Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Shopped Til I Dropped...

Hello all!

Just wanted to pop on and say that the Kidsignments was awesome once again! Got a pretty good amount of cute things for spring/summer for Lindsay. I did look in the infant section but I just didn't see anything cuter than the loads of stuff I already have in wait. So I didn't buy anything at the sale for the wittle one. However, I did get her a few cute things at Discover Mills after the sale! Gotta love The Children's Place outlet for their .99 cent and 1.99 buys! Seriously, nothing I bought was over 3.99 and I walked out of there with a BAG FULL for 22$
I love the twice a year shopping sprees! I'll take some pics of the loot this weekend and I also got two of the SWEETEST matching dresses at the Carter's store for the first SISTER photography session!

I also got to meet ANDREA from Royal Family & CARON from Blessed with Rich's...that was great! Thanks so much Caron for everything! YOU ROCK! We have to hook up again at BON JOVI!! Also, so glad Tara from Evan's Life and her old roommate Jennifer could hang out with us in line and at the mall after. Missy and I had a great time shopping with ya'll. We'll have to do it again in the Fall!

I'm exhausted tonight. I'm only blogging to stay awake through the last hour of IDOL and then I'm off to bed.

Oh, several of you have asked about the rash I had...SHHHHHHHHH...it's gone...completely...I have no clue why or what but I'm not saying it aloud! THANK YOU!!

We have NO idea what this baby is going to be named so feel free to leave me some ideas/suggestions in the comments if you like. Who knows, maybe someone on the blog will give us the name that will CLICK!
Any input will be appreciated even if we don't use the name...tee,hee!



Caron said...

Hey Girl! So glad you had fun today! It was awesome getting to meet you in person and you are every bit as sweet as you seem on the blogs... if not sweeter!! I wish I had gotten to see y'all more! I would have loved to hang out and chat and see what you found. Unfortunately we had quite a few workers decide not to show up for their shifts today so the 'good and dependable worker bees' had to carry the load!! Ummmm.... yeah. A few volunteers need a stern lecture on proper work ethic, but I digress simply because I am too tired to further vent on this particular issue.

Anyhoo...I'm soooooo glad you scored all that good loot! Miss Linds will continue to hold her title as best dressed toddler! LOL! Did your hubby like all your stuff?

Well, I'm fresh off my fourth 12+ hour shift in five days and I am only a little past delirious, so I'm off to bed. Oh, and seriously... I totally second the suggestion for a blogger night out!! Lets get that in the works before you all come to know the chaos that is 'life with TWO children' LOL!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How'd you like Idol, girl? I LOVE the guy with the dreads!! LOVE him. that's my man right there. backing him all the way. the guitar was great. we'll see what the ladies bring tonite.....

Glad you had fun at the sale!!

Stephanie823 said...

I haven't watched Idol yet (it's on DVR) but I have to agree - dread boy is HOTTTTTT. And about names - look at your family tree! Seriously! The best names are there. My Great Grandmother was Stella. My cousin named her daughter Emaline after one Thanksgiving when we were looking at some family research someone had done... Emaline was a great great aunt or something.... We also have Midora. I didn't say ALL the names were usable. LOL!

Andrea said...

It was great to meet you too! I seriously wish I didn't live so far away and was able to get there earlier. My sister and I waited in line for just over 4 hours!!!!

The Partins said...

I'm jealous! I want to meet everyone in blog land too! :-)

As to names, I went to school with a Lindsay, and her sister was named Lauren. Lauren Christine? Keep those same initials so you can reuse any baby monogramed items! :-)

We went the family tree route: maiden names, middle names, hybrids of names... it all works.

But if we have another girl, we just like the name Ashley Madison - no one in our family has either name, but we dig it.

Tara said...

I had a blast yesterday. I will do it again and I think I'll be buying those rolling laundry baskets like Missy had. I just wish that they would have had more appealing boy clothes deals at Discover Mills.

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous! Every season I have said that I am going to make it to the Kidsignments.....and don't!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Can I give you my list and you shop for me? You always get such good deals.
Melanie, Beth, and I have been talking about us bloggers meeting for dinner one night for quite a time now.
You should check the book called Baby Wizard (or something like that). You check your current childrens names and it gives suggestions for your next child.

How about.....Avery, Laura, Lauren, Leslie, Ava, Syndey ok that is all that I can think of right now.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed meeting you and Missy and going shopping at Discover Mills. I also appreciate you saving a place in line for us too, it was nice getting to know you. I would love to do the all day shopping thing with you again in the fall. I got some really great deals. We haven't even started to think about baby names yet, so I wouldn't have any suggestions for you.