Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pink? Blue? maybe....YELLOW?

Well, it's still sort of a mystery. Baby looked great yesterday. I can't believe how big we looked already! However, neither the tech or the doc could really get the "money shot".

Tech and doc both had the same opinion though.

The shot between the legs that they got was sort of looking up from the bottom so "things" were sort of blocked from view.

Doc said 80% he now thinks it's a ......GIRL!!! But he's been wrong before so come back in four weeks. SERIOUSLY???

I've had my head in boy mode for so long I was sort of shocked. However, we're THRILLED either way. The thought of Lindsay having a sister is just awesome to me! Then again we're still not totally sure.

I'm going to go in a couple of days before the big consignment sale and get another scan. Since I work there you know I have connections...tee,hee. Anyway, I better not be hearing "oops, it's a boy" after that sale and I didn't buy any boy clothes!! LOL!

Sorry I didn't update last night. We were crazy busy, went to dinner and then little Miss didn't want to go to bed last night. I was exhausted and fell asleep. But here I am for YOU bloggers taking care of business BEFORE work bright and early. :)

Oh and the sucky news....I'm still itchy. Worse now than before. The Perinatologist suggested PUPPS again. I'm not happy. I see my OB on Monday so we'll see what she thinks. This is crazy!!

I have no ultrasound pic b/c they didn't give us one yesterday and we were in such a stupor we forgot to ask. I'm going to run by there today and see if they can still print one up for me.

Have a great Wed everyone!!!


Andrea said...

Oh no! I was afraid that happened when you didn't post right away. Wesley cooperated great, but David did not want us to know. The tech had me empty my bladder and try again. If that hadn't worked it would have been a delivery day surprise.

Of course the best news is that everything is still looking great. So sorry you are still itching!

Anonymous said...

dang it!! hehe. well, it sounds like a girl, but then again ya just never know! keep us posted! hope the itchies go away soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I checked last night and I did not see anything so I thought either they do not know or they are out celebrating. But you have a heathly baby and if nothing else you may get a little suprise on deliver day. If you are like me and have to know then I hope this baby will show the goods at the next appt.

Chris said...

Ha!ha! Yes, we did celebrate a healthy baby last night!! We're good either way. I'm hoping for NO suprises!!! Show me the MONEY!

Kimmie Kay said...

I know you're anxious to find out, but hang in there and hopefully baby will cooperate soon (before the sale), tee hee! Hope you get the scoop on the itching soon too!

Bethany said...

Yeah! Another girl! Congratulations!!! Looks like you guys are going to save a BUNDLE on baby stuff!!!

The Partins said...

At least s/he is healthy! It will be exciting either way. :-) At least you can check again BEFORE the big sale!!!

Tara said...

Since I'm slack and haven't been on the blogs, I'm glad I talked to you for updates. I hope you quit itching soon.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have a little trickster on your hands!!!! Watch out Lindsay...there's a little one coming to keep you on your toes :)

Hope you're not itching as much!!!! Christi

MBKimmy said...

Dang the itch I hope not - I will keep Praying for you!