Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Hi all-

Quick update: I'm off the edge of my cliff (today) and I scheduled my 3 hour test for this Friday morning so wish me luck. UGH. The antibiotic is kicking in a bit and today is the best I've felt in weeks (shhhh.....don't say it aloud).

Tomorrow we're going to a place called Peek A Belly for a 4-D ultrasound. Turns out we're not sure if we can get a 4D this time at my peri office and I'm not taking any chances. Things have been "different" this time around with them between my insurance changes and other circumstances. For instance with Lindsay, we got video of all of our ultrasounds. They no longer video ANYTHING. I have SO many pics of Lindsay and video and an early 4-D and a late 3-D scan of her. I feel badly that this baby has less. So we decided what the heck we'll put it on the Flex Spending Account and go for it. So, with any luck we'll have a beautiful couple of 4-D pics for the blog. We're doing the "Just a Peek Package" so it isn't too expensive. It will be nice to have the scan on DVD for memory sake.

Also, several of you have asked me when the C-section is going to be. I'm a bit apprehensive about posting the exact date for just ANYONE to see. If you want to email me at I'll be happy to dish about it with you. I realize I do have a ticker and it's not that difficult to pinpoint but there are some crazy people out there you know.

That's about it for now. I PROMISE, PROMISE that I have some really cute zoo pics to post still. I know Katie gave up on me. LOL! I'm sure the ultrasound tomorrow will preempt them again but I will get them on here sooner or later.

Oh and here's a quick funny for you all. Tonight the baby kicked me hard enough to startle me during dinner. I said "oh, the baby just kicked me". Lindsay then put her hand on her belly and said "MY baby kicked me". Mike and I cracked up! She has been saying "baby come out soon" a lot and even talked about other people having a baby in their belly too (even though they don't). But, this was the first time she referenced a baby in HER belly. Too funny! I just can't wait for her little sister to get here and see how she reacts!

I'm heading to bed now....More tomorrow!


Andrea said...

Its smart not to post the date I say! Never can be too careful.

I look forward to seeing those ultrasound pics!

MBKimmy said...

good luck tomorrow ...
I will be e-mailing and I need your address so I can send a little something!