Thursday, April 10, 2008

Big Girl Room

Here is the bedding we've already purchased. This is shown as a day bed and we're not doing the netting but just the quilt, sham, two throw pillows, bed skirt and I also purchased the matching valences and drapes. It's on search "abby" and you can see all the parts. I just love it! I am planning on painting the walls a matching shade of purple.
This will be Lindsay's big girl bed. We already have the matching nightstand you partially see to the left. The bedding looks great with the colors. I was worried it would be too yellow but it looks awesome. I think painting the room the light purple will really make it pop.
She will have the bed and this chest in her room at first. The night stand and the dresser below is in the nursery now. We're eventually going to put both girls together in the big room. So we're adding pieces now. When baby B is ready for her big girl bed that is all we'll have left to buy. Then the nursery will become a playroom (which I'm sure we'll desperately need by then).
We currently use this dresser without the mirror and it doubles as a changer in the nursery.

I'm hoping that the nursery (a much smaller room will be a fun play room and I'm planning on taking that closet space and putting a desk and computer in there. I've seen many "closet office space" ideas and I thought this would work in there. The girls will be playing games on the computer by then (or at least Lindsay will be for sure) and I can also use the space for me. That will get my computer desk out of my dining room in two years-ish...which I will LOVE!!!

In the event that we change our minds or move to a bigger house by then we can always buy another bedroom suit for which ever child. At that point maybe we'll give the little one the twin bed and furniture and get Lindsay a new set with a full bed??? Who knows. Or we could always buy the second twin for her room and we'll have a spare guest bed/slumber party bed.

At any rate we're waiting to purchase furniture as I have to sell/store the current old furniture in that room (my single girl bedroom suit) and empty and paint the room.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the furniture & the bedding! and, i think you may have e-mailed me about the name frame & for some reason, it showed up as spam in my e-mail account. i erased it before i realized it was you! i'm so sorry! so, if it was you, can you try to send it to me again? i promise i won't delete it this time! :0) thanks!

MBKimmy said...

Beautiful! Beautiful~ I love it! I know Lyndsey will love it too!

Heather said...

Very nice and that is some serious thinking ahead.

Anonymous said...

I love everything!! Good luck with getting the rooms ready.

Chris said...

Thanks guys. Yes, we put a lot of thought into it. That's why I HAD to know the sex. If we were having a boy then things were going to work different. I would have put all the furniture in Lindsay's room now and bought a boyish dresser and night stand to start him off in the nursery.
I think the girls will enjoy sharing the big room down the road for a while. Just trying to conserve space as we only have three bedrooms.

Anonymous said...

Girl, it's fabulous!! oh, now i need to have a girl! that room is precious!

Kimmie Kay said...

I love it all...the bedding, the furniture, the paint color! :) Hope you get better soon!

Note to Katie @ Cuppa Joe- no time to blog lately, but checked out Dooce's Rick post and it's awesome! Why can't I bump into him at the airport?! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I love it! It is so pretty and girly. Looks like Miss Linds is in for one fabulous BIG girl room!!!

Glad that you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

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