Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Busy Blogger

Just wanted to say hello to Blogger Land. It's been a little busy this week. I've been working out again and so tired in the evenings I can't deal with getting online before bed. I'd like to say it's done me some good this week but at my weigh in last night at weight watcher's I was exactly the same weight as last week. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT???!!! I told Mike I would have rather GAINED than stayed the same after all the running and weights I did last week. Of course, he told me I was not serious and that I didn't mean that....I guess. It better show up on the scale next week or I'm seriously going to wig out. So, time to buckle down this week and pay more attention to the food again. I haven't commented much here about my weight loss journey but I am on a mission to get 25 pounds off before I get prego again. We want to start trying in a few months so I am trying to regain old GOOD habits and make a committment to regular exercise again. Now that the cysts seem to be under control (no cyst this month....shhhhhh don't tell my ovaries) I've started trying to run again. Some day I'm going to run a 5K! I am doing a program that is supposed to work me up to that but somehow I never get past around the fourth week before something happens and I fall off the wagon or I get sick and have a set back.
We're leaving for vacation in 11 days and I am looking forward to having some time at the beach to work out and not have to do it after a full day of work and dread it. The gym is located in the same building we're staying in too. WOOHOO! If I have to walk by it every day I have no excuse right?

I promise some new fun pics of Linds tonight. We have a few pics of her and Graison from the pool on Sunday!
Happy Hump Day!


MBKimmy said...

better to stay the same than to gain ... weight loss sucks it is so emotionaly hard!
Good luck!
I forgot to send you restaurants ... I will get on it right away! Maybe i will do a post on my favorite! Dunno but I will get it to you!

Anonymous said...

you slacker blogger. hehe. :)
we are not going to the beach till august. i can't wait! i'll look for your pics later!

Anonymous said...

The pics of Linds and Aunt KK are too sweet!