Thursday, May 31, 2007

I've been tagged....

Katie from CUP OF JOE tagged her blogger pals to come up with 7 Random things about themselves. I am inviting those who read my blog to do the same. Tag YOUR IT!

Here are my 7 Random things:

1. My high school band marched in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1986. I didn't get to go (don't start groaning all of you who know me I'm not going into all of the "poor me" details) but I am determined to someday go to the Macy's parade and spend Thanksgiving weekend in NYC having a blast!

2. I have an obsession with John Travolta (that dates back to Welcome Back Kotter) and have almost met him twice. However, I didn't make it up close and personal. This failure only adds to the obsession. I have also written OPRAH (since he's her BFF next to Gail) and am patiently waiting for her "PEOPLE" to call me to be on one of her shows when he's on.

3. If I hear the song Jack and Diane come on the radio, no matter where I am or what I am doing I have to turn it up and sing at the top of my lungs! It's just something about that song!

4. I met my husband at Northside Hospital while I was working and he was a patient. His mom worked at NSH many years ago and now our baby was born there.

5. I almost broke up with Mike when we were dating about two months because "I can't find anything wrong with him and he's too nice". Thankfully I did not screw that up!

6. I moved to Atlanta in 1991 and missed my friends (boyfriend who I broke up with b/c I moved) so badly that I drove to Orlando and back in less than 24 hours to go to a party and see everyone. I left on a Saturday afternoon, skipped out on work, partied all night and drove home on no sleep in time to be at dinner at my families and never told anyone I left town. That was crazy!

7. I grew up in Florida and never ate seafood until I moved to Georgia and met my husband. I had no idea what I was missing!!

Ok, so those are mine. Not quite as wild as some. I'm sure some of my friends can top this!
Have fun!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Leggo My Eggo...

I warned you guys that we weren't doing much this weekend but we'd still have LOTS of pics
Check out Lindsay's two front teeth...
This was the first time she had mini eggo waffles and she really enjoyed them.
Not sure now what this face was about....
Oh yeah, I've got an eggo...and you can't have one!
Moving on to lunch on Sunday...our first jelly sandwich was fun.
Lindsay immediately opened it up and sucked the jelly off the bread. Is this instinct or what?
Eating like a big girl! (I told you we didn't do anything this weekend)
Here is Linds finally passed out for a nap. She fought it all afternoon. The one day daddy and I really NEEDED her to take a nice two hour nap as we were both trying to do projects around the house. She fussed and cried and finally daddy decided to rock her and this is what I found when I went to peek in on them.

So sweet....
This precious sleep only lasted 30 minutes. She woke up and was not going back down so we decided to give the house work a rest and go over to Donna and Aaron's to grill some burgers.
Now THIS is a party says Lindsay...'bout time we got out of the house today. Check out Daddy's that a yummy RUM drink?
Lindsay hanging over the back of the couch just before we left. We're in our jammies and ready for the road...this child STILL has not slept.
Teething on Donna's couch. Nice. I prefer to call this Portrait of Ziggy.
All in all we did get a ton of laundry done today and some pre packing for vacation. Daddy was able to get some stuff done too but he's back on project duty today. It's been hard having three days off and staying at home doing boring stuff. BUT, after three months of non stop Proms and overall galavanting (me & lindsay) it was time to crack the whip and get some stuff done around the house. We have lots of company coming in June and July so we're trying to avoid our usual stress fest the night before company comes!
Hope everyone else is having a fun filled weekend. We're looking forward to a short work week and the BEACH is in site!!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Irrational Fear

Why is it that I will ride THIS and THAT but NOT what you see above. (photo compliments of Kimmy Kay and Ko.)
Caroline's Birthday Horsey ride made me remember my one and only time attempting to ride a horse. I will not go into a lot of detail as it was pretty embarrassing. Let's just say my knees were shaking worse than they ever did on either of the rollercoasters mentioned above. To this day I have no desire to ride a horse. I know Mike loves to ride and so do many of my friends. However, I'm happy to just take the pictures for everyone and sit the ride out. The fact that I'll ride something that goes 200 mph straight down but will not take a leisurely stroll on hoseback makes no sense to me but there you have it.

Karen and Mike....I'd appreciate it if you keep your comments to yourselves. HA!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

MY 100th Post!

I noticed recently I was coming up on my 100th post and have been trying to figure out what I would do with it. Well, one of my best friends has finally started blogging. Really she's my other sister as we grew up together and I lived her with her family for about 3-4 years. SO....without further ado I'm introducing KIM to blogger land. Check her out and leave her comments so she'll have fun and keep coming back!

Kim- I hope you understand what it means to give you my CENTENNIAL POST! Only for you girl!

Can't wait to see you again in June! We're going to see RICK at Chastain JUNE 29th! WOOHOO! Maybe you should put a ticker from LILY PIE on your blog to count down the Rick show. Just a thought!

Love you MAN!

Friday, May 25, 2007

A Girl's Best Friend

Lindsay & Max
"puppy love"
BIG SMOOCHES....(mommy flinch) Check out Max's BLACK tongue.
What a sweetie!
Lindsay says that's enough!
Max really loves Lindsay. From day one he's always been in tune with what's going on with her around the house. He loves her now that she get's on his level to play. Even when she was an infant he always had to sniff the car seat and make sure she was in it whenever we came home.
These photos were taken this past Saturday night.
I hope everyone has a wonderful LONG weekend. Happy Memorial Day!
As for the Bresnan clan we're staying home this weekend and doing some long awaited "home projects" now that PROM SEASON is over. I'm hoping to really bust some tail Sat and Sunday so that we might play a little on Monday. I'm sure the weekend will involve more photos of Lindsay even if we do nothing at all.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Remember I mentioned a reminiscent post coming on???? Here is Lindsay with Daddy last August '06. She was just barely two months old and sporting an itty bitty bikini!!
Lindsay one day prior to the pool pics. Her first professional photo shoot.
Fast Forward...

Here is Lindsay sporting her new Speedo floaty. I scored this at TJ MAX for 3.99! It's going to be PERFECT for vacation.
Graison and her Daddy Cruise the pool in her floating car!
Lindsay, Anthony & Graison pose for a photo!
Don't you just love the car float? Graison's mom says she's getting tired of sitting in it so next time we go over we're going to try out Lindsay's driver's license.
Lindsay warms up in the sun. Check out her Old Navy TIE DIE bikini. Mike and I bought this last year when we got her first bikini for the Orlando trip last August.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pics from Friday May 18th

Lindsay sleeping on her Aunt Karen
What an ANGEL!
Playing with my camera settings here. This looks sweet in B & W.
Playing before bed time. Look at me standing at my foot stool.
Lindsay's nickname this week is PIRANHA! She's biting everything and ANYONE she can get her mouth on. Apparently she is behaving herself at daycare because we asked and they said "no, she doesn't bite here". Well, mommy is taking the brunt I can assure you. :)

Busy Blogger

Just wanted to say hello to Blogger Land. It's been a little busy this week. I've been working out again and so tired in the evenings I can't deal with getting online before bed. I'd like to say it's done me some good this week but at my weigh in last night at weight watcher's I was exactly the same weight as last week. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT???!!! I told Mike I would have rather GAINED than stayed the same after all the running and weights I did last week. Of course, he told me I was not serious and that I didn't mean that....I guess. It better show up on the scale next week or I'm seriously going to wig out. So, time to buckle down this week and pay more attention to the food again. I haven't commented much here about my weight loss journey but I am on a mission to get 25 pounds off before I get prego again. We want to start trying in a few months so I am trying to regain old GOOD habits and make a committment to regular exercise again. Now that the cysts seem to be under control (no cyst this month....shhhhhh don't tell my ovaries) I've started trying to run again. Some day I'm going to run a 5K! I am doing a program that is supposed to work me up to that but somehow I never get past around the fourth week before something happens and I fall off the wagon or I get sick and have a set back.
We're leaving for vacation in 11 days and I am looking forward to having some time at the beach to work out and not have to do it after a full day of work and dread it. The gym is located in the same building we're staying in too. WOOHOO! If I have to walk by it every day I have no excuse right?

I promise some new fun pics of Linds tonight. We have a few pics of her and Graison from the pool on Sunday!
Happy Hump Day!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Trip to Bruester's & 11 months old today!

Lindsay fights me to get her hands on her own ice cream cone!
OK, give it to me mom!
Yummmmm, it's cold!
Daddy's fave picture because it's dripping from both her top and bottom lips!
Again, the toes tell the story...we love ice cream!
After a full day at the outlet mall mommy & Lindsay met daddy at Bruester's. Lindsay's top right tooth finally cut through the gum sometime yesterday so she officially at ELEVEN months has five teeth! We had a great time shopping with Aunt Patti. Lindsay was an angel all day and let us shop. She enjoys people watching and she makes friends everywhere she goes. We didn't find a birthday dress yesterday but I did score a dress for Easter next year from the Strasburg store. It was an incredible bargain on the clearance rack and I couldn't pass it up. So here I am a month out from her birthday with no birthday dress for pictures but I have Christmas and Easter to come hanging in the closet already. Ha!ha! Oh well. I have something in mind on line so all is not lost. It was only slightly uncomfortable to have to come home and tell Mike "no, didn't find a dress for her birthday but I did score an Easter dress"...THUS, the suggestion to go have ice cream first....tee,hee.
That's ok...he loved the dress too so all is well! Let's hope I got the size right and it will fit her next spring. I think it will.
Today we are heading to Lindsay's BFF Graison's house to swim in their newly built and just opened pool!! We'll have lots of pics to post from this I'm sure tomorrow so stay TUNED.
We're sort of having an eleven month birthday pool party/BBQ today. I can't believe in just one short month my baby will be ONE YEAR OLD. I have no idea where the year went! I can feel the reminiscent blog post coming.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hanging out around the house

Lindsay with her "gloworm" she picked up from the Larsen's house when we were down in Florida. Mike found her playing this way Thursday morning when he went to get her up.
Freckles got a much needed SHAVE! Her and Max always look so funny to us the first time we shave them down for the summer. But they are MUCH happier pups now! (I'm a much happier mommy too...the dog hair gets ridiculous)
Max looks SO anorexic here!
Lindsay & Daddy pointing up to the sky! We're trying to get that finger point to mean "I'm ONE!" We're practicing so maybe she'll have a new "trick" to perform at her birthday bash!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this Old Navy shirt on her. "some birdy loves me"...she's so cute in this outfit.
Beating up on Daddy! Lindsay laughs hysterically when you put her up on your shoulders. She is going to be my little rollercoaster buddy as soon as she's old enough! She is not afraid of heights at all. She loves being tossed in the air too!
This picture cracks me up. Three weeks ago this kid was "DEATHLY" afraid of trees and grass.
Daddy makes it "safe" though!
Loving my two "kids"!

Well, it's Saturday morning and we still only have 4 teeth. She has three on the bottom (one appeared a week ago today) and one on the top. This did not stop her from eating Mellow Mushroom pizza crust last night. Lindsay's newest funny is that when she's done in the high chair and you take off her bib and pull off the tray, she takes both hands and pats her belly like "oh, I'm so stuffed". I'll try to get a picture of this. It's really hysterical. Better yet, I'd love to get some video if someone could tell me how to post it here. I have yet to figure out how to load my video and then get it on my blog. Maybe is just so easy that I'm being dense. Tara- I saw you just posted a video...some help please????
Anyway, we're off to Gymboree today and then hitting the Dawsonville outlets for some shopping with Aunt Patti.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Today Caroline is 9 years old! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINEY!Here is Caroline holding Lindsay for the first time ever. I held you Caroline about a month or so after you were born. You were just about the same size as Lindsay!
Here is Caroline and Lindsay on May 5, 2007 both of you have changed so much since last August.
Hope you have a great 9th birthday Caroline. I hear you got a MOUSE for your birthday? Can't wait to see some pics of him and of your horse back ride this weekend. Have fun!
We love you!
Auntie Chris, Uncle Mike & Lindsay