Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Tribute to Freckles- Girl's Best Friend!

Let's get the last of the sadness on the blog so we can move on to happier things this week. Thank you so much to all of you who have sent us condolence cards and emails. It means so much to Mike and I that so many of you understand how hard this past week was for us. For both Mike and I these were our first pets that we've had from babies to seniors.
The first photo I ever took of Freckles. I found her running the parking lot at Sam's club. She was a beautiful shade of Georgia red clay before her bath and this first picture. She was approx. 3 months old. She was a fun puppy but she cried so much the first night I almost didn't keep her.
But how could I resist this face??
Yes, I really loved my dog! LOL! She was my single girl dog. She lived in a lot of places with me for a lot of years til we finally settled down with Mike! Then she became HIS dog. Trust me on this one, she loved him. All animals love Mike aka St. Francis.

The 2003 Christmas Card photo. This was the year Max claimed us. Our pre human kid Christmas card days!

Freckles after her first shave of the summer (May 2006). I love this most recent photo of her. You can see she is really getting gray. But she looks so happy prancing in the yard with her fresh new do and her bandana! I know she is in a happier place now. Lindsay still calls all dogs Freckles and that's hard for us but so cute. She finally calls Max by his name but it comes out "Mack" which is hysterical when she says "Hey Mack!" Again, I know Max will be her growin' up dog but I hope that she'll look back fondly with us and somehow retain some memory of our sweet Freckles.

Some of you have asked if we're thinking of getting anymore pets. We've decided to hold off on that for now. We'd like to bring the next baby home and get through those first months before introducing more chaos into the house. New pets need lots of attention and our hands will be full with a two year old, a new born and a neurotic chow chow. However, we're rescue people. We figure when the time is right some lost soul cat or dog will find it's way on our door step and we'll probably take it in. Maybe we'll wait til the kids are old enough to pick out their own pup or kitten and we'll go that route. Freckles and Midnight are certainly missed. It would feel too disrespectful at this point to get another cat or dog. Hopefully Max will do ok with only Lindsay and soon a new baby for companions. We may have to revisit things later if he's not doing well, we'll see.
Thanks again everyone for all your sweet comments and memories that you've shared. I promise no more tear jerker posts for a while!

Love The Bresnan's!


Anonymous said...

that was beautiful!

Tara said...

I told you this already but I remember Freckles from when you had your apartment by the hospital. Those are great pictures, especially of her as a pup.

Heather said...

Both those posts were very sweet. I am so glad you are able to hold on to those happy memories.

I am sure the right animal will find you when the time is right!

Anonymous said...

Freckles was such a cutie! What great pet owners you and Mike are...i love to see that...the love you have for your furry family members...they truly are members of the family. you done real good with your tributes, Chris....real good. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Chris. I haven't been looking at blogs since last week and was so sad to read this. I am so sorry for your loss. I have a poodle that is 11 years old and just the thought of lossing her brings me to tears. Freckles was very lucky to have had you for a best friend!

Caron said...

Chris! I didn't know about your kitty!! I am so sorry for both of your loses. I am about to boo-hoo after reading your tributes. I love animals and I know how hard this all is... I hope you feel better really soon!! I'll say a prayer for you, girl!

Caitlin said...

Wow. What a hard week your family has experienced. No wonder you broke out in hives. I'm sorry that you lost your Freckles. You and Mike are so kind for taking in rescues. I hope that learning the sex of baby #2 will brighten your spirits.

Chris said...

Thanks for all your support guys!