Friday, April 4, 2008

Feeding the Ducks

Here are a few pictures from two different days back in March. One of our newest fun (free) things to do with Lindsay has been to go up to the marina and feed the ducks. She just LOVES it and will ask to go!

Check out how bold these guys are. Of course Mike is making sure the ones behind them mind their manners around Lindsay! She likes to be in charge of the bread!

Seriously, these guys are fed well. They hang out right next to a restaurant and they're very happy. They also are not shy as you can see.
Here is Lindsay with "My KK" as she now calls her. I have to give KK credit as this was her idea in the first place. The local Subway gives KK they're burned or old bread whenever she pops by and inquires if they have any "duck food".
Yep, we're having fun!



Tara said...

I still want to take Evan to feed some ducks. I love all the pictures. For some reason, I just haven't read blogs this week. Who knows why. The craziness hasn't left my brain.

Anonymous said...

dude, this so harkens back to when Joe and I went to feed the ducks at Shorty Howell park when he was about Lindsay's age and they totally attacked us. These ducks were hungry and manic as hell and apparently we couldn't throw the bread fast enough cuz they were chasing us around like freaks. I was screaming bloody murder as Joe was crying his head off.

Those ducks need to pay for the therapy Joe is gonna need later in life when the mere sound of a quack quack sends him into a horrendous flashback of the attack.

Love your pictures!!

Have a great weekend!!

Chris said...

Oh Katie I worried about exactly that! These ducks were pretty aggressive at times but they behaved for the most part. That would have scared me though and is why I take her when someone else can go with me to help fend them off. Also, I'm not as quick as normal with the prego belly so I worry about her falling in the water.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I have totally been chased by some ducks like that...Melanie do you remember this??? We were camping and as we turned to go by the lake the duck flew up out of the water hissing at us and then it started chasing us. To this day I will not get really close. I throw food from a distance.
The pictures are great!! Lindsay looks so cute!

The Partins said...

I used to love to feed the ducks at my grandparents lake when I was little... of course we were throwing it down to them from the dock... the next time I went as an adult, I was too close and they started to chase us and the lead duck I SWEAR sounded just like the villian "the Penguine" from the Batman movies... Bwanaan bwan bwan bwan bwaaaaan.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Ang, I was about to post the same thing......we are both scarred for life I think. I am still petrified of ducks!

But I am glad that you guys can anjoy them. Linds looks super cute feeding them!

Anonymous said...

Love that last shot of you two!!

Anonymous said...

hey chris- tell your girl kimmie kay that she needs to go to my links and click on Dooce. It's a hilarious post about how she saw Rick Springfield in the airport! she got some pics of him too. :)

Bethany said...

Chris, I haven't visited since the last three posts. First, congrats on a great ultra sound. That has to be a perk to being "high risk" get extra peaks at the little princess. Did you have a C with Lindsay?

Next, you look beautiful!!! Trust me...get lots of pictures. I didn't get any with Zach and I almost want to have a third just to do pregnancy shots. Crazy - I know.

And last, the feeding the ducks post reminds me of when we used to take my Goddaughter to feed them when she was about Lindsay's age. We had to stop when they started chasing us!!!