Friday, February 8, 2008

Orlando vacation...more photos

Here are Lindsay's Aunt Teresa & Uncle Ernie
Lindsay & her cousin Matthew are warming up to each other.
After we met Aunt Teresa and family for breakfast we went to cousin Ed's house for dinner the same night. Here's his new kickin' set up.
Lindsay checking out what Cousin Ed is doing on the floor. Notice her Harley jacket? A gift from my other sister Jean and her boyfriend Brent.
Lindsay helps daddy and cousin Ed put together some chairs for his new dining room suite.

Lindsay gets more Christmas presents (in January!)
Meet Baby Alive. She drinks and pees...oh joy! Just what we
Lindsay gets some early potty training reading from her cousin Ed.
Falling asleep on Ed's sister..cousin Mary!
Ed cooked us a fabulous dinner in his renovated kitchen and his new shiny red pots he got for Christmas!


Andrea said...

I haven't heard of "Everyone Poops" ; ) You'll have to let me know if its a good one!

Love the pic of Lindsay trying to get to her new baby doll. She is going to be a great big sis!

Anonymous said...

Everyone Poops is one of my all time favorite reads, man. And the book don't lie, girl. Everyone DOES poop. :)

And let me just say, Helllooooooo Cousin Ed. He cute. :)

Love the Harley jacket on Linds!! She looks like a totally awesome biker chick! I love it!

Great pics. Love'em all. You have a great weekend, Chris!

Kimmie Kay said...

Great pics of everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

WAAAAY too funny. Only now I'm going to have to take that book back that I bought for Ed. I didn't know he already had a copy of Everybody Poops - and here I thought I was so original! ;-)~