Saturday, June 30, 2007

Getting ready for RICK!!!!!!!!!!

Here is KIM in my guest room! Sporting her awesome Springfield tattoo...she brought tattoos for Missy and I too...
Kim IS Jessie's girl!
Girl's night out was ton's of fun. I have lots to blog about this Rick experience but this post is just the beginning.
Here's Missy...she chose to put her tat in a different place...
Where did ya think I was talking about? LOL! Check out her gorgeous tat and pedicure!
Donna, Missy & Kim ready with her roses for Rick.

The Rick night will have to be blogged in stages. You'll have to check out Kimmie Kay & Ko. for some video too when she gets home. For now, Lindsay, Kim and I are heading to the mall!

1 Year Photo Shoot (uncropped original pics off cd)

Money Shot...we bought several of these to give out
Love this shot but wish we had gotten the money shot smile here too...bought a few of these
We bought several of these as well.

Obviously we cropped my hand out on the portraits
This photo we zoomed in and printed close ups of her face.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


HOORAY! KIM is coming today! For those of you who don't know Kim is my other sister. We've known each other since 8th grade and I lived with her family (shared a room with her) for two years of high school!

I'm so excited to finally have her here in Atlanta staying at my house. This has not occurred since I had my apartment in my SINGLE days! She's going to get tons of Lindsay time this weekend! Lindsay is very excited Aunt Kimmie is coming!

Tomorrow night we're going to Chastain to see RICK SPRINGFIELD, Eddie Money and Scandal with some friends. My dear hubby is driving us all in style in one of the HUMMER LIMO'S. (THANKS BABE!) Kim- you seriously have clout because he usually will NOT give even ME a free limo on a FRIDAY or Saturday night. WOOHOO!

We have lots on the agenda this weekend. RICK, Lindsay's one year photos, mani/pedi's, girl's day out shopping....I can't wait!

See you tonight KIM!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Birthday Bash!

Lindsay opens a present early before everyone arrives.
She really gets into the bagged gifts! This bag played "Celebration" and Lindsay really got into it.
The Kiddie Table
The Birthday Princess Throne!
The cake did NOT come out like I imagined. Note to self...pick it out of the book next time. Publix gave it to us free so I can't complain. They really felt bad about it.
Lindsay's Smash Cake
Aunt Patti and Lindsay playing in Uncle Steve's hat. I'm thinking she needs a cowgirl hat and boots for Christmas this year!!!

Here is Graison's older sister Caylin with my drugged out baby...ha!ha! Just kidding..not a real flattering pic of Linds
Graison is such a cutie pie! She didn't mind wearing the party hat at all!
David, Helen, Derek and Cousin Ed heading to feed the trout.
I like this pic of Helen & Dave.
What sweet brothers!
Uncle David with the birthday girl!

Lindsay is sporting her special "Birthday Star" smock that aunt KK found just for the smashing!
Could we look a little more excited??
Not so into the smashing this time. She one handed it.
Finally getting a taste!

Check out that arm! She's full of frosting on one side!
Caylin, Derek & Adam were more than happy to jump in and help Lindsay smash her cake...once they were given the green light. (hey Derek...this is a total black mail picture for later!!)
Not so sure about all this...
Adam gives Lindsay a taste
I want to eat the bubbles!

The unwrapping was total chaos. The older kids opened everything and they had a blast. Lindsay will not stand for this in a few years so may as well let them have their fun!
Lindsay got a SWEET pool for the yard from Graison, Caylin & their mommy & daddy.
Lindsay is starting to LOVE her stuffed animals. She really was happy with her Piglet from her cousins.
Thank you for my party Uncle Steve & Aunt Patti. I had such a wonderful time! The food was SO good and it was so much fun to have all my family together in one place for my first birthday! Mommy and Daddy are very appreciative too.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Birthday Blog and One year check up...

I don't have the time or energy to put up the birthday pics tonight. I will say get ready because I have edited and resized some 30 pictures. I will do my best to get them up tomorrow.

Lindsay's one year check up was today. Here are her stats...

22 pounds (up 2 from 9 months)
One year ago today 7 pounds 11oz
28.5 inches long (up 1.5 from 9 months)
One year ago today 20.5 inches long

We are officially off the formula!! Tonight was her last bottle if all goes well. We are to start whole milk 2-3 times a day. We're going to try cold turkey and go off the bottle and use only the sippy cups. I think she will do well with it. I am having more of a reaction to it than her so far. Tonight I took her to the rocker in the nursery and had quiet time and enjoyed her last bottle.
My baby is now a's a bitter sweet moment for me!

Lindsay was NOT a happy girl at the doc's office today. The second we put her on the paper table she lost it. She usually does not have that reaction. It only got worse with the shots. Thank you Daddy for doing the dirty work. I went and paid the bill and booked the 15 month appt. Shots are WAY worse on Mommy...although maybe not today. Poor baby. She cried so much at the appt she knocked herself out. She took a late evening nap and then we went out to dinner with cousin Ed. He goes back to Orlando tomorrow so we wanted to have some time with him. Lindsay was much happier after her nap and put away tons of veggies, some bread and quite a bit of country fried steak (mommy pulled off the fried part).

Here's hoping a good dinner and a dose of tylenol will keep her comfortable through the night.

I'm off to finish watching a movie with Ed.

Good night from the very busy/crazy Bresnan house!

Cordele 2007

Here is Lindsay's inaugural dress for her first Watermelon Festival!
Sweet & Delicious!
Chris, Lindsay & Aunt KK on the Daphne Lodge Porch. Should you ever get to Cordele for dinner...look up Daphne Lodge. SO GOOD!
They are known for their fried catfish, hushpuppies and fried dill pickles with homemade RANCH dressing!Lindsay passed out after dinner. Mike and I completely changed her clothes and diaper and this is the way she was the entire time!
At the was 99 degrees outside. Something about heat and photo ops don't mix. I didn't really take many photos. We had did have a great time though!
The new CNFM banner!
Lindsay helps aunt KK run the board. Nice interview too!
Nap time!

Need TIME to Blog!

Hello Bloggers,

We had a GREAT weekend. Super busy. It all went very smooth considering we really pushed it to do everything we did! Lindsay was a super traveler once again. She slept quite a bit on the way back from Cordele so she was in a great mood for her party. My nephew is visiting until tomorrow and we also have Lindsay's one year check up today (SHOTS!!! UGH!) so I'll try to get some blog time in tonight if she does ok after those nasty shots!

Updates to come!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wild Watermelon Weekend

Cordele Watermelon Festival '04 (R to L: Karen, Kevin, Mike, Chris, Chef Fred)
Adam (age 2) with the 3rd place PRIZE Watermelon from the festival. We were lucky enough to take it home!
Lindsay is a watermelon FREAK! She's going to have FUN!

Tomorrow we are off to Cordele Georgia for the Watermelon Days Festival.

This is a tradition we have done with our friends from Chef and the Fat Man every year since 2003! Last year of course we didn't get to go since we had a new little one. This year we're bringing Lindsay and she is a watermelon eatin' baby so look out CORDELE, here we come.

Sunday we're heading back from Cordele bright and early and truckin on up to Ellijay for Lindsay's First Birthday Party. On the way we're picking up my nephew Ed from the airport. Lindsay can't wait to see her Cousin Ed again, he's lots of fun.

Stay tuned next week. We should have lots of photos from Cordele and of course the BBQ Birthday Bash!

Have a great weekend everyone!