Saturday, February 16, 2008

Here she all her glory!!

(Note: if you click on the picture you can enlarge it and see more detail)
The top four pics are all the "girly shots". There's definitely NO doubt now.
Here is a can count the toes if you look closely. Her other foot is beside it but sort of blury.
The top two are baby facing camera and the bottom two are profile shots.

More profile shots.

It's good to know people. These pictures were much better than the ones I got at my last "scheduled" ultrasound. They actually gave me a picture of a femur bone and a spine shot. Seriously...who does that? Anyway, all is well. We passed all the latest blood work with flying colors. We go back for another scan March 4th and we don't see the OB again til sometime around St. Patrick's day. Things are moving right along. I can't believe I'm almost half way through the pregnancy! Now, if we can only decide on a name!!!


Andrea said...

So cool to see U/S pics of a girl since I haven't really gotten to see too many of those ; )

Hey-be glad you got some sort of pic of the baby. Remember how they ran out of paper at my 2nd U/S?!?!

p.s.-I sent you and e-mail.

Anonymous said...

Love the US pics. amazing stuff right there. thanks for sharing them with us.

I am so glad your pregnancy is going so smoothly! Can't wait to hear the names you're thinking about. :)

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Kimmie Kay said...

LOVE these pics! I showed them to the girls too, it is amazing! I'm glad thing are going well and you're not sick anymore. We'll be thinking of names for ya. :)

Stephanie823 said...

Yep - there are those THREE LINES! :) Congrats on your little girl. Lord help Dada!! LOL

The Partins said...

Yay for U/S pics! That was my fav. part of being pregnant... it's like shaking the boxes under the Christmas tree... you get an idea of what you are getting.

Do you have any names on the list?

Angela said...

I can not wait to hear the names that you might be considering!! Are you going with another "L" name???

Tara said...

You got a lot of pictures. I'm glad that you know what you're having.

Chris said...

We have kicked around a couple of names we really liked and talked about for Lindsay before we decided on her name. But now, we're sort of not feeling those either. I have thought about Laura a lot. Not sure if we want to do two L names though. I remember in school when there were sister's or brother's with similar names people always confused them.
Lindsay was going to be Nicole for a long time and then we just switched. Now we're sort of over Nicole. We also like Katherine (kathryn?) or Katie but Mike has decided he's over that one too. Trying to wait for something to click and feel like it's right. That's sort of how Lindsay happened. Feel free to suggest stuff....we're really clueless at this point!

MBKimmy said...

Awesome pictures - love them all! So glad the test went well! Got names picked out yet?! I can't wait for our gender ultra sound I have so many more weeks - ack think I will die!