Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Shopping Success!

Graison & Lindsay Best Friends Forever!

Today was a good day. I was off work. I was hanging with friends and I SHOPPED! The sale was good and the drive out to Gwinnett was virtually painless. We got to the sale around 9:30 and hit the line at 11:05. While standing in line we were able to show off our finds, "weed" thru our buys and make final decisions, check for stains etc. We finished checking out at 1:45p.m. I know that sounds crazy but considering my same friends stood in line for FOUR hours last year I was happy to be out in just under three. There were four of us so we were able to tag team the line and cruise around and look at toys, books etc while we waited. I can tell you that was the biggest consignment sale I've ever seen and man was I shocked out how many VERY PREGNANT mommies were shopping and standing in those lines. I couldn't do it myself. You will not see me at one of those sales past the second trimester!

I managed to score quite a bit of cute summer clothing for Lindsay in 12-18 month sizes and I only spent 116.00. Not quite as much stuff as the FALL sale but we have a lot of good stuff coming our way from Lindsay's BFF Graison! (see photo above)
After we left the sale we stopped at Discover Mills and hit the food court for lunch. It was a really nice change as that is not a mall I get to frequent. We also found out one of our friends shopping with us is expecting baby number FOUR in the Fall. Congratulations Jess! She's starting off the next cycle for us :)
Well, that's my piece for tonight. I'm tired and watching American Idol as I post so it's time to wrap it up. Back to the grind tomorrow. Thanks for the shopping therapy today gals.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely way to end the evening - luv ya' back!

Anonymous said...

glad you had a good time!sounds like you got some great deals. wow! baby number 4 for your friend! that's awesome! i am one of 5 and i always loved it. well, maybe not always when i was a kid. but now i do! ;)

Chris said...

I'm one of five as well but I was the "oops baby" and there are ten years between me and number four...all girls. It was weird b/c I was like an only child but had all these older sisters.
I'll be awaiting your AI post in the morning. LOVED the beat box dude tonight and Chris Sligh. Overall I hope the girls are better!

Tara said...

I'm glad that my neck of the woods treated you well. Glad you got some deals but I won't be going to that sale.