Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back To School 2012-2013 Year

                         8/1/2012  Lindsay's first day of school!  Brooke is still in her pj's because she does not start Pre-K until 8/6/2012.                               
Pretty girl with her new Thirty-One back pack that she loves.
Here she is from the side so we can view the new First Grade Back Pack!

We are so happy that Lindsay got a great first grade teacher and several of her friends from kindergarten are in her class this year as well!  Brooke is a bit resistant to start school this year. We'll see how she does with drop off on Monday!
We can't believe that BOTH of our girls are in school full-time this year!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Brooke will turn 4 in just 6 days!!  We are having her party on 7/8 with friends and family.  We just got home from a great family vacation with Teresa and Ernie in Cocoa Beach!  I am at the library now, not on my own computer so I will post photos later.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Birthday's are coming!!

15 more days until Lindsay turns 6!  Watch out first grade, here she comes!  Only 11 more days until her party!  After that Brooke's birthday is July 11!  She will be 4 and on her way to Pre-K!!  YAY Brooke!

My big info is Michael and I will celebrate our 10th Wedding anniversary on June 15, 2012!  We survived 10 years together.  We made it through good, bad, healthy and Sick and we feel like we have to definitely thank our families for helping us through those times.  Our church community also helped tremendously!  As did Carol Zindell who came up to visit when Mike and I had just been released from the hospital and cooked and cleaned for us!  We have so much to be thankful for.  We pray that our next ten years will be a little more about giving back!  Also, for us to have more health, wealth and wisdom to take care of our girls!

Bless you all and if you were at our wedding please think of us on June 15th!


Chris & Mike Bresnan

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Boston Elementary Kindergarten Field Day 4/30/2012

Lindsay in one of her relay's on Kindergarten Field Day, each grade has field day a different day this week.
Lindsay stands in line waiting for her turn.  Most of the kid's are wearing their Clifford shirts that they wore on their class field trip in April.

Meleah, running at her best!
Lindsay running back with a stone from the water treasure game.  It was so hot, I think all of the children loved playing the water games.  :)
Inside the gym doing the razor scooter relay.  Lindsay gaining on her friend Emma.
Lindsay's teacher Ms. Chee-How in the yellow shirt was a real trooper today.  Still recovering from the flu and out in the heat for a half day with her class.
Lindsay catching her a fish, not like camping with Daddy!  But she still had fun!
Lindsay in the very back of the line of girls.  Twice they played relay's girl's against boy's and the girls' WON BOTH times!!
Miss Emma catching herself a fish for her team!
We called this the snow-cone game.  Lindsay and Meleah on the field!
GO Lindsay!!!  Look at that balance!!

Lindsay running in the frisbee game!!
Meleah in the purple hat and Nevaeh sitting behind her!
Meleah's baby sister Sidney who was as cute as she could be and ALL of the kid's LOVE her!!

Lindsay with her beach hat, that didn't really do well in the running and hopping games.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Evelyn Heck

On Sunday April 15th we went to a party for our friend Evelyn Heck, but her actual Birthday was today 4/18/2012. Here is Evelyn running on the playground.

Evelyn, her brother Devin another boy and Lindsay and Brooke enjoyed the tire swing!

Brooke trying to decide what she wants to do.

Evelyn's mommy who is expecting #3 is teaching the kid's the rules of a water relay race for party fun!

Lindsay & Brooke discuss "Bresnan Strategy".

All of the kid's chasing bubbles out of the bubble machine!

Running back on the first leg of the relay to tag their partner's.

Lindsay infatuated with a Caterpillar.

Brooke is VERY excited because she is the one who FOUND the caterpillar!!

Brooke holding her PRIZE elephant and her new pet that she wanted to take home!

Lindsay gives Evelyn our gift which was a DORA DVD!! (Evelyn's favorite)

Lindsay shows off her glow in the dark rose tatoo.

Brooke got a butterfly tatoo and a little sunburn!!

Mom got in on the tat action too. This reminded me of one of the Bon Jovi logos! Ha! Ha!

The birthday girl gets first shot at the pinata!

Now it's Brooke the Bruiser's turn!

Lindsay takes a good whack at it!

Brother Devin really wanted to break it since he plays baseball!

But here was all of the kid's hero!!

Woo Hoo! Candy explosion! You'd never guess that all of these children still had FULL Easter basket's at home!!! LOL!

More Bubble Chasing!!

Birthday girl gets an ADORABLE GREEN HAT!!

Evelyn takes her Dora doll off her birthday cookie.

Super Sweet!! YUMMY!

What a precious SWEET girl with her green iced lips!!

We hope you had a wonderful BIRTHDAY today Evelyn!

Thanks for the party invite!

See you soon!

Chris, Mike, Lindsay & Brooke Bresnan

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lindsay Cecile Bresnan Spring 2012

Lindsay Cecile Bresnan Kindergarten Spring Photo 2012- age 5