Monday, April 7, 2008

Can I just vent for a second???

First of all, I am sick....again. Seriously. I felt great this weekend and now I have Lindsay's latest crud. All day today I started feeling it come on...stuffy head, running nose, scratchy throat and now tonight the COUGH is rearing it's ugly head. I'm SOOOOOOOOOO FREAKING OVER BEING SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I'm screaming! Not too mention that I've missed SO much work being sick in the last few months I feel terribly guilty missing any more time but I have to take care of baby too. I'm sure tomorrow I'll drag my behind in and just be more miserable.

I feel like I'm NEVER going to get 100% better again. Or maybe, once I have this baby my immune system can start giving back to me and I can fight all this crud off. It doesn't help that I'm stressed beyond belief at work these days. I am dying to make some changes on that front but seriously...a job interview or a transfer to a new department at six months prego??? I'd be laughed at right? Even though that isn't supposed to factor into does. So I'm trapped, for now. However, I'm on top of it and once this baby is here I'm taking back control. I wish now this blog was a little more anonymous so I could really let loose but I can't. I will say this...KARMA is a wonderful thing. Sort of like a boom-a-rang...mean people will get it back TEN FOLD!

Moving guys all have me TERRIFIED to go back to the ducks! SHEESH! Scary stuff. I could easily see something like that getting out of control. I will definitely be on my mommy guard even more when/if we go back.

Ok...I'm feeling like crud but wanted to hop on quickly and check in with everyone. Thanks for reading my vent.
Not much on tap for this week. Just trying to make it through without losing my mind.


Katy S. said...

I hate that you are feeling so bad!!! It is bad enough to be sick but not being able to take any of the good stuff is the worst. Actifed and Vapo Rub are my favs!

Bethany said...

Chis, I'm so sorry you're not feeling well - Again! I absolutely LOVED being pregnant, but I did get sick more then than any other time in my life...and it was always the colds, sinus infections, and stuff like that - that just make you miserable. Girl, only 100 or so more days. You're almost there.

What kind of work do you do? All I can say, is I've been there and you have to find your groove - something that makes you really happy while you're there, and really enjoy that one thing. When I'm in a place where I"m working on something that I truly enjoy, it makes the other "stuff" seem not so bad.

And I completely believe what you say about Karma. TEN FOLD - baby - TEN FOLD.

Anonymous said...

girl, i second you about karma! i love karma. it's a bitch, man. mean people always get what they deserve in the end. Take Fake Boobs, for example. Let's just say she so happens to get knocked in the face by a tennis racket by "accident" one of these days. hehehe.

I hope you feel better soon, darlin'. so sorry you've been sick. sending you some chicken soup and a People and Us magazine to help you get better. that's what i always want when i'm sick anyways. :)

Me. said...

Just FYI - that job I wanted really really bad? It went to a 8.5 month pregnant girl who went on leave 1 week after they hired her and can't really start the job until June and they are holding it for her. Soooo, it IS possible. I NEVER would have thought to apply for a job pregnant - LESSON LEARNED!! If you see a job you want is available, APPLY.