Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Teaser...

Here are Lindsay and Brooke trick or treating at our neighbors'. Lot's to do tomorrow so time to go to bed. It was a good Halloween and I will put many more pics up tomorrow. Hope everyone had a good one! Those who have school tomorrow, have a good day!


Enjoy and be safe!!

Much Love,

The Bresnans'

10-30-2010 Another trip to Stone Mountain

Brooke cleaning up the camp ground, every stick or pine cone she could find went into the trash bin.
Finally we got to ride the sky lift to the top of the mountain.

Here is the one before us coming down.

An image of the relief as we were going up. It only takes three minutes to get to the top.

The side of the mountain.

A look at the relief from the sky lift as we go up.

Here comes another car passing us on the way down.

The mountain side.

A look at the engineering of the cables.

WELCOME we are at the top!

Paul gets a talking to from the Ranger as to where to fly the kite.

Kite is up. Tigger and Pooh are flying.

I found a rock to sit on for a few.

Mom and Dad checking out the sights.

Uncle Paul helps Lindsay fly the kite! How many 4 year olds fly a kite on top of Stone Mountain their first time up.
We are still flying!

Tigger and Pooh! Wahoo!

Aunt Agatha takes a break.

Brooke finds some sticks up on top of the granite rock...go figure.

Such a pretty day. We could see down town, Buckhead, the King and Queen building and so much more from up at the top.

Lindsay finds a stick and decides to "water paint" the rock.

Our family minus Brooke.

Dad & Mom

Brooke trying to use her powers to lift a rock.

Now it's a good place to sun bathe.

Brookie the cutie pie

Heading back down the mountain.

Freaky scenery.

Now we are at"The Barn"

This place was like a McDonald's play ground on Crack!
Brooke & Lindsay share the horse.

Brooke coming out of one of the tunnels.

Snack time!

Funnel cake and soft serve!

Cutie Pie!
Finger licking....

Ice cream face!
On the train..

Happy girl with Daddy!
Brookie likes to wave to everyone on the train.

Grandmama trying to take the pacifier.

No big deal scarecrows!

Family pumpkin shot.

Brooke trying to pick one up.

This is why we call her "Bruiser Brooke"!!

More her size!

The girls make their picks.

Decorating pumpkins!!