Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fun Time at another Birthday Party!

This Saturday we went to Hadley's 5th birthday party. I am ashamed to say that somehow I did not get a picture of the BIRTHDAY GIRL! I swear I don't know how this happens. I'm chalking it up to pregnancy brain! I also was sitting comfortably on the couch, far from my camera during present time so I really blew it. Sorry! However, it was a great party and Lindsay had a blast playing with Hadley's sis Zoe and of course lil miss Graison was there too! I tell you these girls already have such a little social circle, it's great! The next few pics are just funny to me. I'm calling the series "MY MOMMY".

Linds would ONLY go to Missy in the bounce house.
Graison was not pleased that mom's attention was elsewhere...thus the "MY MOMMY" face!
Lindsay tolerating the fact that Graison has taken back HER mommy...check out the expressions on these girls! awww...Graison's face says it all! Lindsay is happy bouncing with G's older sister Caylin!
Uncle Paul was a good sport and played bubbles with Lindsay for a long time!
Zoe gets in on the bubble fun!
Uncle Paul making sure his neices are sharing and having fun!

Here is the "bounce house" as Linds calls it. This was a major hit with all the kids even the boys didn't seem to mind the princess theme!

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MBKimmy said...

That "bounce House" is awesome! Trying to get ready for Miss T's b-day myself ... yikes!