If anyone tells you they slept like a baby, they probably don't have one! Although you wouldn't believe that we don't get much sleep around here by the looks of these photos either. 7/16/08 Brooke in the cradle ready for a long night's sleep...HA!

Just like Lindsay, we can't keep the girl tucked and swaddled. She's a little Houdini I tell you!
This was just before a rude awakening diaper change. I liked the comparison shot of her and the Snoopy size wise. One day we won't believe she was ever this small!
Snuggle up with Daddy
Doesn't she just look like a cherub floating in a cloud??
Snuggled up on mommy. Brooke's favorite place is too snuggle up on your neck or shoulder. She's a total snuggle bug!
Just for the record those pics in the cradle are about the only time she's spent there. Brooke does not seem to like her cradle. She sleeps best in the "magic" swing. We borrowed Missy's cradle swing and I tell you it IS the magic swing! She also likes to sleep in her car seat. It's funny, because Lindsay did fine in the cradle and didn't really like the swing or her car seat much at this age. Brooke is totally the opposite. I've been unable to be comfortable in the bed for a while so all of us have been couch sleeping now for a while. Lindsay oddly enough is the only one sleeping in a bedroom these days! However, I had a fat nap today while my MIL was here helping out. I slept in the bed and can actually almost lay on my stomach again! WOOHOO! I know that really doesn't sound super exciting but it's a major milestone when you've had a C-section!

Overall, we're doing ok this week. The girls and I have been pretty much homebodies. We're looking forward to Aunt Kimmie and her girls coming up for a visit from Florida next week. We're also looking forward to going over to Grandma & Grandpa's next week to spend some time with the girls cousins Derek and Adam before they go back to school. I'm still trying to catch up the blog and get more current stuff up. I'm loving the new option to schedule a post so I can do a few at a time when I have a free moment!
More soon!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

7/23/08 The Back Seat is FULL!

Heading out to the park for a bit. I SO predicted this photograph when we bought Lindsay her doll car seat. Crack me up! Please over look our overgrown yard...our neighbor cut it for us two days ago!
Lindsay's doll car seat fits perfectly between her and Brooke. Oh and then there's the dolly on her lap too. So we have four babies in the back now. Can you say MINI VAN? UGH. Maybe when/if gas ever comes back down in price.
Proof that we were at the park for Brooke's first time. I was still feeling sick and short of breath this day. It was right before I went back to the hospital so I only took these two pics at the park of Brooke. I was too tired to chase down Lindsay and take anymore.
Angel Baby! Brooke Marie 12 days old~

Monday, July 28, 2008

Our First Outting as a family of Four!

On Saturday night I decided that we'd try to see if we could actually make it out of the house, all four of us, dressed and ready to go to Mass on Sunday morning. We decided we'd shoot for the 10:45 but if we had a long night or didn't make it we'd go to the 12:15. Well, we made it but it was more like 12:30...oops. I hate walking in during the Homily but hey I think a two year old and a two week old ought to earn me a pass to be a little late to places right now. Not to mention that 15 minute "Bresnan time" window that I married into and now seem to depend on myself! HA!

The proud grandparents holding their newest! Thankfully they saved us seats!
Here we stand all four of us. This is the spot I was Confirmed, and where Mike and I took our Vows. Our church is under construction and almost finished with a new gorgeous sanctuary. This altar will soon be gone. It's bittersweet for us since this area where we have Mass now will soon be something completely different. Lindsay was baptized in the chapel because the roof was being repaired at that time. Brooke may be the first baptism in the new church if all goes on time. If not, she'll probably be baptized in the same place as Linds. Either way we wanted to get one last picture together here. We're not sure if we'll make it to whatever the final Mass will be in this church and I was very happy to get this shot of us all here.
Lindsay has been spending lots of time with her grandparents and has been going to church more regularly than anyone else in our house. She has learned to make the sign of the cross and she says most of the prayer at the table when she feels like it. (Sometimes between a bite or two of food that she can't wait to eat!) She couldn't wait to get to the Holy water before we left and since we hung out til the church was empty Mike took a couple of pics.
Lindsay says "Father, Son, AMEN" for whatever reason she forgets or won't say "Holy Spirit". It's pretty funny. The other place she likes to bless herself these days is in the bath tub. Mike has managed to finally get it on video. She stands up (in all her glory) shoves her arm into her blue Tupperware cup and does the sign of the cross. It's hysterical.

At any rate Sunday was a good day. We had lunch after church with Mike's parents and then did some grocery shopping. Both girls were angels and Lindsay was especially well behaved considering she had no nap. I really enjoyed being out of the house for most of the day. I haven't gone out without Mike yet. I'm wondering how soon I'll actually go out with both kids alone and feel like I can handle it? It's scary enough keeping up with one! Yikes! I definitely don't intend to try it until I feel up to the task. For now I'm still not moving at top speed with my C-section incision. We'll see in another week or two!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Here's the scoop...more craziness...can I get a break please??

Sometimes it stinks to be right. I KNEW something was really wrong with my recovery since Brooke was born. I went to my OB appt on Wednesday and I got myself bounced right back into the hospital. It was a pretty scary day but I'll cut to the chase and let you all know I'm home now and just fine. Thank GOD!

The chest pain, shortness of breath and cough was enough for my OB to send me right back to the hospital. They admitted me and my room was like grand central station. Not the best feeling when you think something is really wrong with you but then again, really glad I had so many people on my case. They did a chest xray to rule out fluid in my lungs and possible pneumonia. The xray showed that my heart was borderline enlarged. After that I had a EKG, echo cardiogram and a CT scan to make sure I did not have a blood clot in my lungs. Obviously, a blood clot would have been worst case scenario but is treatable if they catch it in time. Turns out that my whole problem was fluid retention. My body was not releasing all of the excess fluid it had post pregnancy. They gave me a drug called lasix through an IV and I spent two hours running to the bathroom getting rid of fluid! I seriously donated TWO LITERS of urine in under an hour and a half. Immediately after that I had no more chest pain and I did a lap around the floor I was on and was not short of breath anymore. Amazing! So now I'm on the lasix orally for one week til all of the residual swelling is down in my feet and hands. I go back in three weeks for another check on my heart. Apparently once the fluid is back to normal my heart size should be as well.

I feel like I dodged a major bullet. As you can imagine, considering how our medical LUCK has been running lately I was imagining all of the worst case scenarios. I was pretty freaked out.

So that's what's been going on over here the last two days. More drama.

To add insult to injury I just found out today that my benefits at work are not what I was led to believe and I have to go back to work two weeks sooner than I planned. I can tell you that the melt down I had over that today has not been pretty. It's way too much to explain via the blog but suffice to say I feel very mislead and my disability benefits are not being paid out to me the same way they were two years ago when I was out with Lindsay. This is my last baby and I feel like I'm being cheated of time with her that I'll never get back. Not to mention with Mike's upcoming surgery and everything that will entail I'm not sure how I'm supposed to go back to work two weeks sooner when he's still going to be recovering. We had this planned to the exact time frame that my leave was supposed to be so that both of us would have sufficient recovery time from surgeries. This should be a joyous time and I've been trying hard to still feel that joy and not let all this other stuff bog me down and take away from what's important. I know that I should feel blessed that my husband is alive and I have two healthy, beautiful daughters!
So with that, I won't say anymore other than I'm shutting down this weekend and enjoying my family. The rest of it can wait.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

7/14/08 Hospital Day 4

OK, I was only in the hospital five days but I told you we took a TON of photos! This is actually part one of day 4. On this day Lindsay came to visit for the second and final time. We got some really great pics of her with Brooke. Lindsay's reaction to Brooke every time was so great. Even now at home she is so IN TO her sister. We've only had a couple of "jealous" moments where I was holding Brooke and Lindsay pulled the "mommy hold you" card. Each time she has seemed satisfied to sit next to me and cuddle with her sister or help feed Brooke a bottle. I'm feeling very good about the way Lindsay has taken to being a big sister. I have a separate post I'm working on of the pics of Lindsay & Brooke.

Here is Brooke with our OB...same great lady who brought Lindsay into the world too!
This onsie cracks me up! Thanks Tracie & Alecia! Love this pic of Brooke too!
Brooke meets my boss Kevin!
Our friend Shannon dropped in for a visit.
Check her out! She already knows how to hold her paci! Smart girl!
Our priest Father Frank with Brooke. He will Baptize her soon. Father Frank has known Mike and I since we were dating. He married us and will have Baptized both of our girls. He is truly special to our family!
Mommy & her Big Girl!
Aunt Patti giving kisses and taking care of a little melt down.
Some friends of ours delivered this giant monkey to us for Lindsay!
I think she likes him!
Tomorrow is my two week check with my OB and Mike sees his vascular surgeon again...the fun never stops. Lindsay is going to get some QT with her cousins and Brooke is coming along with mom and dad. I will update more when I can on the current stuff. It's been a rough and tumble week. NO ONE got out of their pj's yesterday and we barely made it today. We did manage to go to the playground tonight and let Lindsay blow off some steam. Poor kid hasn't been outside in three days. I'm having some weird issues that I'm very glad I'm seeing the doc tomorrow. Maybe it's anxiety but I'm having trouble breathing and get out of breath just walking across a room. I feel like I should be doing much better than I am at this point. I got some extra sleep today but at the expense of Mike and now he's exhausted. I guess that's how it goes for the first few months though. One or both of the parents is always on the low end. It's just harder knowing Mike is still facing another surgery in about four weeks. I'm so thankful for all the help we have. I can't imagine going through this with no family around. Two kids at this stage makes one baby seem like a piece of cake! I'd never go back though...Brooke is another precious miracle and we're SO lucky to be where we are. The hormone stuff seems a little better since we got Lindsay home. Now if I can just FEEL better I would be so much happier.
Thanks again to all of my blog pals. Several of you have sent me private emails and I swear I am getting them. I've not had the time to respond like I should. It means so much to us to know you guys are praying for Mike and I and that you are enjoying our blog!
More soon!

Hospital Day 3

Our view from our room...pretty nice eh? Somehow I managed to get the top floor in the new section of the Women's Center! Sweet!
Brooke trys on her Snoopy outfit passed down from Lindsay
Chris, Aunt Kimmie and Brooke
I recreated this photo. I have one of me with Lindsay in this outfit.
Happy mommy & daddy with our new daughter
My nephew Michael and Brooke
Here's his girlfriend Deb with Brooke. We made a point to take pictures of each visitor for Brooke's memory book
Missy and Anthony's oldest daughter getting some baby time. Caylin is a natural!
Jessica dropped by for some baby time too! Jess, I have a new respect for you as a mommy of FOUR!
Some more of Mike's photo art. I liked this shot because it reminded me of Brooke's pregnancy ticker and Lindsay & Brooke are our "summer flowers"!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


You knew it was coming...the comparison shots. On the left is Lindsay at 1 day old. On the right is Brooke at 1 day old. Uncanny how they have their hands in the same pose! I have been having fun looking back at Lindsay at this age and comparing Brooke and their features.

Linday's first night home was tough to say the least. We called my sis the next morning at 9 a.m. with an SOS and she complied. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Pat spent the day and night with us yesterday and Mike and I are up and running on a little more sleep now. Lindsay is settling in and LOVES her baby sister! More soon!!
p.s. I started this post on's Tuesday now. HA! Welcome to 2 kids....

Doctor Visit 7/17/08

Thursday was Brooke's first trip to the pediatrician. Overall it went very well. It seemed funny to fill out the paperwork and see "Brooke Bresnan" on everything and not Lindsay. I'm still getting used to the fact that I now have TWO kids! Another weird coincidence happened at the doctor with the whole name thing. When I signed her in, the child's name ahead of ours on the list was "sarah" and the mom's first name was "brooke". Mike and I just shook our heads and laughed. It's still weird!!

Here is Aunt Patti trying to wake and warn a sleeping Brooke that she's about to get the doctor once over!
Getting our weight checked. Brooke was born at 8.7 and was down to 8.2 at hospital discharge.
Two days home and we're up to 8.4! YAY, we're going in the right direction.
Here is Brooke with her Pediatrician. Brooke is not looking thrilled and like the true half Italian she is she's expressing it with her hands!!!

Thursday was sort of a wild day. I completely over did it myself. We left the house thinking we'd be gone just a couple of hours and we were gone about seven. Mike had a doctors appt as well and it was right across the street from our pediatrician. Turns out Brooke was looking a little jaundice still to her doctor so we had to go to the lab for a biliruben check. This would not have been so bad but because of our insurance we had to go to a NSH facility (as we get 100% coverage on labs if we do). So we planned to go to Mike's appt first and then up to NS Cherokee for labs. Well, Mike's appt took FOREVER and then his doctor wanted an xray which we had to go to another office for. UGH. So two doctors appts turned into four separate places we had to go. The blood work on Brooke came back great so that was good news. Her levels are going down and she does not have to go back to the doc now til she's one month old! Hooray!

Thank you Aunt Patti for coming over Thursday, going with us everywhere and helping us with Brooke over night! Wednesday was a crash day for all of us we were so tired. I finally got a good night sleep last night for the first time in over a week! Brooke on the other hand has now got her day and nights mixed up and kept Daddy up all night last night. So once again, I'm up bright and early and they are sleeping in. We have a lot of family visits planned for today so I'm hoping we can keep her up some and get her to sleep more tonight! My awesome husband took care of her all night last night and let me sleep! Thanks babe, I really needed that!

Lindsay is coming home today! I can't tell you how excited (and a bit scared) I am to have both of my girls finally at home with us!! I absolutely have been missing her to death and the hormones have been horrible the last two days because of it. I can't wait to hug and kiss her sweet face today! I know we're on borrowed time again. Once Mike has his next surgery in a month or so she'll be spending time away at relatives again. I'm so thankful for this don't get me wrong, it's just so hard on me not to see her every day. I swear she changes so much every time she goes away from me. I can't bear to think that I'm missing anything! But for now I'm not going to think about it. By tonight we'll have our family of four under one roof for the first time! I may regret it come 3 a.m. when Brooke has all of us up...LOL! It should be an interesting night around here. I guess Mike and I will be drawing straws for who watches Barney and who rocks and feeds the baby!! HA! Good times!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

7/12/08 Hospital Day 2

Classic Brooke with the bottom lip sucked in.

Sweet Angel Baby
"What do you mean I'M the Little Sister??"
Tara drops by for a visit!
Lindsay's first visit to see her little sister! She ran straight to DADDY!
Grandmama holding Brooke
Lindsay is like her mommy...checks the toes out first!
I'd say we have one proud big sis!
Grandmama with all her grand babies. Can't wait to see how many years it takes us to get a perfect shot of this with all the kids smiling and looking at the camera! HA!HA! (Thanks Derek for cooperating!)
Lindsay was all smiles and giggles over Brooke. It was SO sweet!
Aunt Helen and cousins Adam (l) and Derek (R) get in on some baby time!
Derek loves both his cousins!
Adam gets his chance to hold Brooke by himself!Brooke meets her Uncle David!
Mommy finally gets Lindsay time. She was apprehensive to get on the bed with me.
During our visit the nurses came in and took out the epidural and iv's. YAY! I was able to get dressed which helped Lindsay want to be around mom more. I love the way Brooke is holding her hands in this shot.

Mommy & her Girls for the first time
Lindsay is very curious about Brooke.
Lindsay receives her gift from baby Brooke. Her own new baby and Graco carseat! This was a huge hit with Lindsay!
Too funny...little mama instinct already!
I'd say Brooks is one PROUD GRANDPA and just a little happy with the name we picked for his second granddaughter!