Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hanging out around the house

Lindsay with her "gloworm" she picked up from the Larsen's house when we were down in Florida. Mike found her playing this way Thursday morning when he went to get her up.
Freckles got a much needed SHAVE! Her and Max always look so funny to us the first time we shave them down for the summer. But they are MUCH happier pups now! (I'm a much happier mommy too...the dog hair gets ridiculous)
Max looks SO anorexic here!
Lindsay & Daddy pointing up to the sky! We're trying to get that finger point to mean "I'm ONE!" We're practicing so maybe she'll have a new "trick" to perform at her birthday bash!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this Old Navy shirt on her. "some birdy loves me"...she's so cute in this outfit.
Beating up on Daddy! Lindsay laughs hysterically when you put her up on your shoulders. She is going to be my little rollercoaster buddy as soon as she's old enough! She is not afraid of heights at all. She loves being tossed in the air too!
This picture cracks me up. Three weeks ago this kid was "DEATHLY" afraid of trees and grass.
Daddy makes it "safe" though!
Loving my two "kids"!

Well, it's Saturday morning and we still only have 4 teeth. She has three on the bottom (one appeared a week ago today) and one on the top. This did not stop her from eating Mellow Mushroom pizza crust last night. Lindsay's newest funny is that when she's done in the high chair and you take off her bib and pull off the tray, she takes both hands and pats her belly like "oh, I'm so stuffed". I'll try to get a picture of this. It's really hysterical. Better yet, I'd love to get some video if someone could tell me how to post it here. I have yet to figure out how to load my video and then get it on my blog. Maybe is just so easy that I'm being dense. Tara- I saw you just posted a video...some help please????
Anyway, we're off to Gymboree today and then hitting the Dawsonville outlets for some shopping with Aunt Patti.
Have a great weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Freckles has got it goin' on with that groovy new summer cut. and i LOVE lindsay's shirt! she does look great in it.but then again, everything looks great on her! Have a great time shopping!

MBKimmy said...

I will be on the look out for the new VIDEO ... wish I could tell yo how to do it but I cna't ... I know Stephanie can ... when you find out share with me okay!

Tara said...

It's easy. I can't show you at work and DEFINITELY don't look at those videos at work or you'll get busted like I did. Those are great pics of Linds and Mike.