Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentine Surprises

Since my hubby is always so dear to give me roses every year this year I decided to give him "A Dozen Reeces" his fave candy. I saw the idea at Kroger and decided to do my own version. I used the green peanut M&M's as a holder for the sticks and got the heart shaped Reeces. I thought it came out cute. The red hippo was Lindsay's V-day gift from mom & dad and as you can see in the photo below she loves him!

This photo cracks me up. I found it on the camera. One of those Mike and Lindsay moments while I'm at work. He told me later that she absolutely wanted her PJ's back on this particular morning even though she was already dressed. So rather than undress her he just put them half way on over her clothes. This seemed to make her happy. He improvised and tied the feet around her waist to she wouldn't trip. So here she is with all of her vices...crayons or COLORS as she calls them and TWO paci's! She is happy as can be! I don't know how he managed to get the pj's off before heading out the door to daycare but I'm glad I missed it! Ha!ha! I can hardly wait for the days she wants to dress HERSELF! I'm glad Dad has morning duty!!!
I'm catching up a bit here so scroll down to see my other post from today. Just getting caught up with Blogger land!
Have a great week everyone!


Tara said...

I love the PJ pic and you did a great job on the valentine's day gift. Very cute!

Anonymous said...

What a cute idea! I may have to steal that! The pj pic is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Great v-Day gift! very creative, girl! i love it.

and i just read in your comment that mike is over the name Katie!! what!!! you tell him that i want that kid of yours named Katie! hahaha. kidding. :)

Have a great week, Chris. Love all your pictures. :)

Andrea said...

Ahhh David would live in his PJ's if I let him-But I can't say I blame him!

Kimmie Kay said...

Little Miss is hilarous with the pj's! Mike's gift was cute too!

Heather said...

That's a great gift.

The Pj's are hillarious - great Dad ingenuity. It's also pretty funny to me that Elena has the pjs in both this post & the previous. Thank God for Carters!

Lindsey said...

Congrats on discovering the gender! I hope Lindsay will love to have a sister. They will hopefully be great friends someday!

Feeling well? The u/s pictures look great. Good luck on the name thing. You picked a good one the first time :) so I'm sure you'll do right by your second daughter, too.

Cute idea for the v-day man bouquet. I'll have to stick that one in my pocket for later...

Chris said...

Lindsey-Yes, thanks feeling much better this trimester! Ahhh...yeah Lindsay is a great name no matter how you spell it :)
We used the "A" to incorporate my sister Linda into the name. She passed away when I was 3.
Otherwise we would probaby have gone the "E" route too. LOL!

Heather- Yes, Thank goodness for Carters. I just LOVE their pj's! I can never resist them when I see a sale!